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Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



New York, New York

Shelley Myers had always longed for a sense of direction. Aged thirty two and living off her father’s paychecks, she lived a dull existence. She could barely afford her own place lest be a doting parent to her five cats. Her only joy in life. They were now fatter and even more healthy looking than she was. Now and then, she would curse herself for spending so much money on fancy cat food. But she knew it was worth it. Benjen her oldest cat, would rub up on her, every-time she served the “special cat food”. And that was saying something, because Benjen was not a compassionate kitty. A real life version of “grumpy cat” itself. So on a fateful Wednesday night, she was down by the pet store ready to indulge her cats with their bad habit. When the unexpected happened. As she was leaving the store she spotted Benjen by the alleyway, at least she thought she did. Confused, she wondered whether she should follow the cat that had scampered into the dark alleyway. It couldn’t be Benjen, could it. The risk of it being a stray doppel-ganger of her cat, weighed on her. But yet, her maternal instincts, made her walk over to the alleyway. 

“Benjen…Benjen…Puss..Puss, come out….please.” She called out. 

The little kitty scampered over too her and jumped in her lap. She swished it and rocked it, whispering:

 “Its ok, baby.”

She started to notice that Benjen was heavier, and she made a personal note to put him straight on a diet. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief. On opening them the darkness of the night had disappeared and  the sun was hitting her smack in the face. Benjen now weighed a ton. And as she laid her eyes on her surroundings she was shellacked. Shrouded in long African grass, she held him. Replacing little Benjen…

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