Final Battle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two warriors finish a epic battle on a planet deep in space. One good, the other revels in debauchery and evil, but both know the final battle is at hand and the outcome will decide the fate of the universe.

Submitted: May 29, 2011

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Submitted: May 29, 2011



There was a cool breeze in the air as he stepped out on to the hot marble balcony. He laid a gloved hand onto the safety bar and gazed out, his brow moist with sweat, and saw the faint tingle of lights in the distance. He rubbed his clean shaven chin, lightly sliding his finger over the scar under his right nostril and looked again at the lights on the horizon. They were slowly growing in size and he knew, through some sixth sense he could not even begin to understand, that the final battle was coming, the lights unwittingly bringing its instigator. He wiped his forehead with the sleeve of his grey tunic and turned to return inside his small apartment, as he walked in he noticed for the first time what a mess it was. Clothes were thrown all over; the single bed that took up half the room bore sweat marks and signs of his restless nights. The dressing cabinet had his data recorder and motion detector on it along with a half assembled energy blaster, which reminded him he must finish it.

He looked in the mirror, his young features showed a wisdom beyond his years, his light brown hair – longer on top than at the sides – was slightly wet from the heat and glistened slightly in the sunshine pouring from the open balcony door. His green eyes shone brightly compared to the rest of his, now tanned, complexion. His uniform was darker in some areas as the planets intense heat made him sweat, his grey trousers and black boots that cut off just below the knee gave him a some what menacing air which he didn’t feel comfortable with, so he decided to change into something more comfortable and with that he said the only thing he had said since he arrived two days ago “close” and the balcony doors slid shut behind him with a hiss.

The hover cruiser bumped slightly as it sped along the ocean towards the continent island that is Miranthus. She looked out of the window and was slightly blinded by the bright red giant sun, she pressed the small green button just below the window and the glass instantly darkened as the shade shield powered up. Looking out over the blue ocean, she noticed a orange blinking light, shaped like a dart and it seemed to be moving like a fish, just in front of one of the ion engines that kept the cruiser afloat.

“Chimeras oceanous” a deep voice said from her left.

She spun her head to face the voice, her crimped ginger hair brushing his face. The voice had come from one of the cruise attendants, his dark features glistened with moisture and his un-shaven chin came to an odd looking point. His blue eyes were so clear she could see her own reflection in them.

“Oh sorry,” she said her smooth gentle voice a stark comparison to his,

“what did you say?”

“Chimeras oceanous, also known as blinks, they often swim with us,” he said, his deep voice booming like a hydro hammer through her head.

“Why do they blink like that?” she asked.

“No one really knows” came the reply “they are difficult to capture for research, but we do know that when they are that bright they are about to evolve into their air bound brethren chimeras stratos, which blink only at the tips of their wings.”

“Oh,” she said “how far are we away from port?”

“About 2 hours”

“Thank you” she said, not really meaning it.

“No, problem” he said, then turned and begin to walk back towards the front of the cabin. She turned back to the window as he left her, and began to think “So, I can win the final battle and kill everything on the planet just to piss the people who are studying the chimeras off” she smiled to herself at the thought of battle and the death she would bring. She felt a rush of tension, indicating to her that her power was building. Her lithe body contracted and she knew this cruiser would not complete its two-hour journey to Pepe port, the transformation was coming and with it the evil she revelled in.

It had been an hour and a half since he first noticed the lights of the hover cruiser speeding towards Pepe port and now they illuminated its sleek form. It was long and thin separated into a top and bottom half by a thin metal ‘fin’ that extended out from the fuselage. The top half was painted brilliant white, while the bottom was painted blood red, matching the ion engines that kept the vehicle afloat. The large fin on top of it and to the back was also painted red, with the company name, which he couldn’t make out, painted in black down the side. The sides of the white top half were pierced with viewports, all of which seemed black. It kicked up a slight wake as it sped along, but it will have been a smooth ride for the passengers.

He picked up his powered binoculars and looked through them at the speeding vehicle, the distance display indicating it was about 10 miles away and closing. A bright light illuminated the interior of the vessel and he was thrown back by a powerful sense of danger, his body tightening and his eyes glowing, he dropped the binoculars and steadied himself on the bar of the balcony. The instigator had transformed. He watched the cruiser as it exploded sending out a shockwave from within. He followed one of the ion engines as it flew off to the left, bouncing along the sea before hitting a large rock and exploding, showering the surrounding area with razor sharp metal. He caught something out of the corner of his eye, looking back at the main wreckage he saw a beam piercing the evening sky, the blue-green column of energy coming from the centre of the explosion and he knew what it was immediately, for he himself had used it.

“Hyper-beam” he thought, noticing the sea was covered in burning pieces of metal. The beam died down, and as it shrunk he followed it down until he saw what looked like a figure floating just above the water. He grabbed the binoculars and gazed, the dark armoured figure hovered about a meter above the water line, shimmering in the setting sun. Blades adorned its arms and he could make out small silver coloured balls on its belt and head. It turned towards him, raising his black head, its eyes glowing an evil blue and he was sure he saw it smile under it armour. He was mesmerised, it was like it was looking straight at him.

“So,” he said to himself, “your what I have to fight, so be it.” He lowered the binoculars and sighed “The final battle is almost at hand Anton Fabretti, time to prepare”

He walked back into his apartment and turned off the lights, turning to face the open balcony doors.

“Close” he said, watching the sun set as the doors slid shut and encased him in darkness.

She could feel the power building up inside her; like some sweet lover was caressing her. She slid her hand behind her neck and lightly rubbed, then she slid it down and stroked the top of her breasts, exposed from her purple vest top and open shirt, her breathing getting heavier all the time. She opened her eyes and looked at her reflection in the window, they glowed an eerie blue and she felt it growing stronger. She began to moan with pleasure, the power was ecstasy for her and as it grew her moans and groans got louder, soon everybody on board could hear her. The attendant who spoke to her earlier came over to try and quieten her down.

“Ma’am, please, this is not the time or place for this, you are disturbing the other passengers” he said, his white shirt and blood red trousers moist with sweat.

She glanced at him, his uniform all she really noticed, and then she fixed upon the trousers – the colour. The transformation was almost at hand, she could feel her armour calling to her, wanting to encase her with its power. She felt her strength grow and punched out, penetrating his rib cage. The crunch echoed throughout the vessel and she could feel his warm blood running down her arm. Blood and small pieces of flesh splattered the walls - her face, passengers close by. A second snap filtered out as she splintered his spine, the man let out a slight gasp that was drowned out by the screams of the other passengers. She stood, raising the broken corpse on her arm, and threw the body across the cabin. It hit several people before it landed, with its head in the lap of a young woman, and sent even more blood flying across the cabin. It was time, she raised her head and screamed


the protective energy field her armour creates flashed over her, creating a protective sphere about a meter from her body and annihilating her clothes, former seat, two people in front of her and several overhead compartments. She watched, as the people caught in it burned instantly then exploded, sending pieces of charred flesh and bone flying in all directions. Then it began, she felt the bio-armour begin to attach itself to her now naked body, as each piece clamped on, she could feel its strength and its thirst for blood. The final piece, the dark galaxy sword, stuck to her back and was the source of her power, she opened her eyes and stood in front of screaming and scared people. Their screams filled her head as she raised an arm above her head and screamed


an energy ball appeared silently in her hand then lanced out into a column of energy, melting the metal above her and creating a shockwave that ripped the vessel apart and atomised everybody on board. All she could hear were the last screams of the passengers and she revelled in it. The hyper beam died down and she lowered her arm. She floated just above the water and surveyed the devastation she had created. There were no bodies, just pieces of burned and twisted Ferro-steel, and the smouldering clothes from the baggage floating on the water, the only evidence anyone had been on board.

“This is just a taste of what I will do when I win the prize, the last galaxy knight will fall by my hands!” she thought, as she turned, smiling to herself, the gravity control grobe that kept her aloft shining in the setting sun. The vibro blades that spiked out from her arms sparkled, itching for blood, as she started her final flight to Miranthus and Pepe port.

She created a cool breeze as she floated through the air, her sleek armour almost invisible against the night sky. She saw figures moving on the harbour, almost smelling the blood she would spill the anticipation began to grow. She landed on the roof of a closed bar, her glowing blue eyes the only things visible to anyone who noticed, but no one did. Standing at the front edge of the building, she looked down at its front, the green and cream colour pattern a stark comparison to the utter blackness of the roof. Suddenly she felt dizzy, grabbing the solar panel that provides power for the building, she steadied herself and knew that she must renew her power through battle soon or it would fade. She felt tired, the longer she spends in her armour the more tired she feels, and even if she did fight it would not be enough to allow her to keep the transformation for much longer. Laughter broke the silence that followed, looking up, she noticed a group of men standing near the far end of the largest pier. They stood in a circle and seemed to be watching something. Curious, she activated her gravity grobe and silently floated over – staying well above and behind them so as to conceal her presence.

She could see they were watching a televiewer placed on its back so its screen faced towards the sky, just making out what looked to be a woman moving about on its small screen. Faint moans and groans of pleasure began to filter up from the viewer. “Dirty bastards” she thought, tucking her knees up to her chest, deactivating her grobe and spinning forward into a somersault. She spun towards the men, landing in the centre of the circle and smashing the televiewer under her feet. She knelt down with her head close to her knees, one arm straight down touching the floor to balance. The men jumped back, different voices shouting out


“What the fuck?!?” said another. “What is it?” said a third, his voice tinged with fear.

She rose, anticipating the blood bath that was coming. One of the men extended a thin, shaking, hairy arm towards the black armoured figure in front of him. Before the arm could reach her, she bent her arms slightly at the elbow and punched down towards the floor with little force. The small spikes on her arms slid out with a clink to form long, curved swords, razor sharp and humming. They buzzed for the taste of blood, as did she. A man pushed through to the centre of the circle, right in front of her gazed, his eyes filled with the fire of anger. She watched him, his young features were clean-, his blonde hair short and his well-built body barely contained in his boiler suit. She found him quite attractive, but didn’t doubt for a minute he would be the death of all of them.

“GET IT!” he cried leaping towards her, arms out.

“Shame” she thought and pivoted on her left leg and kicked out with her right, the blow catching him square in the chest sending him flying down the pier, the rest dived out of the way, as he crashed into a concrete wall just in front of a warehouse. His massive frame smashed it, sending dust, pieces of concrete and blood flying. The snap of his neck echoed through the quiet harbour and his body came to rest just beyond the wall in a bloody heap, his legs still twitching. She could see the fear in the men’s faces and spun, leg still extended, catching another man with her foot snapping his neck and sending him spinning into the sea.

Throwing her elbow back two of her blades sank into the flesh of another man, his screams filling her head. she continued the movement upwards, slicing the his torso and head in two, splashing blood over the men next to him. She jumped, her body flat and arms across her body, spinning into the a group of six. The move was such that her blades stuck out to the sides, the spinning motion turning her into a whirling black streak of death. She could hear their flesh and bones being ripped asunder as she butchered them, six were killed out of that attack alone.

She landed and looked back in the direction she came from, seeing three men running down the pier trying to escape. She stood extending her arm and shouted


a ball of yellow energy formed in her hand and streaked toward the escapees, like a meteorite burning up in a planets atmosphere. The weapon struck the centre man, ripping his body apart, the shockwave killing his comrades in the same way but there was no blood, the cannon vaporising them and the pier alike.

She continued slashing, spinning and cutting, grabbing the last man by the head and crushing it like a melon. His eyes and teeth flew to her feet as she threw what remained into the sea. She stood, and looked at her swords, watching the blood slide down them. She started slowly down the pier, noticing a body moving. He clawed his way slowly way opening his eyes to see the light eclipsed by the shadowy figure that cost him his right leg and half his left arm. Annoyed she hadn’t actually killed him the first time, she towered over him, watching the blood leak from his wounds. “No,” he said, crying – begging “No, please”

The small ball on her forehead shone, and a single red lazer bolt striking out, hitting the man in the forehead. His hair exploded as the bolt went through and pieces of skull and brain matter splattered out over the pier. She carried on walking, unfazed by the piles of intestines, limbs and severed heads littering the pier. Moving behind some crates at the side of the warehouse, she felt tired as the energy field flashed creating a small crater below where she stood. Her armour removed itself and disappeared into the limbo dimension where it would remain until called for. She collapsed and fell asleep, dreaming of the destruction she would bring.

The monorail slid smoothly along its tracks, just above the forests that covered the centre of Miranthus. The pure natural beauty of the tall, dark green trees was a stark contrast to the grey concrete jungle that was Pepe port and when he was there it was like the concrete was all Miranthus was made of. Large leafs jutted out at all angles, forming a what seemed like a green force field, sometimes glowing white as the sun was reflected off the large surface and the mono cars windows. Anton sat alone and gazed out at the forest speeding by below, awed by its beauty. Some of the tallest trees were ruffled by the trains passing, letting loose a barrage of flying creatures which flashed a pale blue at the tips of their wings as they sped away from the metallic monster that had scared them.

“beautiful, majestic” he thought, the red sun shone brightly in the mid afternoon sky and Anton gazed at its beauty, knowing that in a few thousand years this planet would be no more and in a million the sun would go nova. Its colour wasn’t a blood red, slightly brighter, but he knew if his opponent was to win the prize the universe would be turned black, coloured only by blood and he knew he could not let that happen. A loud ding made him look up, a women’s voice coming over the intercom – muffled but understandable non the less.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be arriving at Rothmans city in about ten minutes, thank you” she said, a second ding indicating the end of the message. To a lot of people it may seem like he is running away from his problems but he knew that the final battle would be explosive to say the least, the devastation wide spread and by being close to the forest he could wage it without the fear of a lot of people being harmed.

The train slid into the station, bumping slightly as it came to halt. He stood, picking up the large dark green backpack that contained what little belongings he had. Making his way to the exit, he stepped out on to the cool concrete platform, his black boots making a low thud as he did so. Anton’s clothes made him look a little out of place, the rest of the people on the platform either wearing very little or quite smart suits/uniforms. His blue shirt and loose red trousers making him look either over dressed as the heat of the planet forced people to strip down to the bare essentials – not that he complained about the women doing so, or very scruffy. Sighing, he shrugged his shoulders and set off towards the hover lift that would take him the final part of his journey into Rothmans City.

He noticed there were only windows on the far side of the station, looking out over the dense forest and decided either the rumours about Rothmans City were true, or it was just a design feature to give passengers a nice view. He squeezed his way on to the large hover lift, along with about fifty other people and felt uneasy as it began to descend towards the main doors out of the station and into Rothmans City. Stepping out onto the streets he decided the rumours were right, this city is a hellhole but he knew that its proximity to the forests made it the best place to be for the final battle. His opponent would be able to find him, but when the battle occurred, no one will miss this city or the people in it – a cruel truth but a truth none the less. Walking out into the blazing sunshine, he looked around at the street in front of him. It was covered in rubbish and the concrete slabs of the sidewalk were cracked and worn, some even had blaster holes in them. Looking up he saw several towering skyscrapers; lights and moving lifts making them seem almost alive as the ‘nice’ people began their day. Shaking his head he sighed

“Nice choice Anton, real nice.”

He turned to his left and walked down the street surveying the broken buildings, barely standing under there own weight. Windows were smashed, gutters broken and doors hung off their hinges. It wasn’t long before he reached his destination: the old hotel district. He managed to find a ‘nice’ place to stay, of course in this city ‘nice’ means ‘shit hole’ but he knew if he were caught here when the final battle begins no one would miss it when it was annihilated. He walked into his small room and switched on the lights, flickering, only two came of the six came on. They illuminated black walls, a bed that took up half of the whole apartment and other small pieces of furniture. Dust covered everything and the mirror on the far wall was cracked, hanging at an angle. There was a large diagonal crack in the window, but he didn’t mind because it was large enough for him to escape through should the need arise. “Perfect” he said sarcastically to himself, throwing his bag onto the bed, kicking up a storm of dust as it landed.

He punched the button to close the door and made sure he had plenty of room. He put his right hand behind his head and called “GALAXY SWORD”, beginning to raise his arm. A bright yellow flash of light shone for a second, then he pulled his arm in front of him and held the source of his power. Its blade was able to cut through anything, and he could feel the power coursing through it. Mesmerised by its beauty, he studied it – the hilt was white and gold, sleek lines making out the points of the guard with two blue gems set into the middle of the triangle shape they formed. Its blade was long and silver, shining in the low light, the point looking razor sharp. Now it’s in his hand, it will be the only weapon he uses for defence or attack. His powers matched that of the evil warrior who is hunting him and he knew the final battle would have the devastation and misery of a war, but just two will fight.

The night was cold and as he walked the dark city amplified it to almost cruel levels. Whores were at every street corner, shady deals were conducted down every ally and murder echoed throughout. He hated this place, its shattered and dank atmosphere eating at every soul that had the unfortunate task of living here. Walking slowly down the street, he watched the countless crimes being committed and realised he didn’t actually know where he was going.

“Hey, baby, fancy a date?” a women’s voice said to his left as he passed a dark ally.

He turned towards her, seeing a very beautiful girl leaning against the wall of a decaying building. Her spiked black high heels boots made her taller than she actually was and the very short black leather skirt she was wearing complemented them to show off her long legs. The black silky top she was wearing was see through, showing her uncovered ample breasts underneath. Her long blonde hair was tied into a ponytail, giving her an innocent air. Her light toned skin showing her at her most beautiful, her brown eyes glimmered in the pale light of street lamps.

“No thanks” Anton said, waving her away with his hand.

“You don’t understand friend,” a deep voice boomed out from the shadows behind the whore, “she wants your money, and she is gonna get it.” It continued, its owner stepping out into the light along with five other, well built men. Anton stepped back with his right leg, hand behind his head ready to call his sword. The men stood in front of Anton and began to laugh.

“What’s this,” the voice said “a cockroach trying to fight back, in my part of town?” the beholder was a tall man, his long black hair showing flecks of grey and his bearded face menacing.

He was well built to say the least, his massive frame seemed to be a sign of dominance for some reason. His large arms bore tattoos of all sorts of things, but mainly of dragons belching fire and death. The leather waistcoat and trousers he wore were as black as the night. The other men looked similar, although not as well built as the leader. Anton watched as the men began to circle him, the leader staying next to the girl.

The man to Anton’s left glanced his leader, who nodded, then leapt at the galaxy knight. Anton spun out in the direction his assailant came from and called “GALAXY SWORD!” the yellow flash temporary blinding his opponents. He stopped sword in hand, facing his attackers – ready. “GET THAT FUCKER!” the leader shouted, his minions charged, on the attack.

Anton spun, slicing his sword upwards, catching the first man to reach him just under the chin, slicing his face off and spill blood onto the sidewalk. Standing still, he spun his sword around and thrust it backward, sinking it into the next mans chest and penetrating his heart.

The man let out a gasp then fell to the floor as Anton removed the sword, blood gushing out. The next two assaulted from the front, Anton spun the sword to face, slicing down once to the left and once to the right, its fine blade cutting the air and making a whisper – a whisper of death. The blood soaked blade cut the two men from shoulder to stomach, the two half’s of them sliding onto the pavement, spilling internal organs as they did. The final thug was still coming, Anton jumped, spun, sliced down with his sword and landed in a wide stance. He heard a small thud then a loud one, then the mans head rolled into his view leaking blood. Taking just a few seconds the leader stood in astonishment unable to believe the carnage before him.

“Come on then fucker,” he said slowly, after composing himself “lets see how good you really are!” he reached behind him to the small of his back and produced two large, serrated knifes.

“I got two new blades, but I don’t know which one to kill you with!” he said, his deep voice laced with anger.

Anton stood up straight preparing for the charge. The giant started towards Anton who spun, thrusting his sword forward and moving his other hand up to just in front of his forehead. The massive man was impaled on the blade, his jaw dropped, his body trembled and pain grew in his eyes. He snarled at Anton who brought his right leg to his left and sliced up with his sword. The leaders torso was torn in two, spilling blood all over Anton who stepped out of the way as the body collapsed. He lowered his sword, hearing the sobbing of the girl in the shadows he turned to face her. She was curled up in a ball, staring at him, whispering something he couldn’t make out. His face dripped with blood as he towered over her.

“This isn’t the life for you,” he said, his voice reassuring. “You are better, you have your whole life ahead of you, I have given you the means to escape, do it.”

He turned and began to walk away, wiping his face with his hand as the girl began to cry even louder. He moved his sword behind his head and it disappeared with a flash, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he saw it again.

She awoke to find herself moaning and groaning, something she thought she was doing only in her dream. She could feel somebody touching her, squeezing and rubbing her breasts with one hand, and the other hand was between her legs slowly stroking her moistening vagina. The pleasure she felt was mixed with a sense of violation, but she knew she was too weak to put up a decent fight and besides it had been a while since she last got any. She opened her eyes slightly, seeing a young man kneeling over her. She found him quite attractive, his baby blue eyes and dark blonde hair giving him the look of a choirboy, not some one who would violate a weak and naked woman. He slid two fingers inside her wet pussy, and she opened her eyes slowly as he began to move them back and forth.

“Ah, good your awake” he whispered, his breathing heavy. She put one hand on his arm, rubbing it gently, then put the other on his groin giving him a seductive look. He un-did his trousers and pulled them down revealing a massive erection. Pulling his fingers out of her he stood, grabbing her head and pulling it towards his hard dick.

“Suck it bitch!” he ordered, she opened her mouth and slid his dick inside, slowly moving back and forth on it. The man began to fuck her mouth, getting faster and faster until he came all over her face.

While still licking the sticky white seaman off her own face she turned around and crouched on all fours, spreading her legs ready for him. Positioning himself he slowly slid his cock inside her hot pussy and began to thrust forward and back. It was ecstasy for her and he got harder and harder, faster and faster, she could feel her orgasm building until she couldn’t control it any longer and let go. She screamed with pleasure as a large hover-truck slid by, blocking the noise.

Just a little while after she had climaxed, her ‘lover’ did so, filling her pussy with what felt like a gallon of hot cum. He pulled out of her, stood up and got dressed. He picked up a grey boiler suit and some black boots and threw them in front of her. “You might want those.” he said, still whispering. She looked at them and was about to thank him when he disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the harbour. She put her new found clothes on, the boiler suit was a little too big for her and did nothing for her figure but she didn’t care, she laced up the boots and walked out from behind the crates, into the sunshine.

She looked around the harbour, the main pier was covered in security force officers and men in isolation suits. Heli-jets and ion boats swarmed the sky and ocean respectfully, like dogs waiting for meat. She was curious as to way they were here, then she remembered the carnage of the night before. A urge came over her, an urge to go to a place called Rothmans City and although she was unsure why, she new she had to go there. She walked around the streets of Pepe port until she found what she was looking for, the monorail station. It wasn’t long before she was standing inside the large ticket office of the station, but with no money she couldn’t buy one. She stalked around for a dropped ticket, the only train available was to Rothmans City, so it was a task made easier. Noticing a thin red card fall out of a mans pocket as he entered the rest room. Rushing over she picked it up – ticket to Rothmans City, she couldn’t believe her luck and hurried quickly to platform and the waiting train.

The monorail slid into the station with a bump as it always did, its sleek yet strangely square form shining in the setting sun. Disembarking she moved over to the hover lift and stepped on, the large disk descending soon after. She walked out on to the broken sidewalk outside the station “My kind of town” she thought, eyeing the decaying buildings and crumbling walls, their putrid green colour making her feel slightly sick. She had realised on the ride over why she was here, the final galaxy knight was also here and this is where the final battle would take place. She could tell why he chose this place, the rotting city was of little consequence to anyone so it wouldn’t matter if it were destroyed, as it surely would be. His noble heart was like a book to her, so easy to read it was almost as though he actually told her of his plan and she may not even have ever met him. The sun was almost set, darkness already starting to encase the city, so she went to find a ally further away so she could call her sword and use its power to track down the galaxy knight.

She was quite far into the hotel district before she was able to find a ally with no one in it, moving her hand behind her head she called “DARK SWORD” a dark blue flash indicated its arrival. She brought in front of her face and gazed upon it sleek, black, blade – almost invisible in the darkness of the ally. Serrated spikes formed the hand guard, its hilt even blacker than the blade. A single red gem was placed just in front of the guard on the blade.

“So Jadzia Sisko,” she said to herself “soon you will have the prize and the power to take planets apart!” she laughed softly, her voice echoing off the silent walls. A rustle behind made her spin, sword at the ready but it was only a rat, it eyes glowing red. Sighing she slashed with her sword, spraying blood and internal organs all over the wall. In the silence that followed, Jadzia could here what sounded like a fight, then somebody crying. She got a general direction and ran towards it, sword in hand. Rounding the corner she tripped and fell onto a decapitated, still warm body. Picking herself up and looking at the blood soaked street, Jadzia knew he had been here and these were the bodies of men who thought they could take him. The sobs of a woman made her look round, the scared girl sat on the floor curled up into a ball.

“What’s, your problem?” Jadzia asked, annoyed.

“I just saw these guys..” she began,

“Yes?” pressed Jadzia, “I just saw them get butchered in ten seconds flat!” she continued to sob. “Quit your whining.” Jadzia replied and swung her sword in a wide arch, scalping the girl and send blood and chunks of flesh layered with hair splattering onto the wall. Jadzia knew he wasn’t far and closed her eyes, focusing. She opened them, hissed and ran down the street, looking for blood.

Anton walked slowly down the dark streets, watching for any sign of danger, which in this city was a prerequisite. The occasional hover car shot by, one or two containing young joy riders that whistled at him as they sped by. He could feel the power growing inside him, his encounter with the thugs only minutes earlier starting the build up. Sometimes it comes of its own accord but mostly it is activated by battle, and the longer you battle for and the more intense it is, the quicker the transformation comes. He could hear footsteps behind, they were fast and getting louder, closer.

The sense of danger that came over him when the hover cruiser was destroyed rushed through his body and he immediately put his hand behind his back and called “GALAXY SWORD!” the sword appearing just in time with a quick upward motion he parried the blow that was meant to catch him unawares. He pushed his sword up and away, spinning around kicking out as he did so, the move catching his attacker in the face and sending them spinning into the road. He faced his attacker and could not believe his eyes. The figure began to pick itself up, using the black sword to help it, its ginger hair swaying. She stood her mouth open at what she saw standing in front of her.

“Jadzia?” he gasped unable to contain his amazement.

“Anton” she replied coolly, although she wasn’t sure why.

Neither of them could believe the person they had to fight, and kill, was who was standing in front of them sword in hand.

“Please tell me this is a mistake,” Anton begged, “tell me I don’t have to kill you?”

“Oh its no mistake Anton,” Jadzia replied “but what makes you think you can kill me?”

“You always were a good fighter, Jadzia, but the darkness in your heart is no match for the light of good.” His reply had a sting he didn’t want to give.

“You still don’t get it do you Anton?” her voice menacing “even when we were together you were still this weak, still holding on to traditional values, that stupid code”

“IT IS NOT WEAK TO VALUE LIFE!” the anger in his voice increasing, just as she wanted.

“That stupid garden you were so found of? I‘m gonna vaporise!” the glee in her voice was obvious, and the reply brought back memories Anton would sooner forget. “Lets see how good you really are Anton!” she hissed, waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.

Anton glanced down at the ground and she jumped, swinging her sword in a wide arch, but he brought his own up to counter. The swords clashed, the blow like a clap of thunder in the dark streets. The melee continued, Anton’s eyes began to glow a fiery red and he could feel his armour wanting to encase him, each blow was harder than the last and the transformation got closer each time. He saw Jadzia’s eyes begin to glow the eerie blue he saw in the dark warrior who destroyed the cruiser. He spun to parry an attack and as he did he kicked out, hitting her in the chest and sending her flying through a wooden fence into a construction yard.

The transformation was upon him and he called out “BIO-BOOST!” the protective shield flashed over him as his armour entered the material realm. It began to attach, each piece adding to his power and he could feel it. It started at his feet and moved up, as the helmet armour attached he felt stronger than ever. Jadzia stood, still gasping for air, knowing that her transformation was almost at hand. A shadow fell over her, a shadow of something large. She gazed at the warrior before her, his armour glistening in the moonlight. His knee armour came up slightly longer than it needed to be, the red gems in the centre shining. The yellow grobe on his belt did the same thing as Jadzia’s and his chest plates glowed a brilliant white. The knights shoulder armour were a long triangle with a flat top, green jewels sat at their tips with smaller red triangles in their centre. His helmet had a white surround, his face black apart from the glowing red eyes. A single red gem sat on his forehead, in the centre of the surround, spikes rose out of the sides forming a crown shaped on his head.

“Impressive” Jadzia scowled, unfazed by the sight. She noticed the sword held in a gauntleted hand and spikes on top of his arms just below the wrist. She knew they were vibro blades and wondered how easily they could be ripped off.

“Your turn” Anton said, slashing out with his sword. She parried easily, swinging her sword around to retaliate. He parried and pushed her sword away, spinning her so her back faced him, picking her up he launched the beauty across the yard, to the other side of a large pit. She rolled as she landed, then stood, her eyes glowing more brightly than ever before.

“Here we go!” he said, activating his gravity grobe and launching into the air.

“BIO-MORPH!” she screamed, the energy field flashing then fading to reveal the evil warrior Anton first saw above the water.

“ELECTRO-SHOCKER!” he screamed, an electrical whirlwind forming just in front of his chest, spiralling out towards Jadzia. She dodged the blast, but the explosion when it hit the ground caught her, sending her flying into a concrete wall nearby. The explosion sent dust into air so thick it was as if a storm had risen. Anton floated above watching for any sign of her, suddenly an energy ball shot out of the dust straight towards him. He dodged her pressure cannon, waiting for her to appear. She launched out of it, sword in front of her she flew straight at Anton. He flipped over his head slashing with his sword, the clash of the two echoing through the mean streets. She stopped and turned to face him, the gem on her forehead lit up, sending a barrage of red energy bolts at him.

He blocked them with his sword, thrusting his left hand out he shouted “THUNDER WHIP!” from just below the wrist on the underside of his arm launched a stream of blue energy, which wrapped around her extended arm, then her body, its tip hitting her in the chest and electrifying her. She screamed, falling unconscious as Anton pulled his arm back and to the left, sending her spinning into a decaying building. The dark warrior smashed through the wall crumbling it, the force of the impact initiated a collapse of the entire building. Even more dust was kicked up as the building fell, sending rubble rolling over the street, blocking it off. It was still falling as Anton began his flight back to his ‘hotel’ knowing Jadzia survived. He needed to think right now, he needed to work out how to kill the only women he ever loved, and win the biggest battle of his life.

A single tear ran down his cheek, sparkling in poor light coming from the apartments lights. He sat alone in the cold room, the dim illumination casting strange shadows on the wall, but all he could see was the dark warrior – Jadzia. The encounter brought back thoughts and feelings Anton would sooner forget, the last time he saw her was a awful day as the first time he saw her after two years. He can still remember the day she broke it off, as clear to him now as it was back then. He stood, his blue uniform making him stand out from the rest of the cadets passing by, in front of botanical garden at the academy.

He has just graduated and was finally proud of himself, it was the first time he felt he had actually achieved something in his life and he had Jadzia too. The garden was still one of the prettiest sites he had ever seen, the pink roses seemed to shine in the sun light, the blue tulips that dotted the rose bed gave it a Pokka dot effect and an interest highlight. The dark green grass around them offsetting the bright colours and the large trees behind giving it a perfect backdrop. The fountain to the left of the roses gushed crystal clear water and its grey marble a testament to the craftsmanship. A cool breeze made the flowers sway slightly, seeming to complete the picture for him, with just one thing missing.

“So, we both finally did it.” A cool, soft voice said behind him. He turned to find the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and the last piece of the picture, his girlfriend Jadzia Sisko. Jadzia stood in her blue uniform, her brown eyes wide but strangely empty, and her ginger hair swaying in the cool breeze. A wide smile came across his face and he hugged her tightly, kissing her on the lips as he did.

“Yes, yes we did.” Came the reply, the excitement in his voice obvious. He had been going out with Jadzia for about a year, his feelings for her as strong then as they had ever been.

“Got your posting yet, you haven’t said?” he asked her.

“Anton I got it weeks ago, I fly in half an hour.” She replied still calm. “What?” he replied, shocked “why, why didn’t you tell me? That isn’t a lot of time!”

“Anton look,” she said “we are over, long distance relationships don’t work, beside I only went out with you cause you’re a good fuck.”

“What?” he said the panic he felt amplified in his voice “I don’t believe you”

“Believe it Anton, cause it’s the truth, I don’t like you, but you always make me cum.”

“Is that it, I love you Jadzia I have done for ages you know it!”

“I have to go Anton, good luck.” Her words had a tinge of hate to them.

“Wait please, lets talk, sort this out” he was getting desperate.

“I don’t like you Anton, you are not my friend, just a guy who made me cum. The only reason I said the things I said was because I wanted your dick.”

“Please, Jadzia” he pleaded.

“Anton, good bye and fuck you. Oh I did didn’t I?” she snarled as she turned away from the now crying Anton and walked away. He watched her go, unable to do anything but cry.

Falling to his knees he broke down as his world began to crumble. He had spent the rest of that day in his room shouting, crying and punching the wall. The next day was the day that changed his life forever, the day he took off for his posting but never made it. Instead he was transformed into the warrior he is today, along with the other ten members of the flight. Now they were gone and he was the last one, the only galaxy knight left to fight the evil force that had been hunting them down for the last two years. He knew he had to fight her and win, if he didn’t or did and lost, he would either be hunted down until he did fight her, or the universe would suffer an eternity of darkness. The options were not great.

Jadzia was the only women he ever loved, how could he kill her? Fate was cruel to him, making their paths cross again in this way. He knew she had to die, that the evil was always in her heart. The two powers who gave the galaxy knights and dark warrior their abilities was unknown to him, but he knew the keeper of his armour had entrusted a sacred right to him. This may be a test to prove his worthiness, or maybe just someone playing a cruel and dangerous joke on him.

“Bastard” he murmured, his voice echoing around the quiet room. He sighed, another tear running down his cheek, as he realised, Jadzia must die.

The dust began to settle around the ruins of the building Jadzia was buried beneath, the weight heavy on her back. She had just enough room to be able to turn around to face what she thought was skywards and point her palm that way “HYPER-BEAM!” she called, the energy column lancing out, creating a shock wave immediately and annihilating the rubble she was buried beneath. Once the weapon had served its purpose, she stood and looked around, not seeing Anton anywhere, armoured or otherwise. “Shit” she said the anger in her voice unmatched as none of the other galaxy knights had put up even this much of a fight, let alone been able to escape. She was very pissed off, for him escaping but mostly due to the fact he didn’t finish her when he had the chance, all because he still loved her. Raising her head to the night sky she screamed as loud as she could, the streets amplifying it and causing windows to smash. There was a flash of light and she stood on top of the rubble naked, her armour having disappeared into the limbo.

Her sword remained however, jutting out of the wreckage of the building. Picking it up she noticed the rubble showed no signs of reinforcement, it was just rock, no girders or pipes, which is probably why it collapsed so easily. Sirens were wailing behind her, getting louder and louder as the descended upon her location. Deciding she didn’t want the hassle of security force officers molesting her in a cell, she ran off down the street looking for a woman about her size to steal clothes off. As she ran, all she could think of was Anton and how good a fighter he is.

“How could he be the last one?” she thought “his power is as strong as mine, but how? He hasn’t taken the other galaxy swords?” the final battle was going to be tough but she didn’t care, she loved to fight. She rounded a corner and stopped as a whore caught her attention.

“Looking nice there honey, will I make a nice change?” the whore said seductively. Jadzia smiled at her choice of words, then slashed out with her sword decapitating the girl and spraying a surprisingly small amount of blood over the window behind her. The body collapsed and Jadzia began to remove her clothing. Knee high black leather boots, a black leather skirt and a tight black leather top. She moved the body into a nearby ally way but left the head were it was, picking up her sword she slid it behind her back and it disappeared with a flash.

She began to walk, thinking about how she gained her powers. After she left Anton crying like the weakling he was, she headed straight to the shuttle port. It wasn’t busy in the military section, although the glass windows that looked down onto the commercial area revealed a busy mass of bodies all trying to get on shuttles to leave Earth and head off to better planets. She watched the shuttles depart, the biggest ones heading out system, and felt excitement at the fact she was finally leaving the planet, a place she had hated all her life.

“All cadets please report to gate 5 for boarding.” A muffled voice said over the intercom.

“Finally” she thought and grabbed her stuff, heading off towards the gate. As she walked down the corridor the shuttle came into view, its flat light grey exterior quite pretty to her, its plainness a real change. She could see people sitting at the view ports and the crew performing pre-flight checks in the cockpit. The long, thin wings didn’t look strong enough to allow it to fly and the tiny engines on the underside looked like they couldn’t possibly provide enough lift.

She boarded the shuttle and took her seat, fastening the belt she prepared for the long journey. It wasn’t long after the doors slid shut and the engines began to hum, the shuttle jolted forward as it taxied to its take off point. It stopped for a second then she was pushed back into her seat as the engines roared into full life and the sleek craft bolted forward and took off, heading at a steep angle towards the coldness of space. Jadzia felt strange, like she was being watched, almost called to and she swore somebody was whispering to her but when she looked round, the person behind her was listening to the in flight music. Looking out of the view port, the light blue of atmosphere was replaced by the blackness of space and the tingle of a billion stars, most of which were unexplored. The whispering was still there, and it was getting louder and louder, just as she noticed a small purple glow just off the tip of the wing. The light moved randomly, its colour making it only just visible, it started to grow and moving closer to the shuttle. She watched mesmerised unable do anything when the collision alert began screaming around the cabin.

The light detonated like a missile, creating a huge blue whirlwind in space, lightening lancing out shaking the shuttle. The lightening got more intense and eventually smashed windows, pulling the atmosphere of the shuttle and several passengers along with it. The confusion grew to terrifying proportions as passengers began to scream, holding on to whatever they could find so they didn’t get sucked out. Jadzia remained calm, however, the slow destruction of the shuttle not fazing her at all. The voices in her head were stronger than ever and she stood and run down the cabin to the nearest escape pod.

Climbing in she closed the door and hit the release button, the pod launched out of the hull of the shuttle and out of its single tiny window she could see bodies floating in space, the terrified expressions on their faces making her laugh evilly. The pod moved far enough away for the whole shuttle to come into view as one, massive lightening bolt struck hit it in the middle melting the ferro-steel shell and causing a chain reaction that ripped the vessel apart, the wreckage and bodies dissolving into the storm. Lightening began to penetrate the hull of the pod but didn’t harm it, the bolts striking Jadzia making her hiss with pain. Each bolt that struck her hurt, but she could also feel her power growing each time. The maelstrom blew into the pod and a single, blood-curdling scream rang out, but in the icy blackness of space no one could hear it.

It had been two days since Anton’s encounter with Jadzia and in that time he had only called his sword once to do some training in an abandoned warehouse near where he was staying. This was the calm before the storm and he knew Jadzia, wherever she was, was homing in on him for the final battle, to finally end it. There was a hover bus that went straight to the forest entrance, so he decided he would take this opportunity to have a closer look at the surrounding jungle. As buses go, this one was quite modern with a robotic driver and adjusting seats. It also had a small artificial gravity projector for a smooth ride and was large enough to hold about 60 passengers. He stepped on board and glanced at the automated driver, its sleek sliver exoskeleton shone in the bright sun light that pierced the windows.

“TWEN-TY CRED-ITS PLEA-SE” it croaked, the programmed voice harsh and overly mechanical in nature. Paying the fare Anton sat in a seat near the front, close to a window. He gazed out at the urban jungle and wondered how everybody in this city hadn’t gone insane. All the buildings looked exactly the same, green with mould, cracked and worn. The empty rooms were shattered and dank, a testament to the violent nature of Rothmans City.

The passion of the city was long since dead and he knew without passion peoples finest moments are gone forever, the joy of love, the clarity of hatred and the ecstasy of grief. That last thought puzzled him, ecstasy of grief, how could that be true except to someone so evil moments of empathy actually cause them pain. The passion of this city needed to be reborn, for it lied in every citizen, sleeping, waiting and even though it may be unwanted and unbidden it will stir, open it jaws and howl. The bus slid away from the stop smoothly, the only thing making him notice they were moving was the fact the building he was looking at moved out of his line of sight.

The streets were just as dark in the day as they were in the night and this frightened him, the evil in this city was such that it would become a towering achievement to the damned should Jadzia win the prize. He had realised the women he had loved was just a charade, a prank to get him to pleasure her as she sought only physical enjoyment. He hated her for that, seeing her now only as his opponent, the last two days giving him time to understand the master plan fate had in store for him. Anton was ready, deciding tomorrow he would change the rules and seek her out, ending it once and for all at night when the light of good would shine most brightly.

The forests were dark, the odd beam of sun shine piercing the canopy and illuminating the shadowy trees, their dark brown trunks and the green leafs that provided a stark contrast to the blackness around them. Anton walked slowly around this place, bathed in the life that surrounded him and he felt happy. He could hear the animals scurrying about, the tiny patter of their feet as they dived for cover to avoid the stranger nearing the nesting site. Anton wished he could tell them it was ok, that he wont hurt them and that everything would be alright but he knew that would be a lie. His intention was to take the final battle here, to fight it outside the city so that few humans would get hurt in the melee, but he knew the upshot of that was that many animals would die because his decision. It was a decision he did not particularly like, but one he had to make because the cold hard fact of the matter was that humans are more important than animals. He stood still in a clearing a few hundred meters in from the gate and looked around, the jungle had gone quite – there were no screeching animals or rustling leafs, no scurrying mammals or roaring predators and this disturbed him. He slowly moved his hand behind his head ready to call his sword as a deafening roar rang out and a giant beast charged at him from behind a tall bush. As the creature sped towards him all Anton saw a huge mass of light brown fur, claws and teeth, drool flying all over the surrounding trees.

“GALAXY SWORD!” he called the flash not fazing the creature at all. Bending over to his left he cart wheeled out of the way landing on his feet away from the main body of the creature but its massive frame still caught him on the arm and sent him spinning into a nearby tree. He stood and looked at the monster, its razor sharp teeth glistening in a beam of sunshine. Its eyes were as black as the night, piercing right through him, trying to make him look away so it could charge again but Anton didn’t waver, his spirit ever strong. The horn on its head was brown and shiny, and he knew it could kill him in an instant. The beast repositioned itself facing towards Anton and growled, roaring, it sped forward but he didn’t move until the last second when he rolled to the right and trust out to the left with his sword.

The blade cut deep in to its flesh, slicing the side of its stomach and sending a strange yellow blood gushing out. The creature screamed, the wound may not have been fatal but it did hurt and this made it even angrier, it turned and began to charge again, each step spraying more blood. This time Anton rolled forward, layed on his back and pushed the sword upwards, the cut penetrating its underbelly from the neck to the back and as the creature continued running it began to spill internal organs over the ground, one or two over Anton. It skidded to a halt, and screamed loudly, going into its death throws as it did. It collapsed on the floor and continued to leak its yellow blood. Anton threw the organs across the clearing and stood up, gasping for breath, his facing dripping with yellow fluid. He looked at the creature’s corpse and felt vile, after all it was just an animal looking for food and protecting its territory, acting on instinct. He moved his sword behind his head and it disappeared, the flash illuminating the trees that had been pushed over when the creature charged. Anton wiped his face with a leaf and began to walk back to the gate, reminding himself to look up what that was when he got back. A surge of tension filled his body and he knew the transformation was coming, so he decided to search for Jadzia tonight, using his powers to home in on the evil that coursed through her veins.

Jadzia hadn’t used the two days since her encounter with Anton very productively, choosing to whore herself out to passing men and to masturbate when the feeling took her, the fact she wasn’t wearing underwear making this easier. Her natural beauty had come in handy with this and she had earned about two hundred credits from performing various sexual favours, from blowjobs to anal sex. Jadzia didn’t care, she had climaxed every time she gave full or anal sex so her lust for sexual satisfaction was partially fulfilled. She stood on a street corner, still wearing the black leather out fit she had stolen from the whore two days ago, only now it began to smell of seamen from the men that had sprayed it over her.

A young businessman walked up to her and touched her shoulder, she looked around to see him. His suit was very smart and looked quite expensive, making her think she could make a handsome profit from him. His black hair was gelled back and his brown eyes seemed empty. He reached into his pocked and produced one hundred credits, flashing them in front of her face. “One hundred credits for anything and everything I want.” He said, his voice almost a whisper.

“Fine with me, my body is yours” Jadzia replied, taking the money from him. She took his hand and led him into a dark ally just a little further down the street from where they were standing. He leant against a wall and gazed seductively at her body.

“Take your top off” he said slowly. Jadzia slowly unzipped the top and slid it off, her ample breasts falling out as she did so. She cupped them with her hands and moved closer to him, putting her hand down his pants and grabbing hold of his hard penis.

“Do you want to feel them down here?” she said, increasing her grip slightly. He nodded and she knelt down, un - zipping his trousers and pulling his dick out. She licked around his bell end and pressed it against her tits, moving it around her nipples slowly.

His breathing began to increase as she slowly slid it into her mouth, moving her head back and forth as she did. He put his hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth, getting faster and faster and deeper and deeper. Jadzia was getting wetter all the time and began to stroke her soaking pussy as he continued to fuck her mouth until he came, pulling out so that most of it went over her face.

“Stand up, turn around and bend over” he said. She did as he asked, the skirt so short he didn’t need to hike it up. He slowly slid his still hard member into her hot pussy, massaging her clit as he thrust back and forth. Jadzia’s moans and groans got louder until her orgasm, at which point she screamed.

The man came shortly after, then pulled out, telling her to suck his dick again. She happily obliged, blowing him until he was hard again. He picked her up off her knees and spun her around again, bending her over and slowly sliding his dick into her ass. The pleasure she felt was mixed with a slight pain, which made it all the more intense. He got faster and faster until he was fucking her hard, then he began to finger her too. He felt the inside of her pussy with his fingers, then pushed them in deeper his hand getting soaked in her cum as he did.

He came into her ass, filling it with what felt like a gallon of cum. He continued to finger her until she climaxed again, the spun her around and pushed her onto her knees.

“Jerk me off until I cum on your tits” he said still panting.

He took hold of his dick and began to pull him off, getting faster and faster. Jadzia wanted to suck it, to feel its warmth in her mouth so to help get him off faster she did but not for too long. It wasn’t long before he came, the sticky white liquid erupting from his cock and spraying over her tits. He did up his trousers and left as Jadzia was putting her top back on, her face and breasts still shining from his cum. Jadzia walked back out and resumed her position on the street corner. Feeling a rush of tension she knew her power was coming and destruction was afoot. She began to walk toward where she had last fought Anton, not bothering to wipe her face or tits clean.

Anton headed towards the scene of the last battle he had with Jadzia, but he wasn’t sure why, only knowing that he had to go there. He knew this would be the night, the night when his meeting with Jadzia would be the final one. The fate of the universe would be decided tonight, whether it would be plunged into an eternity of darkness or whether it would remain but with a powerful defender. He could feel the power building inside him, it grew stronger with every step he took. The beast he had killed earlier had turned out to be a vicious Ikkukumon, a native of the planet and incredibly dangerous. Anton had guessed that bit all right, his clothes were still covered by the creature’s blood as he rounded the corner and saw the construction site and the pile of rubble that was the building next to it.

That fight had been intense, but it will be nothing compared to tonight’s for the dawn of tomorrow will herald the start of the darkest era in history or the wakening of a new champion. Anton walked out into the middle of the road and stood, facing right down the centre of it watching as she walked out of the other end of the street and turned to face him. Jadzia was wearing a pair of knee high black leather boots, a black leather skirt that was seductively short and a black leather top. She still aroused him even though they were enemies now, her ginger her moving slightly in the low breeze. The scene was set, the sky was a beautiful pinkish red behind her, mixed with flecks of orange as the dusk gradually took its course. Anton’s heart was getting faster as he looked straight at her, the anticipation growing. He could tell the same thing was happening to her and slowly, at the same time, they both reached behind their heads.

“GALAXY SWORD!” he called,

“DARK SWORD!” shouted Jadzia. They were too far away for the flashes to blind them, but were close enough to reach each other in seconds. They watched each other, bringing their swords to the front and then charged. The warriors ran towards each other, swords at the ready, wanting to end it as soon as possible. Anton jumped just before they met, and kept his body straight as he flipped over her, adding a half turn as he did so that when he landed he was facing her back. Jadzia slashed at the jumping Anton but he managed to parry, the clash of blades echoing like thunder and creating a spark of electricity.

Jadzia spun to face him, slashing down as she did, he dodged and lunged forward with his sword but she brought hers up and blocked it. Each blow they rained down on each other was harder than the last, their strength increasing as the melee continued. Anton’s eyes began to glow the fiery red they al

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