Believe In Me.

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Believe In Me: is about wanting someone to believe in me when I might not believe in myself at a certain time or even when I make a stupid mistake . Then in the end I realized that I was feeling lost and I know I will always my friend(s)to help me back up.

Submitted: January 14, 2011

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Submitted: January 14, 2011



Believe In Me
I sit here and think back to all my mistakes
Thinking to myself what was I thinking ?
Please belive me when I need you the most
Your all I need right now to help me believe in myself
because right now Im having trouble
Please forgive me when I say im sorry because
I honestly am,
Will you still belive in me, when I make a mistake
Will you belive in me, If I make a wrong decsion
Im aware of my flaws but will others accept them?
Will you believe in me when the times that I dont ?
Would you stand by me when I needed you
Would you support me on what ever I decieded to do
I dont want to be someone else,
I dont want to feel like im loosing myself,
What direction will I go from here, should I turn left or right ?
The times where I dont belive in myself,
Im just trying to figure out who I really am because
Growing up is hard as things start to change
Everything happens for a reason so that something
better thing can replace the ones that didnt work out
So as this confusion and self doubt fades away
I finally see that at the time I was feeling a little bit lost
but everytime I lose my footing, your always there
to pick me back up

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