Things you need to know working Graveyard at a hotel....

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just a fun short list I put together. Sort of a guide to others who work graveyard at hotels and watch too many scary movies :-) (by the way, this is a joke, I'm not really this paranoid!)

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



I've been working 4 years off and on at the same hotel. As much as I like working the graveshift here, my love for scary movies, documentaries of haunted houses and hotels, and of course, my wonderfully vivid imagination makes this place feel very creepy at night... I noticed after about a year I started doing weird things like turning on lights before I enter a room and waiting until I'm completely outside to reach in and turn it off haha. Well, here is a fun short list of the weird shit I do and strongly suggest others do when working a gaveyard shift, enjoy :-) 

1. Lock all entrances to the lobby and be on your gaurd! If you don't and a zombie wanders in without you knowing, your screwed.

2. Don't go to any guest rooms alone. They might be a deranged killer.

3. See a strange vehicle in the parking lot? Don't go inspecting, you'll end up waking up bound and gagged in the trunk of that car, then what?

4. If you are going into a vacant room, USE THE DOOR STOPPER! If you don't and whatever evil entities lurking in that room shuts the door and locks you in, you'll be wishing you listened to that crazy chick on Booksie!

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