Tom Clancy: The Division, Character Profile

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This is my own character bio for Tom Clancy The Division. Anew game that just came out recently. GameSpot have done short bio for characters, kind of a background story. This is my own.

Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016



I was home with my parents when the riots started. We all huddled up in the middle of the room under our dining table in hope of safety. We thought we would be safe but next thing we know three guys came charging in shouting for us to get on the ground and give them whatever we had.

I could feel the tension in the room as I heard my mother crying and the shouting getting louder. I was trying to think up of a plan real quick or my worst fears would become true. Tears formed in my eyes and my ears were ringing from the pressure in the room. I made a decision to spring up and hit one of them to try to save my parents.

I hit nothing but thin air. I realized the three guys had dropped down dead with one bullet each to their skulls. 4 people with flashy orange watches and high tech gear came running in to help my parent up. They told us to try and hide low and make it out of the city. After that, they left in a hurry towards some more gunshots in our neighbourhood.

I didn't know who they were but I would like to thank them again for saving me and my parents lives. If it wasn't for them...we would've been all been dead.

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