The decade war of the Braveheart kingdom

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A war against the Braveheart kingdom and the Swadia kingdom is running for almost a decade. But now the final battle will begin with the beast, will the Braveheart kingdom stand strong against the beast?

Submitted: June 15, 2015

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Submitted: June 15, 2015



The decade war of the Braveheart kingdom

A strong and lovely kingdom far far away in another place, a kingdom named Braveheart. Braveheart is a kingdom in the land of Swerdicon. Braveheart is ruled by a Lord and his lordess with one daughter. The people of Braveheart loves there rulers, they protect them and help them in time when needed. But Braveheart was not always a lovely and safe place. Because there was the decade war, a war so big it went on for a decade.

It was about another Lord, Lord of Swadia a kingdom also in the same land as Braveheart. But the kingdom of the Lord was poor and low of food and incomes. The Lord of Swadia refuses all the help Braveheart wanted to give. Instead of accepting the help he got jealous of the success and happiness of Braveheart. After a few months the people of the Kingdom of Swadia were losing faith in the Lord and where going to leave the kingdom, so the Lord was so helpless and jealous that he declared war on Braveheart. A few days after the war was started the Lord of Swadia was sending raid party's to raid villages of Braveheart and take all the supplies and burn down the village and slaughter all the villagers. The raiding was in cold blood, killing women's and children innocent villagers taking everything what they have and burn everything down. They had no stand against the surprises of the Swadia army. After what the Lord of Braveheart hearted of the war declaring and the raiding parties, there was no other option to fight back the danger that Lord of Swadia would bring to Braveheart.

After a few days the Lord had made groups who would defend the villages and fight on the front lines. The front lines where hard and bloody no clear winner could be concluded of the slaughters who went down there. They fought for weeks for months until there was 4 years passed. The raiding and attacks where stopped from Swadia. It was quiet only patrols were passing the front lines of the battle. No one liked the quietness on the front line so the Lord of Braveheart send more troops to the front lines. Weeks passes, months passes even years passes until that day.

The day that the Swadia army broke through the defence line of the Braveheart army. They had something you couldn't call a soldier it was a beast. A 10 meters high beast of death. It was a dragon, it wiped away every men on the line. They were eaten or thrown away or being smashed by the dragon, and those were the lucky ones. No one expected a dragon to fight against. When they Lord heard about the dragon he knew what to do. He gathered his best men and put on his suite of armour and said bye to his lordess and daughter, we're the daughter asked him \"You will come back do you daddy?\" Knowing he wouldn't see her every again. He replied with a tear in his eye \"I will honey\". Then he turned around and left to fight the beast.

Traveling days to get to the front line with his men. When arrived he looked at the horrible battlefield, All men dead and slaughter by the beast. It was a horrible place to see. And there it was the army of Swadia, Lord of Braveheart had given them a change to surrender they laughed and charged to the remaining man of the Braveheart army.

The battle was hard and bloody lot of men died on different ways, stabbed in the chest, killed by an arrow, brutally decapitated or died by letting him bleed out to dead. But with miracles they said the lord and a few troops of the Braveheart kingdom survived the bloody battle. But after a few hours there he was, the lord with his guards of the Swadia kingdom with his beast. The 10 meters high beast with red eyes and saliva dripping out of his mouth, hungry for battle. “You can’t win this” said the Lord of Swadia “give up and you can live or fight like a fool and die.” “We won’t back down and we will fight on your side until the end.” Said one of the soldiers to the lord. “Then we will fight, I will take the beast and you will go for the lord with his guards.” Said the lord to his men. So the men charged at the lord and his guards. When the dragon responded to hunt the lord of Braveheart. The lord ride to the rocky part of the area to have a better advantage in the battle.

The last troops of the Braveheart army charged in the guards and fought hard against the guards. But they got killed except one soldier he smashed through every guard and killed them one by one in an epic battle, until he got smashed on the ground by a the last guard of the Swadia lord. There we was on the ground with the guards above him who took his sword holding ready to slash of his head. Then when he wanted to slash he got an arrow in his shoulder and felt on the ground, with a lot of pain screaming for help. The soldier stood up picked up his sword and decapitated the last guard.

Then he saw her a lady on a horse with bow and arrow on the top of a hill. But there was something that he noticed she had a cloak with the Braveheart symbol on it. But that cloak was only for rulers of a kingdom. Before he could notice anything else she left. So he turned around and saw the lord of Swadia standing afraid with a sword in his hand shivering. So he walked towards him and smashed the sword out of his hand and put him on his knees and captured him.

He was running through the small caves and over the rocks, he had to left his horse because it was hit by the dragon and couldn’t continue. But chased by a dragon behind him who was smashing rocks against the walls to kill the lord. Running from the dragon he was but then he stopped, there was no way it was the end of the road a big gap filled with lava it was to gif to cross. So there he was eye in eye with the beast who was stopped. They were standing waiting for one to move. The lord looked around see if he could find a way to escape, but there was no way he had to fight. So that was what he did. He ran up a rock towards the beast. When he was at the same height the jumped down towards the dragon who was opening his mouth to eat the lord. He hold his sword in two hands and smashed it in the head of the beast between its eyes .The beast was screaming and thrown the lord against the wall, while the beast was trying to fly away it clashed against the rocks and the wall of the gap, with no control the beast felled in the lava and screaming while was burning alive in the lava.

When the lord who was crippled and in a lot of pain went back to his soldiers, he saw the one soldier with the lord. He was glad that they had the lord and went back to the kingdom. When the soldier told what happened and the story about the mystery woman, the lord was very thank full that the woman was there to help.

When they were back at the kingdom the villagers were happy and held a fest of the victory and that they could live in peace again. When the fest was over the lord and the lordess went to the soldier who had captured the lord, they thanked him that he was fighting for the kingdom. The soldier replied that it was that every soldier would do. When the lord and lordess where walking back to the castle, he saw the cloak who he saw on the woman who saved him, the woman winked at him and walked with her lord to the castle.

The end.

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