the man who cries inside

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i dont realy know how to sumarize this

Submitted: August 15, 2009

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Submitted: August 15, 2009



 The man who cries inside. From all of the pain, corrupt him as his heart slowly dies.

 The beast inside him stays hidden with rage. but the pain he feels unlocks the cage.

His heart denied the love it needed. Patiently he waited and pleaded.

 Untill all his hope was gone, His rage slowly catches on

 It realizes the fate that has come. The cage unlocked, their time has come

 The one's who denied him, and the ones who tried him.

 His soul if fading, his rage beside him, he goes to kil the ones who confined him.

 They confined him to this cage, they awoke his rage.

 As he lashes out, they look apauled in doubt.

 There eye's are open, as their bones are broken.

 He starts at the heart and works his way down.

 With his new found rage, and he brings them to the ground.

 He feels the power he feels so brave.

 But they are the ones who unlocked his cage.

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