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A touching story based on real experience.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



The tremolo was clothed. All the boys returned their home. They had their evening meal of chapatti cooked in the afternoon with mango pickle and lovely butter milk. Agiya also finished his evening also meal and went maker’s hours all the neighbors children ambulant aryl Ramah’s totally grand a large open ground in front of her mud plastered house. They started playing at thief and police malkoo man performing police and Harish was made thief all the friends gathered around height. He was blind folded with clothed malkoo and was taken away from the others players and given the 5rotations. Movements so that the could not recognize the direction in winners. He had to walk to catch or touch or participants. If he succeeds the other players will perform as thief. After 5rotation movements Harish could not ridge the direction of the players and started moving towards Ramah’s mud plastered house malkoo was keeping an edge on him avoid posilitively of injury to Harish. When Harish was compleatively misdirected was approaching Ramah’s hour. Malkoo had to shout that he was moving wrong direction and should moving malkoo voice. Soon he was admired players. Gullu approach Harish and punished his lack. Immediately Harish tried to touch him but failed. Now Harish was alert and was ready in his mind to catch the new thief. He out stretched his arms and moving in all direction with fully concentrating on my whisper or sound from the players. Suddenly he perceived sound of foot strips on his back. He with listening movement turned caught hold of the players on his lack with one hand and removed his blind fold cloth with other hand. The thief player was jag. Jag was a handsome, young cool minded boy with good antiquate. He was blind faded with the cloth, was made to do fine rotations movements malkoo and left there. The game started again with new thief.
This was the time of resident ladies to go to fields for evening nature’s call. They used to go on 3 or 4 groups from the Mohalla. The old aged ladies had their own group and used to go separately.
Malkoo called of the game or thief and police said everybody should move to their homes for doing their home work of the school and will made tomorrow.
The younger groups of boys and girls under the age of  6 years were still busy in playing at the roof and just budhan.
They were alone 10boys and girls playing on the roof as railway engine and coaches. Agiya was playing as engine, keeping his right hand in front of his mouth and was producing sound or “chhuk-chuuk” and moving his left hand for ward and lack words as his passing the wheels forward and pooling it backwards. In between he would produce engine whistle ‘coo-oo-coo’. The girl behind Agiya was holding corner his shirt dissipating point between engine and first coach. Boy next to the girl was holding or corner of pupate likewise the coaches or boys and girls were connected to the engine. Little sholla was holding the signal to warm the engine and the guard to the vigilant of danger and falling down the roof as the hounder wall of the roof was very low. The game was going on smoothing and children were enjoying it.
The guard kala announced that now train will move in reserve direction in engine will be at the end of the train Agiya was attached at the end of the roof after the end of which it was and of open (veranda) of aunt ram payari. She had gone to field for evening natures call after looking her house from outside. Agiya was moving the train In reserve direction in his wave to the open angel (veranda) of aunt ram payari. Suddenly signal girl Sheila should “beware” Agiya! There is no boundary wall; you could fall into the open veranda. Agiya first landed with his bumps on the hand pump and then on the floor. Agiya was very courgerious and strong will child. Hard brick he did nighters tried of his pain from his injuries noir did he shouted for help. He got up with the hard brick floor and went to the door. But it was locked. From outside, then he went to the stair case. But it was also closed with its high lath (kudos). He could not reach the latch.
In the main time aunt ram payari returned up with other ladies from field could see that a child had fallen from the roof into her veranda she ran towards her house, opened the lock and door and found that it was Agiya who had a fall from roof and was trying to open the door of east to climb up the roof. She took Agiya in her lap. In the mean time Agiya’s mother also arrived. She took him to home. Agiya’s granny started cursing kala for his stupid thing for putting Agiya in reverse direction and cousing him to fall down to the roof.
The granny examined Agiya declared that there was lucky no tracture of hip higher or leg barns. She prepared a house medicine with hot milk liquid buffalo butter (desi ghee), honey and powdered turmeric (haldi) and gave to Agiya to drink. He was then made comfortable in the bed. With hot water bottle on his pumps. The news was flashed to Agiya’s grand father. He left his climate and son Sri Ram and reach home to attach Agiya. He exam med him and was much revived as there was no fracture. He took out same herbal medicine and save to agiya’s mother to prepare concentrate if to sweeten if with honey. The medicine was prepared and given him to Agiya wind he took, without any hastach. The grandfather advised Agiya’s mother that let him sleep and he should not be disturbed. In the morning he would again examine him. Then the struggled then pleasure than when Agiya passing during it should save for necked eye examination to rule out any blood in it.
Agiya mother was worried. She arranged enameled basin from collection during for Agiya in it. At 12 o’clock Agiya got up and asked for urination. He was made to sip on two bricks with exampled basin between then for urination. The ruined was cleared and there was no blood mix in it. Everybody had great sash of relief. Grandfather then gave a small packet of sauce powder made of serve Indian medicine (kasha) with hot milk it gave a great relief to Agiya’s body pains and he slept well throughout the night. In the morning he got up, he was falling fresh, paing injures subsided. Agiya was taken by his father to Dr’ bali. He did his L.M.S from indore medical college in 19834. In those days medical college used to have only L.M.S doctor in 25km area. He examined Agiya and said that through the impacking injures was very sevre but very god’s grace there was no tracture or hip, thisks and legs, he preshcriobeds  some advised and some medicines rest for one week.
After one week Agiya was permitted to go to school. He was happy that he would meet his friends after one week. The granmy’s home medicine of milk, honey, timer and buffallows liquid butter(ghee) was continued daily in the morning. It gave extra energy to agiya and did help him his quick recovery.
Malkoo was warned by his father t stop playing at the roof. For playing they should g either to thakar dwara. Malkoo was an intelligent and sincere boy and was feeling sorry for agiya’s injuries. He prommed his father to follow his advice strictly.
Today was Sunday and Agiya’s school was closed. All the younger children assembled at the ground of thakar-dawara to welcome Agiya after his miraculous escape and speedy recovery of his injures. Malkoo brought cameras from his shope  for all the children. While Agiya bought orange …………(goliya) the banana and orange sheets will distributed to all the children. Everybody congratulated t Agiya and was feeling happy to have him amidst them.
Malkoo pledged with all the children that hence forth they would never played such dangroom games at the roof now on ward they would play here that they are thakar dawara. Today we will play a same of hide seek (lukka-chuupi). Agiya was made master of the game and kala awas doing as thief. Agiya blind faded eyes of kala with his hands and all the children from away to hide themselves behind the trees and bushes. In different direction everybody went in safe hide, malkoo shouted to open the eyes kala. Kala was alert and fixed the direction of malkoo shout in his mind. He immedietly in mind I that direction by the time kala could reach that place malkoo shifted his wide out, but kala was very careful & notified some movement in the bushes. He ran to the bushes and caught to the sheela there. All the children came out there hide outs and sheela went to Agiya for blind and falding her eyes. All the children ran in different direction for safe hide and which malkoo went blind Agiya went to blind him,. Nankoo was very courageriou boy. But sheela was smarter than him.she could serve that somebody was hiding somebody was hiding Agiya. She ran behind Agiya and caught nankoo. But nankoo represented to malkoo that it was very cheated. Agiya must had discosed his location t sheela. But malkoo over rubbed in and said that he was warered Agiya and he had never disclosed nankoo’s hide out location there fore nankoo will play as new thief. The game was resumed and continued for annnotherhalf an hour.
After the game was over, malkoo took all children to the well to was their faces, hands and feet. Then they went to the temple of thakar dawara to pay their homage to the thakar and were given sweet milk lassi with tulsi in it. (matha tekna) and parred of sugar coated rosted grams by pujari ji.
Everybody returned home with Agiya. Who was droped at his home by malkoo? Agiya wsa feeling happy and severity with new spirits.
It was time for evening milking of buffallow. Agiya elder uncle(tayaji) had started milkup. Agiya requested his mother for some butter milk in an open bowl of cooper and grass cloy. In those days stane less steel utensil were in forced. The cooper trees alloy utensils were considered best for strong curd, butter milk and other savoir items. Agiya took the half filled open lence iof butter milk from his mother and went to his elder uncle for getting direct milking into the butter milk. It was Agiya favourate evening drink the took all the drink while standing then and there and returned home with supply lower. He was mighty adustified and said good by to grammis home mall medicine ask had after 7 days his favorite drink of butter milk mixed with fresh buffallus milk.


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Today was 13th of April and baisakhi festival. The school’s were closed . all the families with their children started walking on foot to the big cannel. An irrigation system from river fhelem. There was along grand on the home bank, converted into baisakhi mela.
first everybody went to camel for bath. Then they dressed up in new tailed clothes and started walling to the mela. The volentier and organistateres mahavir dal and Hindu maha Sabah  dal were there to help people in taking bath and were visited t avoid an accident of stamp peed or dramming. There was one small  area camal on the home bank which was kept out of bond for bathing and a police constale with one volunteer  guard were placed on duty there. Agiya asked his uncle madhusudan, “uncle, why his is out of bond for a bathing.?”
“Agiya there in a whirlpool of water there. It sucks down anything which fells in stand it won’t cum up again. If anybody goes for swimming or bathing there it will be sucked down by the wristwhool and will never cum up.” Replied uncle madhusudan.
Agiya shivered with the feeling if any unfortunate felled in it and would never be seen again in this world. He left the hand of uncle and ran to his mother.
Baisakhi is a big festival in Punjab. It Is celebrated in the eve harvesting wheat crop on first crop. People used to go in the morning for walk in near of river of canal. They used to wear new tailored clothes and thgen used to go to baisakhi mela. Agiya also went to mela with his mother. There were number In sweet shops and fresh jalabies being prepared. Then there were Bengal glass shops for ladies, ladies wear shops ladies wear jewelers shops. Then there were sugar came juice shop kulfi is like ice-cream and is very tasty and palkoo is like noodles. It is very good condinantery. Both adult ofchildren religst it.then there was a mini circus, a death well were motor cyclist displayed with associates on motor bike. Then

there was mary go around for young children and mini sky wheel male was mary go around for young children and of wood. It used to sing ‘chu-chu sound’when operated with home Agiya requested his mother for article go for mary –go- around. She allowed him. He selected a horse and got on its back. Soon it was started manually and was stopped after a ride of 5moties. Agiya paid one paisa cooper coin to the operator. The paise coin was of the size of present 50 paisa coin with a hole in control. Then Agiya went to jalabi shop and paid three paisa given by his mother for 4 jalabies and it was a large cooper coin of the size and present two rupee cooper coin with crestal of George VI, the father of present queen ______ of England. Then there was a ‘gatka-display’. It was a rular was game of Punjab started by sikh worrians against mughals and forein vanders like ahamdabah, abdah agiya’s uncle madhusudhan was also playing ‘gatka’ with his sword. He enjoyed his uncle’s display. There was a large crowd assembled there. Accidently Agiya right foot 3rd pool was crushed under the text from and adult from the crowd. But he did neither cry nor did compliment t his mother. They returned home. They would started bleeding and Agiya had to walk with a lamp. His mother noticed it and asked ‘what happened Agiya the crowded gatka display’. 
“Mother, it is injured in the crow that gatkadisplay.”
“Why you did not tell me there?’ asked him mother”
“Sorry mother! I thought it is a minor injury and did not want bother you.” Replied Agiya.
Mother cleaned the injured toe and a put a tight hounge with her handker thief.
On reaching home,she boiled some water, cleaned the would and put some tirened powder in it dressing, for next for days Agiya neglected his would. Mother also forget along it one day, while going to school agiya again got hurt his woud and it started paining and bleeding. Malkoo saw it.
He said “Agiya do not worry. You just passion the would 3or4 times daily. It will heal quickly”.
Like a oheadient friend Agiya followed malkoo advice for about 7-8 days. But his would did not heal together become a clorinic ulcer witch used to bleed. When ever hurt but Agiya continued pissing on his waved many times in  a day. But his wound worsend due to repeated infegrated of the toe. Now it used to built even on pressure of hi shoe. One day his mother noticed blood staied in  his bed sheet. She asked “Agiya” from where did blood stains I his bed sheet.?”“mother’ it is the same old would on my injured  toe which bleeds off on replied Agiya.
“You not go to your grand pa for treatment for your toe?” asked his mother.
“No mother! I did not go malkoo told to piss on the woud daily 3-4 times and it well held quickly.” Replied Agiya
His mother sent Agiya with the servant t his grand pa . his grand pa examed the would. It was badly infected. Therefore Agiya was sent to dr’bali. Who examed the would the advised daily, dreams of  the would and sulfa pills to he taken thrice daily. Agiya’s waved started inpramy and become dry In 3days and compleately waved in another 3days.
Agiya’s grand pa  advised him that he should never pig son wound and never neglect it. He should always go to the doctor for treatment after height injured. ‘Agiya promised his grand pa to follow his advice.
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It was summer. Children were hamming vacations. One morning Agiya went to his mother and sister kanta to the river for bathing and washing clothes. The river only wet only one mile from there home Agiya mother was compleately dirty clothes packed in a bed sheet on her head. Kanta was carring soap changing clothe heating beat while Agiya was following with sister his bathing soap and bath towel. Soon they reached the reversed. In home bank was slusky and was not used washing clothes. Agiya and his sister kanta stayed at home bank under the shade of trees while mother went to his clothes soap and clothe beating bat for bank for washing it. At for bank ladies and made a bank plith and stone blades for washing clothes. Agiya and kanta were watching mother walking through water, crossing the riverlet. Soon she reached at for bank. Two other ladies were already washing their clothes. Mother exchange welfare of their families with them and required there health. She set on the plith and started washing her laundry clothes. Soon the other two ladies finished their washing and returning home. Kanta’s mother  was none alone and called kanta to keep her washing clothes. Kanta was elder to Agiya and was taller then him.

The water level in river lot was upto knee and flow was very slow. Kanta was could easily walk through the river let and reached for a bank and jnoined hetr mother in washing the clothes. Agiya was left alone at home bank and was feeling bored. He saw some children of his age group were playing in river at and some were swimming across to far bank. The water level was chest. He took courage and started crossing river let by walking in the direction of his mother. He could reach near far bank and  was about few yards distance for his mother. Suddenly he went down in the water in a crater at the bottom of river let. He was struggle upwith hands to came up but water was deep up to his head. All the children started crying that Agiya had drawed. His jumped into the water and pulled Agiya out of water. He was taken to far bank, played on his  tommy by his mother who then pressed his lack so that he slowed water should he drained out. Luckily there was hardly any water in the stomach . after resting some time, Agiya was feeling letter. His mother hurriendly finished her washing and started lack home journey with kanta and ajjiya. She was carrying was washing clothes over her head and holded Agiya hand while kanta was carrying other things.
She carefully avoided the crater and could easily reach home bank without any difficulty. Then all the 3had bath there and returned home after changing wet clothes bought by kanta.

Agiya wsa feeling little week and nervous as if somebody had drained out all his energy. He was feeling searched of going again into the water.
On reaching home when Agiya mother went to roof ford wet clothes in sun shine for drying. Then she prepared a home tonic with hot milk, honey and liquid butter(ghee) gave to Agiya and asked him to rest in to the bed. Then she was busy in kitchen for preparing lunch for the family.
Next morning Agiya was feeling better. He helped his elder uncle in milking the buffalo and siwiring line-stock to than in their fed. In the evening he went to malkoo house for playing. Life became normal and enjoy able. Agiya forball the epriblock of his drawing and was feeling normal with his stared friends. The time was flying and school vacations were nearing to end. Children were busy to complete their home work as they were reached of closs teach as heating with his came. Agiya was intelligent and very sincere. He had already completed his home work. He developed a very good habit of daily doing his home-work and revising his lessons.
Agiya’s school opened on 3rd July. All the children were happy, full of energy and good with their spirits. In the closs notice from head master was circulated that those wanted to join ‘cule-scouts’ should give their names. Malkoo Agiya and harish  voluntered and had given their names. The scout master mr mediriate call all the voalunter during games period . he exclaimed that cute-shout were the young cubs( sher bacche) who were always ready to keep the neady person’s to give firstaid to injured persons, to help people in natural calamities and to promote universal brother hood. They would he given training in games period in school. They had to set their uniform tailored by their own expenses while their scarfs laneyard, whistle and stick and rope would be arranged by school on payment. There training started, uniforms ready in one weeks and other item were issued on payment by the school. In one month a team of 20 cubs was trained.
The head master received in invilation from mandi bhawar –deen cule’s clule. The club was organizing on all Punjab cubs mela to promote cub-scouts among the young children.
Mr medi ratta told the cubs that they have to pay only rail fare touch other expenses like their stay and food will be paid by the mandi bhwal deen cubs club. All the cubs agreed to [participate in this cubs mela. The mela was fixed on 25 December the Christmas day and the team had to move on 24 dec by train leaving malakwal at 8am.
Today was 24 December. All the cubs team reached the station by 7:30am with their bedding and haversacks of clothes and other required items. By 0745 the train steamed at plate form number 2. Mr’mediratta with his cubs team boarded the train. The guard blew the whistle and should green flag to engine driver. The signal were already down. The engine steamed at 3am. The journey was very comfortable. There was not much crowd. They reached mandi bhawal deen in tow hours. They hored in the tongues for the cub mela place. All the teams were accomoted in the tents. There was adicuate arrangement for drinking water and for preparing food a community kitchen was established in a shed. There was also arrangement for leathing and washing by the side of a riverest. Every cub had carried his own exammed plate an exammeled mug and a spoon . mr’ medirattya told his team that they could washup andfresh our themselves. Then should go our lunch which in ready.  The lunch was quite deletiuos and enjoyed they were aclared to rest in their tents and they get ready In uniform at 3pm for all assembly.
At 3pm everybody  was on prade  with their teachers. They were marched on front of the diast. The inspector officer arrived at 3.30pm. the senior cub marched up to the diase and saluated the inspecting officer. Then he requested him for the inspection of the cub parried. He moved to the left side of the inspecting officerand guided him for inspection in the prade. After the inspection was over, the inspecting officer returned to the diase and the senior each are complained him. He them saluted the inspecting officer and returned to his place.
The inspecting officer then addressed the parade. He said that all the cubs were welcomed to this club mela. In this we would impart training in first aid given to injured cash.
2. Methods of evacuation injured cases in a natural calamitiesand accident cinemas.
3. A cinema show will be organized by home guards and fire brigade team to evacuate injured cases from high building engulfed in fire flames, with a demonstration of same on the ground.
The parade was dispursed after the address by inspection offer everybody moved to their tents. They were allowed to go to riverlet for bath. Agiya with malkoo and harish went for a bath. The river let following just behind the camp. The loeal people had made a bathing area by cutting its both banks to make it
The two went there. Harish and malkoo went in the water after remomemory their clothes. They knew swimming and were enjoying it. While Agiya did not knew swimming and was afraid of deep water. He just sent on the home bank and enjoyed watching both malkoo and harish  swimming. Then malkoo invited Agiya to the water. He said. ‘it is just up to my waste,’. You shall n0ot worry and come to join us.”
“Sorry malkoo, I do not know swimming. I am afraid of waterfor I may be drowned.” replied Agiya.
“Oh Agiya! Don’t be afraid of water when I am here for your help.” Said malkoo.
Agiya was injured by malkoo and he entered the water after remaining his clothes. Soon the joined malkoo & harish. The trio started playing water games. Suddenly malkoo noticed Agiya was pulled down deep into the water, and was struggling with his hand to come up of the water. Malkoo deep into the water and was surprised to see that one boy was pulling Agiya begs. Malkoo has a strong muscle body. He caught hold that boy relief Agiya leg. harish was watching all this. He pulled up Agiya and escorted him to the home bank and helped him to wear his clothes. While malkoo kept that boy deep in the water. The boy was strong being for air to breath. But malkoo was strong enough to keep him under waterfor few minutes more. then when the boy became helpless he [pulled him out of a water. The boy had a deep breathe and was relief of his among and was feeling better.
“how did you like In deep water? asked malkoo.
“ it was a very painful experience.” Said the boy.
“then why did you play that dirty trick with our friend?” asked malkoo.
“I am sorry and assure you that I will not repeat it with any body in time.” Answered the boy.
Malkoo and that boy  came out of the water and went to Agiya. Who was steal not very comfortable. The boy applosiable to Agiya. After seen in condition, the boy was feeling very sorry for him. Agiya was also consoled by malkoo and the pardonge that boy. Now he was feeling letter. Then malkoo suggested Agiya that he would give swimming from him after they returned to malik wal.
Agiya was very happy and promised malkoo that he would learn shouly from him after they reaching malikwal.
25th December was the great cub mela. All the cub teams were divided in small batches for their different trainings. In the afternoon they were shown a movie related to avalution of injured persons from a high building which was engulfed in persons from a fire. Then they were given a live demone traction of the same for evacuating the injured by rope way stairs case, by men on the back and other methods. it was very educative and very body liked it.
26th December, the malakwal cub-team returned home by morning train.
Malkoo as per his word, started swimming fetching of Agiya at the small river.first day Agiya was afraid entering deep water. But malkoo and harish encouraged him and helped him to swim. They had Christmas vacations. Malkoo and harish helped Agiya and learning swimming. In one week Agiya was able to swim alone. The trio used to go to small riverlet for swimming daily till their vacations were over.
Now Agiya was not afraid deep waters. He started enjoying swimming in deep waters.

----------------------------------------------- : -------------------------------------------------



June month was about to end but these way no sign of rains. The farmers and residence malakwal were worried to daily in the monsoons. They were afraid of possibility of drought.

The elders of the town assembled to disease the problem and its remedial measures. The radio and newspapers stated that the monsoon would be delayed and are predicated to reach by mid july this year. One elder guarrn suggested, “we have to operform some ritual as it was performed in the past draught for calling the rains.”
“what is that ritual?” asked ram rakha another elder.
“I am sorry, I don’t know the ritual.” Replied gurun ditta.
“then what could be done for calling the rains.’ Said manmakdin another elder.
“I think we had to take help of some ritual master”.suggested gurun ditta.
“ do you know any ritual master who could help us in calling the rains?” asked ram rakha.
Gurun ditta replied, “yes” we could take help of ritual master allah rakha of ali shah chak.
At home guru ditta made necessary preparation for living tomorrow morning. He did packing of set of clothes, bathing towel, soap, comb, and some other things in a cotton bag. In the early morning his wife. Prepared some chapatti, packed with mango Pickle on onion two green chilies and some gaggery. Gurrun ditta left his house with the first namaz. The various star was shinning in the sky. He started his journey on foot. Under the light of twinkling stars. In those days there were no proper roads. People used o follow foot tracks which used to become slushy and water lused potholes during rainy season. These foot tracks used to pass through the field and eurote. Therefore in these days when ever an unknown traveler had to go to a distent place he used to hise a guide called khoja him. These khoja’s  were paid this not coin but in kissed in the form of some topas wooden measurement of rice, jessary and brown sugar, but gurrun ditta was familiar with the foot trade leading to alio shah chok.
He had visited the town many times. After travelling for about two hours he hated at chak hamid a small village envourite. He had two chapaties with mango pickle and drink some water from a hand pump and took a piece of jiggery he again started his journey to ali shah chak. He reached there by midday and went to his cousins house. It was lunch time. He had lunch with his cousins malik shahand told him the purpose of his visit. Malik shah assued him that after lunch he would go with gurun ditta to the dargah of ritual master allah rakha. Soon they finished the lunch and started for the dargah. On the way malik shah plucked some “niagoh flowers for sayeen allah rakha.
“for what purpose sre you talking these flowers? Asked gurun ditta.
“sayeen likes these flowers therefore him talking it for the prayers.” Replied malik shah
Both reached at the dargah soon and went in for the audience of sayee. Malik shah presented flowers to sayee and introduced gurun ditta to sayeen was pleased with the flowers and bestowed his blessings on them with his peacock feather broom and adviced them to the seated. He closed his eyes and went into meditation. After some time he came around, opened his eyes.
He said, “it is a local draught.” You need not to worry.
With some rirual you can call the rains.”
Gurun ditta requested, “ sayeen he kind and guide one for the rituals to he performed for calling the rains.” Requested gurun ditta.
“you have to wait till tomorrow morning. I will perform necessary rituals today. Night, when I will he in the audience of my great sayeen allah shah. If my great sayeen consider my request he will bless me with the ritual numbers. I will make  a tweet of these numbers and will give it to you tomorrow.” Said syeen allah rakha.
Both malik shah and gurun ditta blowed before the gurun ditta took out of a chadder (bed sheet) and presented to the sayeen. Sayeen call to disciple who accepted the chaddar and spread it on the grave it  to sayeem alam shah in the dargah.
Next morning both the cousion startd for the dargah. On the way both plucked some niaz lo flowers for sayeen. Soon they arrived there and had sayeen’s  audience and presented flowers to him. He was in happy mood, blessed both with his peacock feather broom and then told to the seated.
Sayee said,“my master the great sayee alam shah blessed one with the required ritual numbers. I have made a locket of it. He4re it is”. He save the locket togurun ditta. Who took it with both his hands, with great respect and devation from sayeen.
Then sayeen said, “this locket is to the tied to the arm of an innocent boy who remain always ready to keep others and never harms them. Then you select a house whose resident is very nausty and always quirrels with others. No body like in the town. The innocent boy had to break a piether filled with fieth and human exertia in the town of that naugty resident with this locket tied to his rightasiasm.
“oh! The great sayeen you have saved me and any town of his draught. I shal carry out of this orders and desired by any sayeen assured gurun ditta.
Both bowed before the sayeen, took his blessing and went home. Gurun ditta collected his bag. His sister in law packed save food for him for the journey. Soon of was he journey for malikwal.
It was down when gurun ditta reached the out skurts of the town. The hurds of buffalo cowds and other animal were returning to their houses. These hurds were creating a small storm of mud raised by their feet from the guard called cow mud storm .
He reaches home. Everybody was delighted to receive gurun ditta home and were very happy to hear the news of his sweets at sayeen dargah,.
Next day gurun ditta explained everything in the meeting of elders about his visit and audience with sayeen allah rakha at his dargah sharief about the locket and riual to the performed by a breaking  a pitcher filled with futh and rubish by our innocent child. The elders a through to it and selected Agiya from performing this ritutal. Everybody liked Agiya selection for this. Elders ram das ji was requested to convinince. Hakin das sunder  das to allow his grandson Agiya for performing the ritutal. Ram das was owner to the vegetable market of malikwal and was a close friend of hakim sahib. He used to visit daily hakim sahibat his clim in the evening and then the used to walk down together to their homes.
This evening also as daily routine ram das ji visited his friend. Hakim sahib and explained him every thing with a request from all the elders of a town to detent Agiya for performing the said ritual. Hakim sahib could not say “no” to him and asked him, “when I shall Agiya”.
“tomorrow  evening tome, “replied ram das ji’ ‘then I shall take him to the house where ritual in to he performed.”
As per plan Agiya reported to ram das ji at his office and was sient with ram das  son ram nath to mohalla called ‘utarh’. There other 4children malkoo, satta, surinder and harish were waiting for him. The required pitcher was got filled with filth and human exertra and sweeper with a lid tied on its mouth tightly. The sweeper was paid handsomely by ram das. Elder gurun ditta tied the locked given by sayeen on right aran of Agiya.
Then ram das ji explained all the details to Agiya and his other four collegious. The five heroes of this complaint were explained every detail of the ritutal that how he could he performed the house of one bharavan was selected for it.
Bharavan was a widow, short tempressed  had no children and used alone in her house. She was a famous for her fighting and abusing nature. Al the residents of mohallah uttarah used to avoid her. Nobody liked her for bad nature.
The time heroes of this ritual took away the pitcher without any hasitation and reached in the back of bharavan’s house. Agiya with other 3 members climbed the wall while malkoo was standing down with the pitcher. Then harish helped malkoo malkoo by lifty the pitcher up, so that he could also climb up. Now all the five were at the roof of bhavan’s house. The pitcher was handed over to Agiya. He had locked the sayeen tight on his right arm. Agiya in his mind then prayed to god to for given him for doing this sin and threw the pitcher filled with filth and human enertia the lawn of the house. Then all the five climbed down the roof  and went to their house.
Everything was quiet for about one hour. All the five heroes were in their houses posing busy with their school’s work as if they had nothing. Suddenly a sonami of dirty abuses started coming from bharavan’s house. She came out of her house with fifthy abuses language shouting at the pitch of her house with beathing at her head and chest badly but no body dare to come out of their house. Her abuses and filthy language continued and was reaching the blind blue sky above. The sun was setting in the east. The farmess were returning home. The hurds of the cows and buffallows were settled in the nests and reast. But the hell created by bharavan’s in the utarah mohalla was still continusing. Her sister in law soma returned home from field after his nature call. It was very much purtched from bharavan’s condition. She went to her and asked ‘what did haaappen bharavan?’
She took soma inside her house showed her the condition of her lawn. Soma was also very farious and she also joined her for another soonami of filting., abusing language for the curprit who do this dirty act. Her son satta who was on e of the five heroes, stood behind of her and also  started  abusing the culprit. By this act he wanted to impress her mother thathe is not our part of culprit.
It was new dark , start star twinkling in the dark sky. The kersin streat lamps were l;ighted. Business people started returning their home. Both bharavan’s and soma were court meeting the sonam of abusive language while satta was swing than moral support in between when they pause.
But that time malkoo’s father chaman lal had also returned from vegetable shop. He was cousin bharavan and was avery gentle wearted soul. He went to them and required the cause and the colony. Then he was inside bhavan’s house and started abusing and shift which was scartered throughout the lawn. Satta, malkoo, surrender and harish had also joined him in cleaners the lawn. The sonami of bharavan & sonam filthy abusive language had also died down.

To everybody surprise, the clear sky with twinkling stars was suddenly covered with dark clouds with bighting and sound of thumber. It started raining heavily. The lawn was bharavan’s was washed and cleaned by the rain shower. The children and adults came out of their house and enjoyed the rain shower. The animals at their houses also expressed their joy and welcomed the rain by raining in different sounds and tones. The streat dogs started dancing in the rain and playing with their mates and had expressed their joy by producing different kind of sound of “oo-ho-oo-ho” while the cats were hiding in their hide-out.
The elder of the town were happy , the farmer started singing songs of rains. The house wives are busy in their kitchen. Chaman lal was able to such due to both bharavan and soma. The rain had changed the scene the filthy, abusive language. Both started praying to rain god, thanked him for calling rain at their town and prayed him to bless the town with more rain showers and life raight from this draught. Their prayer was listened by rain-god and it rained for four days over the town.
Bharavan and soma could never know that who did this ritual.

---------------------------- : ----------------------------------------




Summer vacations were announced in Agiya’s school. Every student was rejoicing and discussing their plans of spending the vacation. But Agiya was just sitting quite on his rute mat spread over the floor of his class room. His friend malkoo noticed it and asked him, Agiya why are you so quiet? When everybody else in the class in rejoicing”.
“Malkoo dear! I wanted to spend there vacations with my cousins  Kewal at Dindot. I promised him last year when I was there during last summer.” Replied Agiya. “It is a big town?” asked malkoo.
“No malkoo! It is a small beautiful hall town near kantasraj, famous pilgrimage of hard Shiva; about 6km from choa sedan shah is district chakwal.Replied Agiya”.
“then you must plan to go to dintod to keep your given word to your cousin.’ Advised malkoo.
“No malkoo! My mother had already planned to spend this summer at her sister’s place at Peshawar.”
“oh! It Is very sad, Agiya! Expressed malkoo. “but you can request your father to send you to Dindot with some body” suggested malkoo.
“I will try, “replied Agiya’. After sometime the class teacher Mr. mohkan deen entered the class room. He took his chair and started ditacting home work to the vacations. In months every body had to complete sums  of exercise from 10-20. In literature they had to study lessons upto chapters 10 and had also to write answers and questions given in the each chapters and the lessons. In history and geography they had to read first ten chapters. Then he wished it best wishes to all his students with a promise to see then all on 3rd July when the school would open to new session. The school bell rang, teacher left the class room and all the students also started moving out of the class for their homes.
On the way Agiya was thinking to speek to his father when the returns homes from his manufacturing unit at night.
Agiya had his dinner and was eagerly waiting for his father. His father returned home at about 9pm.
  After freshing himself, had his dinner. Agiya was waiting for a chance to speak to his father. When his father returned his bed, Agiya went to him and expressed his desire to spend his vacation to din dot. Father was rise and assured him that and he would make some management to send him to maternal uncle’s plane at din dot. True to his word, Agiya was sent up to rock salt mines at kheura the rail head guard Mr. roshan lal a friend of Agiya’s father. His maternal uncle was informed to pick up Agiya from kheura for din dot.

As per plan, Agiya was travelled with Mr. Roshan lal by goods train  in his open break attached at the end of  the goods wagons. Agiya reached railway station malakwal with a servant at the given time. They met mr roshan lal at station masters room. Mr. roshan lal guard was exchanging document with the station masters. The station masters advised him that all the wagons are being to sent kheura for loading of rock salt. After completing the loading, the guard had to take the goods train to Lahore to Amritsar for its unloading the rock sal. After completing the document guard roshan lal came out of the station master room and told the servant to take Agiya with his belong to the standing goods and train plate form number-2 and wait from his at his break van. As he had to collect some other document, his red and green flags and the green and red night lamp for the journey.
Agiya with his servant climbed up at the rail bridge to go to no.2 plat form across the raining trains. A long good train with red their about oxide colored wagons were standing there. Agiya was surprised to see such a long train earlier. The shutters of all wagons were closed. The locks of some wagons were having wax and tags hanging from it. After half steam engine was attached in front. The break van was also of red oxide colored open at both ends attached at the end of the train and guard roshan lal. Agiya soon reached the break van. The servant helped him to climb up the break van it was a station outside the plat form In rail yard area. The break van was of solid their steeled opened at both ends. There was a permanent steal launch at one end and  a steel chair and a small steel laboul at the other swall. Agiya kept his personal belong In one corner and made him self confire at the bench. Soon a railway porter arrived with a large black steal trunk a water jhungle and a kept by the trunk near the steal taken and kept there mos filled as it tea at the table. After about half an hour guard roshan lal appeared left with his fifteen and his scale of documents. To the earned to the khearu to deleaviring the station master there.

The servant left the break van and returned his to gola at the manufacturing unit of Agiya’s father.
Soon the rail signal was down. The engine driver blew the engine whistle to inform the guard. The guard roshan lal came out the break van with green flag flaggel of the train. Soon the goods train pickle of the speed. It was leaving behind the railway station the railway station, railway quarters, signal man cabin, out skirts of the town, the dak bungalow and the local police station. Now the train was passing through open field. The farmer were busy in harvesting there wheat crop. It was beautiful view. It appears Agiya goldes color sheet was spread over the open fields by nature extending upto the horizon where it was meeting with blue open sky above.
The break van was openedfrom both ends. The hot air was blasting over, the face of Agiya. He tried to cover his face with his hand towel. Guard roshan lal advised him to back it in water. From the chuggal in water and then put in the face. Agiya tried it, it did give him some relief from heat. After two hours journey, the train started slowing down. Guard roshan lal told Agiya that they are approaching haranpur station, guard came out of the break van with his both red and green flags. The line was clear, signal was down, hence it did, not stop at the station. Agiya could see that the engine driver threw the iron ring with token and clearance near the signal to a standing railway person, who collected it.
It was lunch time. Guard roshan lal opened his till in invited Agiya to lunch. Both finished their lunch in running train then had cold and sweet water form the chaggal. Agiya enjoyed delicious food and cold water.

The train reached khur by 4 in the evening. Agiya a compared  guard roshan lal to station master room. The luggage collected by the attendant to the guard. Guard roshan la handed over all the documents bought flags. Malakwal station to the station master and discussed about departures time of the train. The both went to the railway retrieves from for rest. In the evening guard roshan lal took Agiya to show him rock salt mines. The entrances of the mines was wide and spanous. the encharge of mine sent a guide with him. he took deep in the swing which was normal and of low height. its floor and flow were wet to continuous water trick ling train its roof. after the end of mine they climbed the lift which took then down an down. Agiya’s both ears were blocked due to the increase atmosphere pressure. soon they were at the guard level. the minute work of rock salt was in progress was the evening shift workers. the guard them shocked that how the rock salt was being mined out. he gave them a slow piece as sample to taste. then they returned by the lift & top floor.
They returned to railway retiring room. Both had both to freshened themselves. They went for dominar in the railway canteen. Food was good, Agiya enjoyed it. He was feeling sleeping and went to sleep. in the morning he got up early, fresh hood himself, had a both and was waiting for his cousin om, who was to come from Dindot to take him there. they were haring break fast Agiya touched guard Roshanlal’s feet and asked his permission to go with his cousin om Roshanlal handed over Agiya bag to om and blessed both with long life.
Om told Agiya that they had to walk down upto dal minjas cewmen factory. from there they will get the train trolley station which is near din dot. soon they reached at the train trolley and climbed one trolley. the train trolley was pulled up to the train trolley station as din dot. it took them about half an hour. from there they walked to Om’s  house. every body was very happy and greeted Agiya. specially his granney and maternal aunt amblessed him and kissed Agiya. his cousin kewel ran to ambreance him and hugged Agiya. he was of Agiya age group. his maternal uncle was away on his trade to pind daman khan kewel took him to main living room and were busy to exchanging their past memories. kewel said he would go to ban the waker. reservoir to cachment area and swing in the evening. maternal aunt served them some snacks and hot cow’s milk. the milk was yellow and not like buffallows. it was tasty, Agiya enjoyed it.
in the evening kewel took Agiya to ban for swimming. both carried their long kacchas as swing coustinue. local administrator had taken lot of pains to built a large catchment area at the food hills to collect the rainy water. the collected water was periodicallyreleased to a large reservoir called ban under controlled system. the upper part of the ban was strictly used for drinking water while middle part was being used for washing clothes an dfor taking animals to drink water.
kewel and Agiya reached the bom of changed in to their swimming costume (kachahs). bot went into the water and started swimming and playing water source. thgey enjoyed swing for about half an hour and then came out of the ban. they changed their clothes. and return their homes, Agiya maternal uncle had already arrived. he went to him of touched his feet and got his blessing for healthy and long life. uncle unquised about his mother, father an dother members. Agiya said his everybody is fine…
Kewal was busy in messaging the mule and feeding it. themule was liking Kewal was head & shoulders as if the animal was expressing its thanks. the Kewal gave some wet chana dal in a mouth bag and tucked it from its neck. the animal was happy to have is favourite dish and thanked Kewal by morning its head and tail, up and down. Agiya was watering all this. he went to Kewal and asked him if he could pat the animal. Kewal said! “ok”, first let me introduce you to the mule.”
he took Agiya near the mule. he first potted the animal and said “look he is Agiya my cousin and wants friendship with you.” then he gavea small ball and jessary to Agiya to feed the animal. Agiya took it and offered to the mule by placing his hand with ball of raggery near its mouth. the animal took it happily and enjoyed  the taste of jejjary. he started linking Agiya’s hand as if asking for more jejjary. Agiya was feeling happy.
It was dinner time. all members set on floor on a jute mat. brash plates, glasses, bowls, andspoon were placed in from of each members. In those days only broast utensils were used for cooking and serving meals. Stainless steel was not in fashion. then vegetable, dal, pickle were slaved, then hot chapaties were served. the food was simple and tasty prepared in cow’s liquid  butter (ghee). at night all member were given sweet milk to drink.
in the morning Kewal wake up Agiya. he said that I am taking mule to ban for making it to  drink water.” do you want to go? asked Kewal.
“yes Kewal, I will love to join you.” replied Agiya.
Kewal took out the mule. Kewal sat in front on the necked back of the mule while Agiya sat on his back at the saddle was not felt necessary. soon the reached the catchment area. the mischievours Agiya pulled the tail of the mule. the animal jumped suddenly and both felt from the mule. Kewal left with his left foreores to stony ground and broke his arm.
Agiya was feeling sorry for him. he immediately made sling for the Kewal’s shirt  placed his injured for arm in it for support and put a safely pin on it. Agiya helped Kewal to rtalk the mule to ban for water. after the animal finished  drinking water, both took it to home or foot. Agiya maternal aunt cried on seeing Kewal’s injured left arm. she called her husband. Agiya maternal uncle examed the injured arm and said, “ it Is broken”. “how did it happened”? Injured of father.
“father, I took the mule to ban for drinking water. as soon as we reached there, it jumped suddenly and we both fell on the ground and I broke my left arm” replied Kewal.
father said, “ don’t worry Kewal I will take you to hakim mehardin,he will set the broken arm.
the father stated getting ready while mother prepared home medicine with hot milk honey, cow’s liquid butter (ghee) and tumirid powder and gone to Kewal.
Kewal was taken to hakim mehar din by his father Agiya accompained  them. hakim shah examed the injured arm.
he said ‘laxman das do not worry about it. the bones are in good position and require a good split “which I will gave”.
hakim shah prepared the splint with bamboo stick and game it to Kewal injured arm he admired to continuous spent for 1 ½ mont

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