The Tristy Highway At Night

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This is a story of a man whose car broke down in the mysterious Tristy Highway. What happens in the highway is the main content of this story.

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016




Tristy Highway at night

Helix was walking at midnight in the Tristy Highway, all alone by himself. There was nothing else showing him way other than the bright stars and the full moon in the sky. They were twinkling, white-bright pin points and the view was awesome from the highway as there was nothing to obstruct the view.


“Oh what a beautiful night and I am compelled to enjoy it myself alone” he sighed saying this.

Actually, his car broke down and he was left alone in that highway and he was out so as to find any kind of help he could get. But he didn’t know anything about the mystery of that highway. The tales that people told like the mysterious disappearance of people, twinkling red light in the night time, and a ball of fire that used to glow and give heat like a sun every night at 1:25 a.m. was unknown to him.

He felt a chill around his back. It was a winter night and the wind was blowing so he thought it was the wind.

“How cold can it get? I think walking in this highway is useless, after all the last sign said Myres town is another 50 miles from here and it will definitely take me about 2 days to reach there at this speed and searching help is useless, I haven’t seen a single vehicle in this highway since 3 p.m.” He said to himself.

Then he reversed the direction and started towards the direction of his car. After walking for about five minutes he saw an orange colored point moving towards him. He thought it was someone from whom he could get some help. He started running towards that thing and as he was getting nearer the orange color was slowly turning red. He finally reached there and found out it was an old man holding a lantern with strange looking red flames.

That man was even stranger. He was about six and a half feet tall with white beards that had probably not been cut for weeks and the hat he was wearing had two strange buttons in the front. But, Helix didn’t give much to appearance as he desperately needed help.

“Sir! You are the first thing I’ve seen after more than 9 hours. I am so happy to see you.” Helix said to that man.

The man did not care any of his words. It was like he was searching for something. He was looking directly in Helix eyes and it looked more like he was seeing through Helix. Helix said the same thing again but again there was no response. Silence was all that was there for about 3 minutes. The both were looking at each other then the man started slowly, “Who are you and why are you here?”

That sound freaked Helix a little but help was all he needed so he answered the man’s questions.

“Let’s go then, I have a house only a little way from here” The man said, “It’s already 12:45”

Helix felt so good to hear that and couldn’t resist the proposal of the man. They began their journey.

So they started towards the man’s house. On his way Helix tried to ask some questions to the man but he didn’t answer any.

Soon they reached a small house. It was strange as Helix hadn’t seen that house while coming down the same road. But he thought he may have missed it somehow. As they entered the house a bell rung indicating it was already 1 a.m.

The man said, “Boy, it’s already 1 a.m. go and get some sleep. You can sleep on that couch.”

Helix thanked the man and went to sleep on the couch. He stepped on the couch when suddenly he had a tingly feeling in his feet. He ignored it and looked back at the man. But to his amusement there was no one there. He thought that the man was weird and may have gone to sleep in his own room. There was a table in the middle of the room and there was a bottle of water. He wanted to drink so he went towards the table when he heard a noise behind him. He looked behind and there was nothing, literally nothing, no couch and even not the wall. He then looked at the place where there was the table and even that was not there. He saw the stars from there, he was outside and suddenly there was a cackling sound and a noise of a man laughing. He saw everything going round and round and he got unconscious. Suddenly he heard a familiar sound. He remembered it was the voice of the old man. It said “Get up boy!”

Till now he was on the floor lying unconscious. He didn’t know what was happening to him and around there. Then he heard the voice saying, “The sun is coming out. Respect the sun, Respect the sun, The Sun of us, you belong to us, you are one of us, Boy respect the sun, respect it”

Then the grains of sands in the sides of the road started to rise. They were sticking to one another and a big pile of sand was made. The bright stars in the sky were getting dimmed. Out of nowhere a ball of fire came and hit the sand. The sand scattered blinding Helix for a short time. It was getting intolerably hot and helix could see now some very bright thing that hurt his eyes forcing him to close his eyes. Then he again started to hear that voice.

“The man was your father and you couldn’t even recognize him. He was not staring at you but at your soul and you thought he was staring at you. You think he was weird? You even don’t know you were born here. The people are living in a world with mirage of luxuries all around them and you too have become the same.”

It was getting hotter and hotter and suddenly it cooled. The voice stopped. Now it was dark once again and the stars were shining brightly. When he looked around he found himself in a grave. He was scared then. A cat like voice came from behind and then he looked back. A man, the same man was coming towards him with a sword in his right arm and red burning lantern in his left. Helix was scared and he tried to run away from the man but he couldn’t. Wherever he ran the man would come in front of him. After sometime, Helix couldn’t take it; he started seeing everything going round and round and he fainted. The man came towards him with a sword in his hand. He held the sword up high and it was shining in the light of the moon. Then he pointed the sword towards unconscious Helix…….



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