looking for a storyteller 2

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looking for someone to help finish a story.

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



i apologise to those that have come looking for a story. i don't have one to give you. all i have is a concept, an idea for a story. somtimes i have odd dreams and when i wake up i write them down. if i had the skill i could turn these concepts into full stories, but i dont have that skill. what i want is for someone that can write to take these concepts (if they are any good) and build a world around them. anyone can have these concepts, i don't need to own them. i just want to help bring them to life. all i ask is that if you do build a story with these concepts please let me know so that i can read them. thank you.


here is one of my concepts.


Time of the trollkarol




The story of a man from present day that finds a portal in time to the 6th century in a ancient Swedish castle and decides to use it to become a king of legend.


Main Charters: names yet to be decided.

  • The main protagonist: a man in his early 30’s that has just become an architect. American.
  • The best friend: a man in his early 30’s that has been an officer in the marines for 6 years. American.
  • The history professor: a man in his mid to late 40’s that has extensive knowledge of Swedish history. Swedish.
  • The witch: a woman in her early 30’s that is feared and hated by the people. 6th century Swedish.


What I have so far:

A man takes a back packing trip after college threw Sweden. He comes across an ancient castle and decides to explore it. He comes across a room that has a portal in it. After he steps threw the portal he finds himself in the woods. He scouts the area and finds that he has been transported to the 6th century. After returning to the place that he first arrived in this time he discovers that the portal is still there and that he can travel both ways. It is a naturally accruing time portal.

Once back in the present he decides that he will contact his best friend and learn as much about 6th century Sweden so that he can return and carve out a kingdom of legend. He spends 2 years gathering supplies, weapons and researching with a Swedish history professor.

The three of them travel to the 6th century. Once there they began to endear themselves to the locals by utterly destroying the raiders and warlords that used to threaten their lives. Using modern weapons and medicines that the locals cannot comprehend they become known as “trollkarol” (wizard, warlock). The people loved the trollkarol so they built them a castle. The castle was designed by the main protagonist and built over the site of the time portal.

The only opposition to the trollkarol that survived was a woman that the people knew as a “Völva” (witch). The people feared her magical powers, but the trollkarol knew that she did not have any power. After the main protagonist meats the Völva he begins an adversarial relationship with her. His arrogance in not fearing her power makes the Völva obsessed with the trollkarol. Her spirit and relentless obsession makes him look past the mask of evil that she uses to frighten the weekminded.

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