Hexs Don't Bind

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Dinniva Grey falls for a magick weaving warlock,and she doesnt know what she's getting herself into.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



Dinniva P.O.V ( I want to apologize beforehand about how terrible my grammer and punctuation is,i also misspelled a word SORRY!!!) He was tall. Taller than most guys his age,but I'll be damned if he wasn't beautiful. Black hair that swept down to his shoulders and swoopy bangs,the most beautiful shade of silver adorned his eyes. He was lean and muscled,and OhMiGod! He's looking at me! I had a mini heart attack as his eyes met mine,I blushed and looked away. Shit! Was he comming over here? No! Resist the urge to look up! Make yourself look busy! I started to dig around in my bag and acted cool when the newbie stud approached. \"hello,i'm Kristophe!\" He smiled. I breathed out slowly and turned my head up to smile back. \"hi,i'm Dinniva,if you want I can show you around?\" I offered. Some of the girls from the more popular scene made ther way over to me,probably because of Kristophe. I sighed,naturally,how did I not know this would happen! I grabbed my things quickly and slipped my arm around Kristophs waist. \"we've gotta move.\" I say,tugging the bottom of his shirt.\"now.\"his smile was almost blinding and he wrapped his arm around my waist. \"im oddly okay with this!\" He says cheerily. I glance over my shoulder and see the girls stop and glare at me. I faced forward once more and drug Kristophe down the hall. \"where are we going?\" He asked suddenly,i had almost forgotten he was there,because I unwrapped my arm from his waist and just held his hand(which was warm and very, very soft.) \"chem lab.\" I answered,no one was ever there. Those girls wouldnt find me. \"and this!\" I say with grandour,\"is the chem lab\" I open the door and looked down the hall before shoving him in. \"oh no! Is this where you kidnapped me to so you could tie me to a table and have your wicked way with me?\" He asked with a grin. \"only in your-\"i stopped,grinning sheepishly.\"not even in your dreams.\" \"but thats where ill be seeing you tonight\"he whispered,drawing her face close to his. He smelled like pepperments and speriment with tangy breath. It was a nice smell. \"making moves on the girls already?!\" I smile teasingly.\"and what a corny line to throw.\" Auddenly the door burst open and Kristophe gripped my face on his hands. From any other angle,it looked like we were kissing. The chem. Teacher Mrs. Ambele made flustered aounds apologized and quickly shut the door. \"what are you doing?\" I asked. \"ah,what indeed.\" He smiled and let go of my face. \"i cant believe your teacher just left you like this! What if I was rapeing you?\" Kristophe joked. \"then I guess I wouldve gotten rape!\" I laughed, and the bell for class rang. I looled at Kristophes schedual and saw he had no classes with me. A feirce dissapointment raged through me. Then my hope flared again. \"you have lunch with me,ill wait for you outside your classroom!\" I smiled and whiaked off

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