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this is a concept. i am not a writer. i have ideas for stories but need a writer to finish what i cant.

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



i apologise to those that have come looking for a story. i don't have one to give you. all i have is a concept, an idea for a story. somtimes i have odd dreams and when i wake up i write them down. if i had the skill i could turn these concepts into full stories, but i dont have that skill. what i want is for someone that can write to take these concepts (if they are any good) and build a world around them. anyone can have these concepts, i don't need to own them. i just want to help bring them to life. all i ask is that if you do build a story with these concepts please let me know so that i can read them. thank you.


here is one concept that i have.



Main character: guy mid 30s slightly overweight lives in a city/suburb area. Job in IT support. Works by phone and tablet.


Premise: he has an area that he has to protect (a park near his house). It is a compulsion that he cannot fight against. He spends most of his time there. He knows that he is protecting it for someone, a master maybe, he does not know.


Special abilities: he is a dead, a zombie for lack of a better term. He does not look it he looks normal and can heal up any wound to look normal.


Action: people start coming, searching the area that he is protecting. These people have abilities, each one different. He has to stop them, he is compelled to. He finds out that he is not the only one that is protecting an area. There are other areas and others like him that are compelled to protect those areas.



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