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well i don't know what prompted me to write this...but i just thought of it last night. its not as i wanted it to be. but still an attempt to have an idea about what people battling with cancer and their near and dear ones feel.
i hope this cancer gets cancer and dies..

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012




Hey cancer…

I know you might just be thinking...Who am I...?

Well let’s not get into all it just really doesn’t matter. And if by the end of our little chat you are still interested I would reveal my identity.

Well actually I don’t have much to say. And I know you are annoyed because I called you stupid but I have my own valid reason to call you that. And maybe once I finish explaining you yourself might agree with me.

But you know what...They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so I think I must show you something instead. Well don’t fret I am not about to open my childhood album with pictures of me prancing around like a crazy or something similar to that. I want to be more realistic and would therefore take you for a trip. So let’s get going shall we..?

Well isn’t it wonderful out here? Happy faces, warm sun, colorful flowers, chirping birds…I know you can see all this but I want you to look over that park bench…yeah that guy who seems immune to his happy surroundings. Look closer you’ll find tear stains over his cheeks. Well before you ask let me tell you. You are the reason for his sadness. He just found out that he has cancer. And you know what last week his wife told him that she is expecting. He is still trying to figure out how to disclose his illness to his wife. It’s not at all easy to tell your pregnant wife that you are going to be dead in a few months time…is it?

For god’s sake you stupid…!! You could have at least spared this family.

Well let’s not stop here. We have another place to go. Today I want you to meet a lot of people.

Well this is a medical centre. And actually this part of the centre is for the people whose lives are ruined by you. Yes you ruin the lives. I know you don’t even think about it.

Have you ever? See I knew that!!!

You see that lady over there. The one with tired, dull looking face. Well all thanks to you. No she is not your victim but her son is. She is here with her son who is under treatment for leucopenia. Yeah I know it’s just you under one of your alias. Well she knows that this treatment isn’t going anywhere. Her son hasn’t much time left. But still she can’t give up. She is a mother. But she is tired of watching her son fighting you every single moment. She doesn’t show it and smiles in front of her son but she is broken. You broke her heart. Yes you did it..!! And for this I call you stupid.

Hey have you ever heard little kids talking about their dreams. It’s really cute. Their dreams have no bounds. They want to be a pilot, astronaut, Justin Bieber, Pikachu and what not. Well they really dream big don’t they?

But can you see that little girl over there. Ask her what her dream is. No she does not aspire to be a pop star, a doctor or even an actress. Her dream is to get out of this hospital and give her exams. So that she gets promoted to next grade. She is just seven years old. Can’t you see...?

It’s not her age to sit here and get some therapy for cancer, she deserves to play, go out, study and chase her dreams like other kids of her age. But you clipped her dreams.

There are hundreds of other such people. You have ruined their lives. See that couple over there. They were about to get married, but you stepped in between. And instead of waiting for his would be bride at the altar, here he now waits everyday for his lady love to visit him during the visitor’s hour.

That lady over there silently prays every night that her life ends. She knows that her husband would miss her dearly but she also knows that her treatment is way too expensive and his husband is facing tough times. They are bankrupt and under heavy debt. She doesn’t wants to be a burden for him anymore.

That little boy over there is so confused that why his daddy left home and moved in here. He misses his dad…playing with him, taking piggyback rides on his back, going out for ice creams with him, and snuggling up to him at the bed time.  Every day he asks him the same question. “Daddy when will you be back…?”And every single time his dad is unable to answer.


I hope now you get the idea of what I am trying to say. And as promised now I would tell you who I am..?

Well I maybe just one of your victims dying slowly day by day or maybe someone very dear to me is struggling in your trap. Its just too hard to die each day, and even harder to watch someone close to you die a slow death. You don’t kill me alone; you kill my entire family…all my loved ones.

Well aren’t you stupid. You don’t even have sense to think before creeping into someone’s happy life and ruining it entirely. You don’t consider anything. You forget people have dreams, hopes, and aspirations. People want to live, love and get love. They want to date, marry, settle down have kids and live happily ever after. No you never think about these things. You just don’t give all these things a damn…!!

I hate you...I hate you so much...You really are stupid…

Stupid cancer…!!!




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