The Delivery

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Bob is on his way home, but when he meets a strange man at the airport, his life is never the same again.

Submitted: February 20, 2015

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Submitted: February 20, 2015



Bob had just been through the security line, and was making his way to the gate. Once he reached the gate, a man walked up to him and handed him a package.

“I need you to take this package with you to Los Angeles, and deliver to someone waiting outside the gate.” The man said mysteriously.

“Hmm, I don’t know if I should.” Bob stammered.

“I’ll pay you, just don’t tell anyone, this package has already been through security, and there is nothing illegal in here.” The man insisted.

“Okay.” Bob said reluctantly.

Bob later got on the plane. Half way through the flight, Bob got up, and went to the lavatory. He opened the box, and in the box lay a key.

“I wonder why someone would need me to specially deliver some old key.” He thought to himself. He sat in the bathroom, and stared at the key. A little while later, a voice came on the intercom telling the passengers to please return to their seats. Bob went back to his seat. He took a picture of the key, and put it back in his pocket.


A few hours later, the captain of the plane announced that the plane had started decent into the city. Bob put all of his belongings into a single bag and prepared to exit the plane.

After Bob made his way off the plane, and into the terminal, he looked around for someone to give the box to.

“This is so counterproductive” Bob thought, “I’ve got no idea who to give this package to.”

Bob looked down at the package, and noticed the words “John”. Bob assumed that this is the name of the person he should give the package to. He walked up to a man waiting next to the gate.

“Are you, by any chance, John?” Bob asked curiously.

“Yes, do you have the package?” John said suspiciously.

Bob then started thinking about how maybe he shouldn’t give him the package. After all, he didn’t know the intentions of the people. Bob decided to not give John the package.

“What package? I’m don’t know what you mean.” Bob said hastily.

“Hmm, okay, well, goodbye,” John was suspicious.

Bob made his way to baggage claim, and grabbed his bags. Once he left the airport, he got into his car. On his way home, he thought he’d see what the key could do, just for fun. Once he arrived home, he stuck the key into his car. To his surprise, the keys started his car. He walked up to his house, and found that he could open his house with the key too. Bob felt glad that he hadn’t given the key to the man, even if he would have made money.

“I’ve had this chest up in my attic, and no key will work to open it, I wonder if it would open with this key” Bob thought to himself.

Bob made his way up to his attic, and looked through all his old boxes. After a few minutes of looking, he found the chest. He brought the chest down from the attic, and went downstairs with it. He set the chest on a table. However, just before he opened the chest, he slipped and dropped the key. To his dismay, the key fell down an air vent.

Bob went quickly to go and get a shovel and a screw driver. He unscrewed the air vent case, and reached a magnet down the air vent. After a few failed attempts, he finally reached the key. He took the key back in his hands, and placed it safely in a plastic back on the table. He put the screw driver back in their proper places, and put the key in the chest. He put the key in the chest key hole, and the chest actually opened. He lifted the shelf lid, overjoyed to finally find out what was in the chest, when his door bell rung. He went to the door, and found it was his next door neighbor.

“BOB! I am through with you landing your stupid drones in my flower beds!” the neighbor said angrily, “DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN, or I’ll call the….the…umm..the.umm….ANYWAY….THIS IS THE LAST TIME I’M WARNING you!” The neighbor said as she stomped off.

Annoyed Bob, went back to his living room, and back to his table. He looked in the chest, and to his surprise found just one single piece of paper. It had a lot of random letters and numbers on it.

Undaunted, Bob went up to his computer, and googled the letters and numbers. He found them to be coordinates.

He looked on a colossal map, and saw that they pointed to the middle of Arizona, in a desert-like area. This was the last place Bob wanted to go, but he knew that if he wanted to know what this was about, he must. He decided he would go tomorrow.

He got up the next morning, and drove to Arizona, once he arrived near the location, he looked at his map. He neared the desert where the coordinates pointed to, and stopped the car.

“Do you know where this is?” Bob asked someone, as he pointed to the map.

“No I don’t, but I know someone who does” the man replied.

“Who is that?” Bob said.

“Well, go to the shop right over there” the man said as he pointed to a shop “the man in there can help you.” The man said.

Bob got back into his car, put on his seatbelt, and drove to the store. He got out of his car, and walked into the shop. He walked up to the counter and found a man sitting behind the counter made of marble.

“Hello” Bob greeted, “Can you help me find this place” Bob said as he pointed to the map.

“Hmm” the man said as he starred over the paper map, “Well, that’s in a mighty dangerous desert.” The man warned.

“What I would suggest, is you take this” the man said as he handed Bob a backpack.

“Is this free?” Bob asked.

“No you idiot!” The man yelled, “That’s at least 50 dollars, and that’s cutting the price down by a lot.”

“Oh okay, here’s the money.” Bob said defensively.

Bob took the backpack and started to exit the store.

“Oh, and one more thing”, the shop keeper said as Bob was leaving the shop with his backpack, “The park closes from 1:00PM to 2:00PM for a wild hog hunt, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to get caught in that.”

Bob looked at his watch, and noticed it was already 11:00PM.

“I better get going” Bob thought to himself.

Bob went to his car, put his new backpack into his car, and drove to the desert. Once he entered, he drove on for a little bit. After passing cactus after cactus in his car, he arrived at the exact location of the coordinates.

“Hmm, well, here I am” Bob thought.

Bob looked around the ground, and dug in the center. He dug for a little bit, but eventually hit rock. The rock turned out to be another chest.

“Oh, I really hope that this is not more coordinates” Bob thought.

To Bob’s dismay, he found a note on the chest instructing him not to open the box until he returned home.

“Well, I don’t think it would hurt to follow that rule” Bob thought to himself.

Bob drove back to the Phoenix Airport, and checked in for his flight. He got all his bags checked, and he dropped his large chest in security. He walked through security, and sat down by his gate. Once he got to his gate, he boarded his flight. Once he got on the plane, he sat down in his seat.

“I really hope that chest makes it back to my home without anything being damaged.” Bob thought.

Once he arrived back home, he got off the plane. Once he went through the jetway, a officer walked up to him.

“Hello Sir, we are going to need to ask you some questions about this box” The officer said as he put the chest in front of him.

The officer then proceeded to interrogate him with questions about the box.

“Where did you find this box?” The officer said.

“Umm, well, why do you need to know?” Bob responded. “Do you have a search warrant?”

“Well, I mean, the TS-“ The officer stuttered.

“Did you find anything wrong with the package?” Bob questioned.

“Well…no…it’s…just” The officer stammered.

“Am I good to go now?” Bob asked?

“Sure, have a nice day” The officer said as he shuffled off.

When Bob got home, he opened the chest, and found it containing stacks of money. He counted the money up, and found it to have over 800,000 US Dollars. Bob was overjoyed, his life would truly be changed. To this day, Bob has lived happily, however he never found out who that mysterious man was at the airport.



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