All Alone

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When someone close to you dies...

What do you do?

What do you feel?

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



Ugh, God Dammit!!!

Tears welded up in my eyes as I fell to my knees, clutching my heart.

“Jack, open this door!” My uncle yelled, trying to get in.

“Get away!” I yelled back.

I had run away to the only place I was safe in this household. My room. It was the only place where I could escape from everything that made a threat to me. Everything that took “me” away.

I quickly stuffed all the essentials I needed into my small sports bag. Snacks, cash, 1 pair of a shirt and short and of course my IPod. The banging got louder and louder as my whole family now tried to break through my bedroom. There was no place for me now. I had no one.

June 15. 2014. 12:36AM

Running away from home made me realize how alone I was. I Walked the night streets with only the stars and flickering street lights to guide my way to wherever the road took me.

My mum had just died in a car crash. I lost my dad 2 years ago after he died of cancer and now I've lost my mum. My mum and I were very close after losing dad. We promised to always help eachother out and continue living no matter what. I guess she lied!

“Dammit!” I screamed into the silent night.

Tears sprouted from my eyes once more like a fountain. Why did it have to be this way. Why couldn't me and my mum just live together. Why!

“You shouldn't be walking alone at night kid.” Murmurmed a voice from behind.

I turned around to confront a man standing behind me. He was homeless no doubt due to his appearance of dirty clothing and a bushy beard which I could see had all sorts of things in it. My mum told me that I was very good at reading people and imagined me being a detective one day. I could tell that he meant no harm to me and could make out that he was about in his mid 20’s.

“I'm just out here for a walk,” I smiled.

“I was your age too when I went out for a “walk” in the middle of the night.” he sighed.

I stood silent. I guess he had his reasons to be out here. No doubt he ran away from home considering he knew my position.

“Come on kid, there's a park nearby we could talk at.” He laughed.

As he said we walked to a nearby park that I didn't even know existed.It overlooked the whole city and in honesty, it had a very nice view. I guess it was a secret place of his because it was very well hidden behind the woods that went around my neighborhood, and it was pretty old. The swings had gone rusted and made noises as it swayed in the cool night breeze, the slides were filled with autumn leaves and water and the sand here was as hard as rock. We sat down on a bench that overlooked the lit up city that still shined with lights that guided people home and to work.

“Detective kid huh?” He asked.

“Yeah, how did you know?” I replied.

“I was a detective myself, I know when someone's a detective because we have that sense. You know what I mean?”

“No I guess I don't. My dad was a detective too, he was really good. I'm still a student so I haven't had that much experience,”

“Well you came here with me didn't you!? A normal person would've ran away but you read me like a book!”

“I guess so. I seem to always know when someone is bad or not. I guess that's the sense huh?”

“Pretty much, and stop guessing kid. You'll get no where in life by just guessing,” He laughed.

My life is already over. Where else could I go with my life. I was surprised to here him say.

“Yeah, I ran away too when my mum and dad died…”

I didn't expect him to read me so easily. He was just like my dad. He had left home when he found out his parents died and he met mum at a cafe the next day. I liked this guy. He resembled so much of my dad with his light brown hair, lush blue eyes and a soft tone to his voice.

“Hey kid, stop staring at me haha! It's getting kind of creepy!” He joked.

“Sorry!” I blurted out, embarrassed.

“Listen kid. You can't just run away from you home like that. You got a whole family back there, don't forget that. Everyone is still there for you, you don't have to live a life like mine. You still what. 16?”

“Yeah I'm still 16. Yeah I know there are still people who would support me...but I just can't…” I whispered, tearing up.

“Your parents wouldn't want you to be like this. They wouldn't want you to live a life where your all alone. Everyone is going to be worried about you,”

“But...I'm all alone. It hurts. My chest...All I feel is pain,”

“Through life. We must fall in order to grow. Lose in order to gain. And hurt in order to know. Through all life's lesson. Pain is what teaches us,”

Wait...that's something that my dad once said…

“Yet...Pain is something that will transform into love. Love not only yourself, but also the ones around you because everything goes better. With love.” He whispered.

How did-

What!?!? He was gone. I searched around the park trying to look for him but he had dissapeared. He was right there talking to me and then the next moment he was gone. Was I going crazy?...It doesn't though….crazy or not. My thoughts still tell me to go back. If I continue the path that I now walk...all I would feel is pain.

What to do...

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