Perspective on the Meaning of Life

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This was a short gaming script that I created but later abandoned. It explains what I think the meaning/purpose of life is.

Submitted: November 29, 2015

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Submitted: November 29, 2015



This was my first gaming script I ever wrote. It was for the program twine but I later abandoned this game. It explains my thought and perspective on the meaning/purpose of life. This is my thoughts, so please no hate.

Meaning of Life


Well hello there. My name is Ong or I would like to call myself OngCore


So do I possess the answer to what you seek?


Maybe I do, maybe I don't. That would be up to you to decide for yourself.


So let's start off with your name?


But you can't tell me your name can you?

Of course names were just given to us by birth to recognize ourselves. So we don't forget who we are.


Lets go onto a more real question.

Are you a follower of God?


Are you a believer of science?


What if I told you now that when I asked you if you were a follower or a believer was really all for nothing.


Yes. Because we all live in the same world. We all share the same planet. We cannot forget that even if we walk the wrong path. There is no wrong in it, because there is no wrong path.


So do you believe in existence?


That we were just put here for subjects?


Well everything we see is everything we WANT to understand. So yes that question again. As same as the first one is all for nothing. Because everything leads to one story. To one line. EVERYTHING is connected.


Why indeed am I asking you questions that have no meaning in what you answer then just lead up to the same answer. That is something I have already told you. And something you should already have understood.


So eager to learn the answer already?


Well this game is simple as can be. No real questions. No puzzles but the ones you make yourselves. This game is simple. There was no puzzle for you to figure out in the first place. Just the ones you created in your mind.


Yes. Yes i will tell you now what the meaning of life is.


It's just nothing


Yes it's just nothing. Our lives mean nothing at all. We are just one speck of a planet in the whole universe.


Not what you expected huh? Well if we had a meaning of significance we would be told it everyday of our lives to follow and to accomplish it. But we aren't. We aren't told what to do.


Well than the real meaning is that the meaning of life is your own. You create your own meaning because there is none.

On a side note there is nothing to fear nor nothing to see or accomplish. Life is meaningless without a reason. Without love we feel lost. Without lust we feel unwanted. Love is something that man seek everyday and men shall not know what love is. In today's age, love is something that is hard to find. Love can be said but not felt that is the difference. We all want love but we can never be sure if it is real. So one way or another. Life is meaningless. It always has been. And always will be.

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