Onki's short stories

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These are short stories based on my personal experiences.




It was April 15th 1947 and our annual report was out. I was promoted from primary class 4th to 5th in Govt. High school, molikwal. I was very happy and full of enthusiasm and feeling very proud of my promoted from primary to senior section which used to the from 5th to 10th . In those days the education medium was under in Punjabi up to class 4th and from 5th to 10th English was  compulsory  ………… from 16th April 1947 we had summer vocation.  My maternal cousin kewal had come from Dindot to spend his summer holidays with us. I was very happy in his company and enjoying my holidays. We used to go Thakur Dwara, a public worship with a huge ground and trees place to play stick –run and touch game with other boys. The ground was very shady and coal. We were 5 boys. I carried a smooth 18” stick with me. To start the game we have to select one boy who will guard the stick. I told them to stand in one line and starteda rhyme counting one word one boy including myself. The last word ended an malkie. He was to guard the stick. I …….. a circle on the ground where the stickwas to the placed by mulku to unguarded. I threw the stick with full  force under my right leg to for away place. Malku run to catch the stick and we  all run to climbs the trees. Mulku brought the stick and place it inside the circle drawn by me and the game  started. We have to distract the attention of malku while one of us had to touch the stick . Kewal tried to touch the stick but malku was very  alert and ……… now kewal was to guard the stick while malku had to through it. We played the game till evening, then had a bath at the thakardwara well, went to temple , prayed to thakar and got parsad of sugar balls. When we reached home, It was dark and street kerosene lamp was on. Those days there was no electricity, we used to light with kerosene lamps only. At about 8pm my father returned house from his shop. He told us that my mother who had gone to her mother house at dindot is coming back with my maternal uncle  by train tomorrow and I and kewal should go to station to receiving then kewal was very happy to hear this news. Next day we both left home for the railway station at 11am. an train was to arrival at 12noon. We reached railway station malikwal is a junction and enquired about the train. It was right time and coming on no2 plate from.  We climbed the train bridge to reach no2 plate from. The engine whistled & steamed in like a black green and golden romay dragon puffing out hot steam and black smokes from his wide chimney carrying



postal red colored rail compartments which were about 7 in number and guard cabin at the train end. We went to each compartment but there were no sign of my maternal uncle and cousin.  We were very disappointed and started to return home kewal suggested that the same train will return to his native pace after one hour.we could travel in it and would reach his home by same evening. I agreed to him without realizing that wither we have money to buy the tickets nor informed our parents . we entered in one compartment. It had 4long benches along the length of the compartment and one bench along its back wall with two long  about 1  ft wide sheaf for keeping luggage. We were the only 2 passengers in the entire compartment. The engine  was attached to the guard room. The engine whistled and train and train started at 1 pm. Suddenly  I realized that if the TT asks for tickets, what we will answer. Kewal suggested that we will tell him that tickets are with our mother. Who is in ladies compartment but no TT came. The train halted at next station  Haranpur. It is a small town and my granie’s parents live in village about  6miles from this town. We go to hamid in tongas. Next station was khewra, our destination . our train arrived at kawarra by along 3pm. It was a big station with a network of rail


lines.There were large number of goods bodies stained around.The places is famous for rock salt.We got down the train and out of the exit gate luckily there was no ticket collector.Keuwra is a small town,famous for the rock salt mines.Most of the population is of mine labourer class.The salt mines are owned by british residents settled in India. Kawal’s village was  about 6 miles from Keuwra at a height of about 10000 feet above sea level on hill top.It was all rocky area with large borders stones and rocks.There were no trees,only  we could see few thormy bushes waid cactous and occasional few cactous roses.There was no transport.One has to either travellation foot or can ride a mule.Kewal suggested that we should walk upto the cement factory.from there we could try to board the rail trolley.This goes up to mountain coiree to bring stones for the cement factory.I agreed kewal’s suggestion and started  towards the factory.We reached in about one half an hour.The cement factory of khewra  is established by Mr Dalmia for manufactory  cement.It  is a huge establishment  and has its own electricity generating power plant.It produces good quality of cement which doesnot cause any skin disease and has a good cementing quality.

To our good luck the rail trolley was ready for its upwards journey to the mountain coaree.We both climed in one trolley.There were few other labourers who were going up for loading at stones.There were 8 trolleys(called chhakras) inter connected with books.A huge,thick, strong iron rope was tied to the front trolley and was connected up to the pulling engine at the for up mountain site engine room.Soon the rope was pulled up by the engine up above at the mountain site and the rail trolley  started moving up on the rails.Soon it picked up a good speed.It was steep climb.When I looked up the steep climb being run by our chain of tolley, a current of chill sensation rum through any centre body wit a sense of unexplained thrill.I could see small bushes,shrubs of cactous roses and few thormy bushes running with us .on our both side were barran grey and orange coloured small height mountains and stones.I could not see a piece of earth.I could see around stones,strong  mountains grey and orange coloured.There wrere no earth ,vegetation except scattered few small bushes houses or huts.It took about 15-20 minutes to reach the mountain site engine room.The rail trolley stoped and we both  climbed  down of our trolley.It was very hot.The stones were very hot which I could feel through my cerman boots.Kewal told me that it is very hot and now we have to climb up on foot to his village dindot.I told  him  I am felling very hot and thirsty.He suggested that we should take a both and will feel fresh.He took me to water tank which was at about 10 minutes walk from mountain engine station.As we approached the place I could hear the sound of a huge spring falling from down to a huge pond. The pond water was taken by an iron pipe to a 3 large  cemented tank at a ground level .From the water tank water was carried to bathing place and a separate tap for drinking water.Narrow it was maintained by the village pavahail.There was a huge spring.Its was collected by a draw bathing to a shallow reserver to which few taps were (called ban-catch art area  for rainy water )fitter from which thread runs which filled was not at home. She is my mother had gone to pond to bring water with her sister.Soon both comes back with earth pipes filled with water carrying on their head.This water was for bathing  and animals.For drinking water my cousins.We use to take both miles category empty drums to tell at wages dirty water for narrow.  The tank was closed with a concrete  slaps.I could see water taps fitted there. I quenched wig thirs.It was cold and tasty. I removed our clothes a had a good shower both under the tap.It was cold and very soothing and removed  my all heat and tiredness.I was feeling fresh.Kewal also drank water  and had a good bath.Now I started feeling hungry .As I did not eat everything since I gad left malakwal.We both had nothing to eat with us.I had few coins saved from packed money with me. We both climbed up to the mountain engine station.Kewal told me that there in a canteen for the workers. We could have something to eat there. We climbed up to the canteen. It was a small cafeteria with a large dining hall and tables. There was a large counter with a variety of eatables like samosas, pakoras.salty matar made of wheat floor, and sugar coated mithai made from wheat floar  and sugar,salty mathries and biscuits.We both took 2-2 samosas and had a cup of tea .I paid 2 miles on a rough rugged  stoney mountain path toward


Dindot.We followed the male path. By evening we reached the town dindot and finally arrived and highly surprised to see both alone. We were asked by the uncle  how see both alone could reach here.Kewal explained the incidence and cause of our coming here.uncle was very annoyed.He said you both had some here without informing any body at malakwal.There every body will be upset and worried for you both.It was a very stupid decision on your port.Now I have to send them an expess  telegrams immediately.Poor uncle left for the post master house as the post office was closed. He requested the post master for an express telegram.Post master was a nice man.He could realise the mental situation of my parents at malakwal for the stupidity we had commited.He immidiately took the the keys of post office and we all walked upto.He opened it and sat on the chair to send an express telegram to malakwal post office for my father.In those days there was no telephone facility at dindot.The telegramer was cleared.My uncle paid to charges with lots gratitudes to post master.I was feeling very sorry for my wrong deed and apologized to my uncle with folded hands,He patted my back with my affection and said its ok.We had our dines and went to bed.Before going to bed uncle instructed us that we have to get up early in the morning as he wants leave dindot with first night.It takes more than two hours on mule to reach khewra railway station and the train for the malakwal is at 7 A.M. .In those days we don’t have a clock or wrist watch in the houses people were used to get up with the first early morning coo-c-oo of the cock.Uncle had a cock,2 hens,2 cows and 2 mules at his house.

I could not have a comfortable sleep as was feeling very guilty for my stupidity and was feeling worried for my father’s annoyance.I was waiting for the cook’s coo-coo early morning and when went to sleep  I don’t know.i got up with  early  morning  coo-coo of cock and ready to move my mother.Uncle loaded some essential household goods on the mules.My elder  cousion Om helped his father in this.Om mule carried my mother on its back when myself and kewal rode on second mule.Uncle and my cousion Om travelled on food with the mules.The mule path was not smooth.It was rugged with holder sharp stones and slippery.The mules occasionally use to slip on these bolder and my cousion Om and uncleused to make them stable with their rains.The weather was pleaseant and coo.T sky was full of stars.These were very close to us .I was very thrilled to appreciate that the sky studded was with stars was very close to me and it appears that I could touched them.When I looked down I could see twinkling lights of britania corner factory,khewra rock salt mines and khewra railway sataion.It was very chronic and it appears as if I was watching a plantorium down below.Soon the darkners started clearing with good visibility by the time we reached cement factory.We continued our journey to khewra.The sun was rising.The sky was filled with golden,orange and grayish blue colours.There were few small cloudes floating on the sky painted with orange,golden and yello colours by the sun rays.Soon the sun was up above in the sky and was very bright.We reached the khewar railway station well in the uncle went to looking window to buy tickets for him,my mother,kewal and myself.In the mean time mother and we two go down of the mules and helped cousion Om to unload the goods and carry us to the platform. The train was stationed at platform mule. We carried the luggage to one compartment and boarded the train.Om was waiting outside for uncle. Soon uncle arrived at the platform. My cousion Om touched his feet uncle patted his back and gave some money and instructed him to return house with mules and to carry all household works as per routine.Om tied the mules to the railway fencing at 7.a.m. the guard blew the whistle and flagged the train with green flat .The engine whistled its sharp of loud whistle as of to warn all the passengers to the seated in the respective compartments and it is ready to move.

At 11A.m. the train steamed in at malakwal.My father with servant Krishan lal were waiting for us at platform no1.We all got down from the compartment. I was feeling afraid of my father and firmly holding my mother’s hand. My mother was found of me and loves me  a lot.I was sure that she will definitely protect me from my father’s annoience for my stupidity.She instructed me to touch my father feet which I did. Father was angry on me but did not say any thing and blessed me by putting his hand on my head.This consoled me a lot and gave me released the luggage was loaded in tonga and our servant Krishan lal myself and Kewal sat  in it while my mother,father and uncle travelled in a mother tonga.It took 15-20 minutes to reach our home.After every body were settled,father called me and kewal in his room.He asked me who suggested you go to dindot? I was quiet but kewal replied it was my idea and I am feeling very sorry for this stupidity,please  pardon us for the same and I  promise that I will never repeat such thing in future.My father was happy for kewal’s truthfulness amnd sincere pologies.He pardoned us and adviced that whenever we have to go out of malakwal.We must take his permission before leaving then he gave us one-one taka (2 paise)  to buy sweets. As a reward of kwela’s honesty. We both went happily to kalu halwai and buyed 2 chhatank(about 100gm) basun barfi(gram floor sweet) for one taka and 1 paw(about 200gm)tangri(jeggary coated wheat floar sticks) for other taka and enjoyed.In my mind I was thinking that I will always speak truth us my life  and will honest in my deeds.It is always rewarding to speak truth ,my honest.














Holi of foreign clothes


  I was in class 5th. There was a circular from head master that all student have to assemble to the school play ground at 4pm. All the students were lined up class wise in the play ground. I could see a large stage was erected in front. After some time our headmaster Mr. Mohkamdin arrived at the stage. He announced on the mic and congratulated everyone that the germens are defeated and British govt has warned the 2nd world war with the help of aligned forces. On this great evening school has organized a magic show followed by a sweets. There will be a firm show organized by cinema section of railway department in the evening at railway station.

The magic show was very good and lasted for about an hour. We enjoyed it. In the end every student won given a packet of sweets. In the evening we went to railway station. There was a large white screen rated with the boundary wall of station space our space for sitting on the ground in form of screen was prepared. The film projectors was fitted in a rail bugie stationed on the railway line the screening of picture “Raja Harish Chandra” stated at 7 pm. It was over by 9:30


pm followed by two war documentaries lasted by another half an hour. I returned to home with my other friends. My mother was worried for me she was much relived to see me at home. My father was late that day. He returned home at 10:30 pm. He straight went to the sitting room and was discussing some important matter with my uncles and grandfather. I could over hear that there is a call by Mahatma Gandhi for “non cooperation movements” to British government and to discard foreign clothes.

Next day all the mail residents of malakwal were assembled by sunset in ramlila ground. We also went to witness the event. There was a huge stalk of fire wood in the center of the ground. Everyone was carrying there all foreign clothes and were wearing khadi clothes. They threw all there clothes into the fire. Then plot of anti-British raj slogans were shouted by the people like-inqulab-zindabad firangies to go back, mahatma Gandhi zindabad, angreza di bhamiri banamvalia babu-teri-sola-hee-jai, netaji subhash Chandra Bose zindabad etc. we retuned our home after this “holy of foreign clothes”. Next day evening I came to know that netaji‘s nephew Mr. shishir Chandra Bose will be visiting malakwal. Mr. Bose arrive in the evening. A stage in the circus ground was erected for Mr. bose. All the residents except ladies were assembled in front of the diase. Mr. Bose arrived at 7 pm from now onword we will either keep not buy any foreign item. We will not pay any tax to British govt. everyone will show non cooperation to British govt. in the end we all shouted three times vande-mataram. He was dressed in white khadi-kurta-pajama and white cap. He addressed us. He said he is very happy for the “holi of foreign clothes” organized by the local resident. But it is not enough. We should not buy any foreign made item. We should not pay any tax to the British govt and show our non cooperation to then. This mother land we should for complete independence. Our slogan is do or die. Every body of this town should take a vow with me. Next day there was a news that one complete British arm our regiment and a special train carrying British soldier will arrived at malakwal by the evening. I was not aware my elders reaction to it. By all my friends malku surround, scattered then were full of enther giasm and decided to go to railway station to see the special train we all reach at railway station. The train was standing at platform. We could British soldiers sitting in the compartments. The soldiers of royal military police were on guard outside the compartments. There was one assembler car with doctor and other peramedia of staffs attached in the middle of the train. In addition there were two wagon coaches loaded with glider plains. There glider plains were used to the frontier border to race forward areas. This British army contingent was move from frontier area bordering Afghanistan and were returning to England. After the train moved out of malakwal station, we all friends went to the circus ground to see the tanks. We saw a large number of tanks were parked in the ground with their crews and some of their were sitting on the tank terref and some were resting behind the tanks in the canopies improvised with ground seets.  Their heads were covered with scarves with dust glasses over it some were putting wireless receivers over their ears I had seen a tank for the first time. Malku told me that the vehicle moves with it wheels on the chain attached to it. It across rough fields, small ditches, bushes and stones. The bullets of a riffle, steins and machines gun could not penetrate the body of a tank. In golden times elephant were used like this vehicle it gets sew fire a shell even while moving. It destroys a truck, bunker or a small army pockets it has driver who sits in front part, while gunner and commander it’s in the main body.

Next day all the tanks with there crews moved on main road to words Lahore. British soldiers are on our mother land. They are for the security for crown. They should be in England rather than at our land. We don’t need there services. We are capable to serve our nation and its security. Malku answered that we require our own army for the security of our country. Now these British forces have started going back to England then the viceroy and other senior officials will go back to England after handing over the reigns of our country to mahatma Gandhi and our nation will have its own government and army. Satta asked malku when they will go back to England? Malku could not answer it.

At night when my father came back to home I asked him the same question when we will have our own government? He said agya u have wait for some more time we are very close to our goal. One thing is definite that India will be independent soon.

I went to sleep. In the sleep I was dreaming that our country has become independent. We all assembled at the Dak-Bengalow. Mr. Shisher Chandra Bose has arrived there. The union jack flying at Dak-Bengalow was lowered and he flurried the national tri color flag their. Everybody was saluting tri color flag and was shouting bharat ma ki jai, amar rahe tiranga pyara.














First Independence Day in Pakistan

(14 August 1947)


Malakwal is a small town in present West Pakistan (those days British India with) with a population of about 6 thousand. It has out govt high school. I was student of class vth A. On 13 th aug 11111947,we were told in the class to come to school at 8:30 a.m. on 14 th aug 1947.Next day myself,kewal,malakwal and satta,we all went together to the school. All students were assembled in assembly at prayer ground. After the prayer our headmaster sahil told us that today ournation is free and we are independent. The british rule is over since today we are in a free nation called Pakistan. Today is our first Independence day. Everybody wiil march to Dak-Bengalow to celebrate our first Independence. We started marching to the Dak-Bengalow in lines and reached there in about 15 minutes. We are made to stand in lines classwise in a large ground  in front of a raised platform at 9:00a.m. one gentleman came in black sherwani and white pajama and wearing a maroon colour in muslim cap with choti hanging from top.He stood in front of the flag hosting pole and unflurned the flag.The flag was of leaf green colour with a white strip toward the cord side and a half moon with a star on a green part.There were five senior students standing in front of the Dias standing ,still in attention postion.They started singing the first Pakistan’s national anthem,



“Aey sarzrmeen-i- pak,

Zarrey terey hein aaj sitaron sey tabrak!

Roshan jeh kehkash an sey kahim aaj teri khak!!

I was composed by the famous  Urdu poet Jand Jagan Nath Azad, a lahore based hindu poet.

After the nation anthem was over,we all received a packet of sweets containing laddoos(grand floar sweet).W were told that today is holiday and we could go to our homes.On our way back we could see the bajars were closed.I was surprised to see my elders at home sitting together in the baithak(drawing room) and were discussing some important matter.I could  only make out that the new governer will not permit any hindu bto stay in this new country Pakistan.Either we have to except islam and become muslim  or we have  to leave this country and go to India in Amritsar,the nearest border town of India ,same night my father received  a secret message that all the muslims from the surrounding villages equipped with variety of weapons are planning to surround the entire town.Every body in the family was worried. That how we should protect our selves from this attack.15th and 16th august went very quiet.On 17th aus,our entire town was suuroundedmoh of thousands of man equipped with a variety of weapons.They were shouting slogans  like Pakistan Zindabad, Paindabad.’Qiede Azam Zindabad, Paindabad‘.Then a loud war cry of’Nare-i-Taqbeer’Allah –hoo-Akbar’ and they attacked the entire city.In the mean time one contigent of vth Billoch regiment had arrived.Every body was feeling much received thinkingthat this army contigent will protect us.But soon this was over when they started firing from their 303 guns at us.This firing were continue through out the day and night of 17 th aug along with fierceful attack by a moh from ground on all the hindu mohallas. There were lots of blood shed,loss of life and property by killing and lighting fire to fox and houses of hindus.

On 18th aug morning the guns of Billoch  regiment were quiet and the entire moh had returned back to their villages.All the alive hindu residents were asked to come out of their houses in open fields leaving their houses unguarded.From there we  were moved to cotton mill at kanyawali chak at the out skirts of malakwal town.On the way I could see miltilating  dead bodies scatterd along our path.Few of them were still alive looking for the help .They never carried along by the volunteers out of us.The medicines and dressing materials were in limited quantity.My father with other seniors approached the military lentinant incharge of the contigent for his permissions to go to Dr bali’s crime to fetch some medicines and dressing material.The leutinent was very kind and sent 3 of his men with weapons to eseort our team.They were lucky enough the Dr Bali’s crime was inlast and they were able to bring a good member of medicines and dressing materialwith the help of Mr. Baldev raj a senior coin founder of Dr.Bali.My father’s this initiative helped in saving  many lives .On the 19th aug  1947 the 5th Billoch regecontigent were replaced by a 9th horkha regtcontigent with in charge captain Shamsher Singh. Every in the camp was very happy and feeling secure under the new military contingent. My father along with other seniors approached Captain Shamsher Singh that there are no food and clothings for our people.If we are permitted to go our houses and shops,we could bring some crossery and clothings for us.He appreciatedthe sufferings of the people and permitted  our men escorted by his jawans for the same. All these volunteers were shocked to see that all our houses were looted. The moh took away every thing but they were able to bringsufficiently ration grossery items and other essential things required for our people from the half burnt shops.During next four days our camp receives more infux of hindu families from the near around villagers.They had brought few wounded members also who were taken medicine care by two uncles.one hindu constable with his rifle escaped from malakwal police station and arrived to our campfor shelter.My uncle was very intelligent.He kept his rifle under a mond of earth,flantenred it and place a wooden sleeper over it with some medicines and dressing material at his first aid part.The constable’ s face was covererd with bandages so that no body could recognize him.His one leg and one arm a splint as if he protect broken house.

On 25th aug 1947 , our camp was closed  and all were carried by railway train to march Bhawaldin(tehsil of malakwal) camp.It was located in a suffer mill in the our skirts of the city.The day was warm.I with kewal ,Malaku and one more friend went to the tank of mill.It was a huge cemented tank filled with water.Water was dirty due to stagnation and green algee was grown on its surface here and there.In its centre there was a cemented platform about one yard in diameter.I could see other boys enjoying swimmingin the bank. I did not know swimming while  kewal and malku knew,. I staioned the bank while they both entered the water and in minutes swan up to the centre platform.Kewal stood in th water his feet on the ground  of  tank.I could see the water level was upto his chest.He encouraged me to come to platform by walking in the water as it is upto chest. I was happy and entered the water and started walking towards the platform.I was few yards from the platform when somebody pulled my leg under the water and I was completed drawned and started gasping for air.Kewal  suudenly noticed it and was surprised how could suddenly I disappeared in water. He reached the boy ,caught his hours and pulled him out of water. The boy left my legs soon my head I was out of water and I was gasping of air .Kewal gave a gold

 Blow to the boy on his face. In the mean time malku also arrived seen and both gave ground threshing to the boy. I was taken to the platform and that causfortably.These are few mintes.When I was feeling better both as corted me to the bank. We went back the camp.But nobody told anything about this incidence.But in my heart I decided that I will never go near the water tank again.Our stay at this sugar mile was for few days.Then we were move to open field along a small river let.It water was clean flowing and tasty to drink.The city of mandi bhawaldin was allived.There was electricity, waterpumps even I could see telephone poles.There were bazars ,shops were open with pakka roads.Pricydes  carts toucas and even few years were running.I used to think in my mind what wrong we hand one that we had undergone so much.Miseries have lost many lives,migerated from our malakwal and have to live in open field under the sky which this people were staying comfortabily.Whenever any body from the camp approached th eloacal residents for any help ,we were asked to pay for it.

One week passed like this suddenly one evening I saw that all residents if the city were moving towards over camp .They were camping their personal belonging and household goods with them.They were neither allow to carry luggage on any carts , tanga ,bycycle,car or vechile.They were permiteed to carry whatever they could in there person.I could feel there agony and difficulties. My father with his other friends and few volunteers went to them for the help.All migrants were accommodated in adjacent open fields.They expressed their gratitudes  to my father and other volunteers.



On  the 8th september 1947,convoy of 50 trucks was sent by India govt with the  contigent of Indian army to escert us.All residents of malakwal.We and surrounding  villages were given priority.About 2000 people were accommodated in the truck .My grandfather and grandmother is created by my father could reach on time.Due to their old age.Therefore, the three were left behind in the camp.Our journey was uneventfull, we crossed kamoki and reached Lahore by 4:00 p.m. on the same day.I was feeling very thirsty, hungry.Our carvony halted at hasiniwala for clearance to India. I could see a water tap as a new yardfrom our truck. But I was not allowed by my mother to go to the water tap. Our truck driver, sick gentlemen, was watching this. He was very kind and vent to the tab unfilled his canvas Chagall into water and gave to my mother. She gave little water to drink to all the passengers. Everybody wetted their tongue dry thereof and purchased lips. We all thanked to our truck driver returned his Chagall.

soon our convay moved forward. We left the sainiwaloa and readed Atari. We were told that now we are in India and safe .I was worried for any grand parents and father. Mother consoled we that I should not worry. God is great and we look after them . we all were left at  chhiratta chhapakhana. It was our new camp . each family was allotted one table area . About to (2 yards *1 yard). These tables were used for printing the bed sheets. For food, a longer was opened away from chhapkhana across the g.t.road. Trench latrines were mode in the fields behind the chhpakhana. A bathing place was made near a tube well. My father with my grandparents arrived by train after 4 days. Next day he went to information office to enquire about my maternal uncle and his family (kewal’s family.) he was told the everybody in missing. Since their train was attacked by a mole at kawoki except one child by name suraj who is wounded arrived here alive. My father was able to find him. He brought suraj to camp. Kewal to crying on metting him. My father consoled him and told him to look after suraj. He has a deep cut wound on his head. It was infected badly with maggots. He was running high fever. We tried to save him by daily dressings and few medicines but he ultimately died after one weak. We carried his body in the field. My elder uncle’s wife developed cholera with vomiting and diarrhea. She died next day to lack of medicine facility. She had one years old son and three years old daughter. Both developed small pox and died within one week.

My father was unhappy and was feeling very bad for these deaths in the family; my uncle was also very upset and mentally confused due to these deaths. My father decided to move the entire family by train to ambala where he had and old friend. At ambala can’t, we were accommodated by my father’s friends in a small house in kaccha bazaar I had one room with varanda, an open poor lawn, a small tin shed room at the top. I was happy that at least we have a proper shelter for our family, though it was little crowded. My father stayed with us for two days then he left for Agra in search of some job and shelter for his family. One of his first cousion as a ram was saving there in postal department. My mother had not enough money is feed us. I suggested dad if she could arrange 5 rupees I will buy sweet balls of roasted bajara, maze and rice for it. I will go around the town sell it to earn up to two rupees daily. Mother arranged 5 rupees and gave me in a small bucket. I went to the grain roaster who was not for away from out new house. I told him that we had migrated from West Pakistan and a ram to earn some money to feed my mother sister and brother. He was considerate and gave me some concession on the items with the promise that he will also take back the remaining unsold item. It was my first day of this small business. I took sweet balls made from roasted jawed, seed, rice and maize grains for 5 rupees I went round the streets of ambala cant. By noon I was able to sell the items for 5 rupees. I rested near the temple and eat my roti with achar given by my mother and drink some water from the hand pump I again started my berry to sell the remaining sweets roasted grain balls . By the evening I sold more sweet balls for 3 rupees and balance were returned to the grain roster. he pain my eight annas. On my first day earned rupees 2.50 . I returned to my home and paid rs 7.50 to mother. She was very happy. She gave me to annas for the milk. after my dinner I went to halwai and got one pav hot sweet milk with malai on it and enjoyed it .I continued this small trade for my month and used to earn 2-3 rupees daily.My mother was very and comfortable to look after us I the absence of my father .my father returned from agra with a happy news that we have to move agra. He hired a truck up to Delhi railway station. We all including my two uncle with their families, my grandparents with luggage moved this truck to Delhi. We holed for night at karnal and slept in the body of the truck. We reached Delhi junction by 12 noon next day. My grandfather developed with fever with pneumonia. He was shifted for the treatment to his sister’s house at Delhi. He died on 3rd day. My elder uncle and grandmother were with him for the last nights. From their us all with our luggage loaded the train for Agra. We reached raja mandi station of Agra by evening. The stop age of train was for two minutes. We were not able to unload entire luggage. Their for my uncle with kewal continue journey to Agra cantt with the remaining luggage. While we accompanied my father on hired Tongas to shahganj, or our new home. Shahganj was about two miles from raja ki mandi Agra. The new house was on main road going by a loha Mandy to Agra Delhi highway. This house was occupied by my father’s aunt (masiji) and her family. We were given one room with mud plaster floor on ground floor and one small room at the roof with common kitchen and toilet. There was no bathroom my younger uncle moved with his family and settled in first floor room while my uncle, grandmother and our family satisfied ourselves with the ground floor room.

My father got a job on a flour grinding (chakki) mile at belanganj. The place was about five miles from shahganj. There he used to work all the seven days of weak from 9 am to 6 am. He used to leave to shahganj on a tool for his duty place by 7:30 am. My two uncle started there clinic at gokul pura near raja ki mandi. My duty was to carry lunch tiffins of my father and uncles to deliver at gokulpura and belanganj. I used to start my journey at 11am on foot. gokulpura was about 2 miles from shahganj. I had to deliver the tiffens of my uncles and then used to go on foot to belanganj to travel of a distance of another 3 miles. There at the floar grinding mill I used to help my father and spend the day . By 6 in the evening I used to come back with my father carring empty tiffens on foot shahganj. Daily I had to travel a distance about to 10 miles on foot. This went on for the next 7-8 months. On my way to gokulpura,I used to pass through govt high school and watch the boys of my group studying in classes. Some were football and hockey in the school play ground I was very keen and wanted to go to


this school like these boys. They had a huge campus with a large beautiful red bricked building spread all along the main road. I had separate science laboratory, drawing section,mt section,hostel with three separate play grounds one for pt of parade, one for hockey and one for foot ball there was a separate traning school building attached to the school for training for new teachers. I developed great longing and set my heart for studying here. I had made up my mind have my schooling in this institution. In my heart I new with my heart that i am wasting my precious days for not going to the school. I also knew that my father and uncles will also be no help to me due to their own problems for daily earning to feed us. One day I made up in  my mind and went to uncle as a ram and requested him to help me for my admission in the govt high school. He was very considerate and assured me to take to the school for my admission. Next morning I came back home and told the good news to my mother. Whole night I was dreaming that I got admission and started my further studies in the school. My mother discussed with my father at night when he returned from his flourmill. Father was pleased to know this and gave 5 rupees for my admission to my mother. Next morning mother got up early and prepare breakfast. Father took his pack lunch, kissed me, and wished me best of luck for my admission in the school and left for his floar mill. He knew master rangilal and took me to him. We three went to the school office and uncle filled my admission form and signed as my guardian. Then master ganglia went to the headmaster with form of for his signatures. The headmaster said that I have to undergo and external examination and detailed meeting ganglia as my examinor. He took me to his office and gave me 5 arithmatic problems of multiplication and division. I solved all the 5 problems within the given time. Master ganglia were very happy and congratulated to my uncle that all given problems were correct. He gave me 50 marks out of 50 and recommended for my admission to the class 5th. Uncle took me to the headmaster again for his anchor for admission which was given without any delay. Then I went with uncle to the school office. He deposited the form with 2rs as an admission fee. I was admitted to the class 5th b. then uncle took me to the class teacher of class 5th b for in indoorcent of my name in the class register. I was surprising where he entered my  name as omkar chander. My actual name was agyaram and nick name was “kara”. Uncle as a ram thought in his mind and my name is “omkar” and that is how in the admission form my new name omkar chander was written and I become omkar chander from agyaram .

I was very happy for my admission to class 5th because I was in class 5th when I had left malakwal govt high school. My life started with the good schooling and bright future after going through all these agonies.















The Haunted Berry Tree

Uncle Sundardas was a tall, strong built gentle heart with strong will power man. He used to go for trading from his mountain village dindot to pind dadan khan on every alternate day. He used to carry hand woovers bed sheets and cloth to sell it and bring jeggary from their. He used to travel 24 miles on foot with his mule on the trade day. On his way their was an old berry-tree. Its berry (fruit) was big and very delicious. On his returned from pind dadan khan, he used to bring some berry for his mother bhagwano. She was a widow of more than 40 years age. She had two sons. Sundardas was elder one while lakshman das was still young and studying in the school. This time also uncle sunderdas brought some berries for his mother. She advised him that this tree is a haunted. People say some bad spirits. There for you should never go near that tree and should change your path and come threw that fresh water stream Nara uncle sundardas use to console his mother “oh babe u don’t worry for me and quiet strong and do not believe in such bad spirit existence.”

Next day uncle was ready to go for his trade. His mother gave him packed meals and advice him not to follow the path of haunted berry tree and should cane via fresh water stream naira path.

Sundar das reached pind dadan khan before noon and finish him trading in 2 hours. He purchased to bag of jeggary and loaded it on the mule and started his returned journey to home. The sun was setting in the west, behind the mountains. It started dark; sunderdas was in hurry to reach home before it becomes complete dark. He forgot the mother’s advice and followed a shorter path of haunted berry tree. When he was approaching the tree he saw small girl standing under the tree. She was all alone. She had long hairs which were flowing with the cold wind and covering her face. Sunder das stopped near the girl. She did not move and was just standing still there in the cold. Her body was covered with their clothes and was not wearing any wooden pull over. Sunder das was surprised with her monotonous behavior and asked her why she was here all alone under this haunted tree. Did she not fear that there are wild animals roaming in this lonely area. She just nodded her head. Then he enquired what his her name and to which village she belong. She replied my mother had gone to nearby village to get some food for me. You could help by leaving me at the next village. He agreed to her request and climbed her one the mule. He was travelling on foot carrying reigns office mule. It was very cold and cold breeze was blowing sunder das offered his woolen shawl (loyee) and a hand blowvers body (covering sheet.) she refused by nodding her head. He observed that still her face which was chock white, covered with her hours she even bother to remove it from her face. She was sitting still on the mule. He could not see her face and uneasy. He put it the mule, tried to console it but the mule was still uncomfortable. He then offered some jeggary to the mule but it did not take. He again asked her about her father and village name. So that if she did not find her mother he could drop her at drop she whispered some words in her vaise with rough tone, which he did not understand. They reached now at the out streets of that village. Sunder das suddenly observer that the mule started slowing his walk. He pulled the reigns but without any improvement the mule‘s walk. Then he looks back over his shoulders and was surprised that the girl had become very big and with bloated race. Her legs and hands were long and covered with black thick hairs. Her feet were almost touching the ground from the mule. The mule was not able to take her load and talking at slow pace and was breathing heavily able to her heavy weight. Sunder das stopped. He had no fear in his mind. he was standing straight looking at that witch he was not worried for the witch but was feeling sorry for the poor mule who was not able to walk due to heavy weight of the witch then he asked the witch to get down from the mule .but she did not move and grinded her long portending teeth on him sunder das was a strong built, strong hearted person with strong will. He again asked the witch to get off the mule. She nodded her head in no and shouts her long portending teeth and crooked hands with long crooked nails as a she is going to bite him. Sunder das moved to her caught her from her hairs and pulled her down the mule. She was astonished by his this action and run away after whispering some harsh words and vanished in the dark in the adjacent grave yard.

Sunder das was undisturbed and couldn’t care less. About the incidence. He went his way to home. At home he did not tell anybody about this encounter with the witch. But at night he was running high fever and shiver body aches. His mother bhagvano called the hakim shale (local doctor). Who examined sunder das and said he is having exposure to cold and gave some medicine but the fever revianced continues by high eve after three days. His mother was worried. She requested of the pundit ji to see her son. He visited sunder das and said that he is under the black shadow of a witch. To eliminate her shadow we have to perform a yagya. Mother Bhagwano requested pandit ji to do it. Next morning pandit ji stared yagya. It was continued for 7 days. Today was a 7 day. Everybody in the house was worried for sunder das health. His fever was now normal he was looking better. At the end of the yagya a long black colored ribbon came out of the bed of sunder das. Pandit ji pulled out the black ribbon. He asked younger brother lakshman das to take the hawan kund out side in the open and advice from the members to keep away from it then he put the long black ribbon in the kund. It burnt with the long and produced heavy black smoke like a black cloud then it subsided then distributed to all family members and declared that the black shadow of the witch is over and sunder das will be alright true to pandit ji prediction sunder das become alright.



Dark night at Dhamrai

I am now 20 year and Harish my cousion is 21 year. I recollects my mundane ceremony when I was three half an year old and my cousion Harish was about four half an year old. Our grandfather planned for our shaving head (mundan) at Dhamrai.It is a custom in our families that were child should have to get his head shaven before attaining the age of 5 yr.this head shaven ceremony is always performed near a stream or a waterfall. Our elders selected dhamrai village (in West Pakistan) for this ceremony. It is a beautiful sceneric picnic spot situated in bush green forest, surrounded by mountains on three sides. It has a freshwater fall, falling from a high mountain with gushing water falling at Avery and continuous speed. There is a small village of about 15 houses  called dharma village. My great grandfather was in railway service during British rule. He was in charge of railway station haranpur.during his service a senior British officer Mr. Albort visited haranpur station. My great great grandfather arranged a picnic at dhamrai for him near the waterfall. They travelled by tongas and bullock carts were used to carry various stores and other items required for the picnic.a small cozy temporary hut was constructed for his stay there.infront of the hut a comfortable plateform for sitting and dancing  purpose was created. It was a unique, enjoyable picnic in the lap of natural surroundings with a fresh waterfall in front flowing at Avery highly speed from the high mountain .mr.albort was highly impressed  by the untouched natural surroundings with hush green forest and an 3 sided surrounded by mountains which were covered with thick green vegetations. He decided that the place should be connected by a single rail track to run rail inspectors trolley on it. This trolley could be used as conveyance for the visiting officer. He also sanctioned sufficient funds to build a Dak-Bengalow near the waterfall. As the place was now connected by rail track to haranpur railway station, my great great grandfather passed a verdict that all the head shaving(mundane) ceremonies in our family will be performed at dhamrai.

On the auspicious  day, we two with all the family members started our journey for dhamrai.my two uncles-uncle spiral and uncle madhusundar lal with 5 servants and provision stores had already arrived at dhamrai.we all boarded our train from malakwal at 10:00 am. We reached haranpur by 12 noon .my fathers cousions ramasra mal had arranged the rail inspection trolleys with you trolley pushers at haranpur.uncle also told my  grandfather that he had the Dak-Bengalow at dhamrai for our stay.

We all boarded the rail inspection trolley placed on the railway tracks one after other. My grandfather, and uncle roshanlalji with my my granny were in the trolley on the 4 chairs while myself Harish and my sister kanta sat on the floor of the trolley. Other members and children were boarded in second trolley .each trolley was being pushed by two pushers from its back .I was sitting on floor of the trolley on the back. Both the pushers were standing on the rail track with their hands on the pushing hands. When everybody was comfortable in the respective trolley, the pushers started pushing it .initially they were pushing at allow speed, gradually they increased the speed. The trolley was moving at a good speed, suddenly both jumped up and made themselves comfortable on the pushing handles and the trolley was running on the rail track with a good speed. After sometime the speed of trolley pushing it. Soon the trolley slowed down, the other pusher climbed down the trolley started pushing it. Soon the trolley picked speed and the pusher jump bad sat on the handle. After sometime when the trolley slowed down, the other pusher climbed down the trolley and started pushing it. This was continued .I was appreciated their effort skill of pushing and running on since rail  line .I enjoyed this journey very much. After above half an hour we reached dhamrai and our trolleys came to an halt. We all came down of the trolleys and were guided by uncle madhusundar lal toward the Dak-Bengalow .my father paida good tip to all the trolley pusher and invided them for the lunch which was ready. We all washed our hands and feet and made ourselves comfortable on the raised the platform in the ground of Dak-Bengalow .all the ladies were busy in arranging lunch and uncle sriram, madhu sundar lal  and uncle roshanlal  ji were serving it to us. I enjoyed my lunch as they beautiful lish free surrounding of dak-bengalow with a beautiful fresh water fall in front flowing continuously day  and night with gushing water falling from a high  mountain ,creating an overestra eg various musical notes with the breeze and blowing wind. For me it waws like a paradise, as and blowing wind .for me it was like a paradise as if I was in wonder land.

The floor trolley pushers finished their lunch and took permission for their return journey from uncle roshanlal ji.he needed his head an ‘yes’ and they started with their trolley to return  to haranpur.

The sun was setting in the lost behind the high  trees, then went behind the mountain. I could set now only golden and orange colored bright ,golden and orange colures. I was feel sad that soon it will become dark as the sun glow was slowing vanishing. The birds were retuning back to their nests for the night. They started settling in their respective trees with continous purchasing as if to ensure themselves that everybody has returned how and is comfortable. Few birds were fighting for their respective place. But soon it become dark, all lives were settled at their respective places and their purchasing was no move as if they want to sleep.

We are also moved in it to the dak-bengalow.after freshing myself and changing into my kurta-pajama I went to my grand pa .he was very fond of me and I was also very attached to him.i remember that during winter nights, when my moon and babuji (father) went to sleep, I used to go out from living room, used to open the door of lady very carefully without making any sound and go to grandfather room to sleep with him. Sometimes I do wet his bed also. Then in the morning he used to whisper to my mom.”pushpa beti onkar had wetted the bed, please put it in sunshine”.

My granny had very thin ears and on haring this whisper of my grand pa used to shout”I told you many times to allow him o sleep with you” but you don’t listen. Now see this result of it .but grandpa will not gave any reply. And used to go to back to his room. My  grandpa was good. He used to tell me very educative stories Hindu  mythological tails of lord ram and lord Krishna .today  at dhamrai also  was laughing my grandpa’s company .he was relaxing in hais bed .i went  to him abd started messaging his thin legs and feet .he was very happy and blessed me .I requested him to tell me some story. He said o.k. I will tell you the story of lord Krishna  and his friend sudama when both used to study at guru sandeepam,s ashram.one day guru-mata told them to go to jungle and bring some fire wood for cooking food. Both went to jungle and collected sufficient fire wood for the ashram. On the way it started raining heavily before they had to leave the fire wood bundle on the ground and both climbed on a tree for the shelter. It was dark in between there was lightning and thundering of clouds. Both friends were under cover of a thick tree branch,sudama had some roasted grammers.he was feeling hungry. It was thick dark. He put some grams in this mouth to chew it.krishna said sudama are you eating something I am feeling hungry, give to me also to eat.sudama said “no Krishna’s don’t have anything to eat my teeth to grinding due to cold”.krishna kept quiet, but he knew that sudama is eating grammas given by guru-mata to eat and he doesn’t was to share with me’. They spent the entire night at that tree. In the morning guru sandeepji with other students and sewaks came in search of Krishna and sudama along with 2 bundles of firewood were escorted by guru sandeepji to th e ashram.on completion of their education at the ashram, both went to their homes. The time passed Krishna became lord of dwarikas while sudama became poor and poor and had no source of income. He was unable to look after his family. One day his wife requested him that for the sake of children he must go to dwarika for necessary financial help from lord Krishna. She did not have anything to send for lordkrishna.she could give little rice to sudama take for lord Krishna .sudama tied it in his great difficulties he reached there. Lord Krishna waws very kind and genious.he geeted the ashram mate with open arms amassed him and escorded him to his place with all love and affection.sudama was feeling guilty in his heart and remembered that rainy night that inspite of Krishna’s requested he did not share his rosted grammas with him. Lord Krishna made sudama comfortably sit and asked his wife rukmani to bring water and towel for cleaning feet of sudama ji. He sat in the feet of sudama ji washed and cleans them. He ensured that sudama ji was very comfortable.  Then he asked sudama please give me the rice sent by my sister in law with great hesitation sudama ji opened the towel and gave the rice he bought. Lord Krishna started eating this rice once, twice but third time rukmani caught hold Krishna’s hand and said please keep atleast one loka of our self, as two lokas you had already given to sudama ji lord Krishna said ok rukmani as u wish.

Sudama ji stayed at dwarika for few days and then started his returned journey to home. he was much worried that due to his guilt for not offering grams to Krishna on that rainy night he had no courage to request Krishna for financial help for which he had come all the way to dwarika . But Krishna knew all about sudama ji’s poor financial condition and had arranged every worldly requirement for his friend and his family. When sudama reached his village, he neither find his hut nor his family their .in place of his small thatched hut, a multi story place was standing with lord of sewak’s and care takers. Sudama ji was standing agrived thinking where could he find his family. In the mean time his wife and children came with many servants to great him and escorted him to the place sudama ji thank lord Krishna in his heart for his k

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