Impatient (second edition)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

another one for a thiasce...

And so it begins again,
Staying up all night,
Driving each other crazy.
With torid pictures and steamy words,
Minds filling with fantasies,
And wicked promises,
Day dreams taking over reality,
Shielding us from this living nightmare,
Of me not being in your bed,
And you not leaning over me,
Trapped in a realm of make believe,
Where each kiss burns my lips,
And each caress sets me aflame,
Every blush ignites my passion,
My hands become your hands,
My moans become your moans,
Imagination runs rampamt,
As eyes close and fingers cross,
Hoping you'll be next to me,
When they open again,
But you don't appear,
Only as my mind's apparition,
I would do anything to hear your voice right now,
Feel your touch,
Taste your kiss,
Summon the devil,
Tell him he can have us both,
As long as you're mine,
And I am yours,
To hell with anything else,
Want you so bad right now,
I never did like waiting long for anything before,
Least of all this,
I know it will be worth the wait,
It's a good thing we're both impatient....

Submitted: December 15, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Onlyformyathiasce. All rights reserved.

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