Is Death growing near...?

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read it and find out.Fair warning there is cussing.

Submitted: January 18, 2010

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Submitted: January 18, 2010




I feel like i'm dreaming but i know i'm not because i feel the terrible pain of dying,

Then i see Him he is there but just out of reach the one who can stop all this pain,

The angel of Death,

I sit there and ponder to myself do i wanna die becauseof that idiotic asswhipe,

then i think of the person who is holding my hand,

how would he feel if i just let go because of my asshole ex,

then i think of my family i have,

then Death says to me in an all too calm voice," you can end the pain by coming with me,"

then i hear something breaking through the cooing that death is saying to me it was... he said,"please .... don't leave me i promise to never let anyone hurt you just come back to me ilove you please don't leave me,"

that was when i turned death down and i felt suddenly strong and i sat up to look my lover in the face...

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