Black or White?

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An essay done for a school English persuasive oral. I chose to make it count and use it as an opportunity to speak for what I believe in.

Submitted: November 16, 2008

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Submitted: November 16, 2008




Tell me; what is wrong? What is wrong? What is the definition of wrong?
There are several meanings for the word, such as: contrary to law or morality, injustice; unjust action or treatment. Or to be concise, the meaning of the word is simply to transgress. I’m not going to talk to you today about the true meaning of the word wrong; I’ll talk to you though about a subject which is related to that word. Racism.

Racism is a belief in the superiority of a particular race of people, as a result of this belief antagonism towards other races has occurred throughout history. The theory of Racism suggests that human ability is determined by race.
The exemplary form of racism originated in about the 14th or 15th century. The term Racism isn’t used in a thoughtful way. It is most generally used to describe a prejudice against a different racial group to your own.

To give an example of such a prejudice I’ll quickly tell you about Adolf Hitler’s pet hate. The Jews. During World War 2 Hitler & his pathetic & cowardly Nazi army made an attempt to wipe out the entire population of the Jews, not only in his own country but in other countries which he later gained control of. In 1935 Hitler made the Nuremberg Laws, which Prohibited marriage or sexual relations between the Jews & Germans, He also spread propaganda which stated malicious lies about the sexual threat that the supposedly ‘predatory’ Jewish men were posing to not only German women, but also the ‘purity’ of German blood.

& so began the idea of race purity, which unsurprisingly took off in the southern states of America, states such as Louisiana, North & South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma & Virginia just to name a few. The efforts that followed the idea resembled some aspects of the persecution of the Jews in the 1930’s by Hitler & his Nazis. It’s ironic is it not, that the very same man who gave racism his approval, was the very man who required a word to describe the theories which the Nazis based their maltreatment of the Jews on, was therefore the man who had the word Racism first brought into universal practice. Are you going to be the one to let history repeat itself? Are you going to be the one who sinks down to the same level & mentality of Adolf Hitler? Are you going to be the person who will discriminate against another in a narrow minded manner simply because they are different or because they represent change which is the instigation of most fears.
People fear change because it is different from what they are familiar with therefore they are naturally apprehensive.
So perhaps the generation of today needs to be more audacious, & stop worrying about the
what if’s of life.

You cannot say that you live life, if it is a life filled with superstitious fears. There are examples all around us that show this generation how much our fore fathers sacrificed for us, endured for us. Do you think that they would be proud of what the world has become today? I rather doubt it, we have become cowards, we play the shadows hoping that no one will target us & so when opportunities such as these arise where one can have a say and state their opinion, many of us back down & think to ourselves ‘what if everyone thinks I’m strange?’ ‘what if people ridicule me?’ So what?!
Martin Luther King didn’t let those fears control him, he used them to his advantage! He ended up dying for what he believed in, so did the ANZACS, so did many other men, women & children who had different beliefs to their persecutors.

Are you going to be the cowards of today? Or shall you model yourselves on the heroes & heroines of history, though they may be gone their legacy lives on. I’m not going to back down when someone questions me as to why I believe Racism is wrong.
So… are you going to continue to play the coward & follow the crowd?

The Indigenous persons of many nations far & wide have undergone unbelievable & horrific persecutions, yet we can all sit here comfortably in our own little world, & wonder ‘what shirt should I buy today?’ ‘what colour should I dye my hair?’ ‘ I wonder which celebrities are dating’, these thoughts are trivial & unimportant, I am indifferent to them. What one’s thoughts should be taken up with is making a difference for the better in our world today, about what effects our words can have on another person.

Have you ever had laws of segregation made against you? No you haven’t! Oh yes you have had rumours spread about you, & believe you me that is most certainly not a nicety, people who do such things have nothing better to do with their time & are rather pathetic, but you alone have not had this done to you, the Jews & African Americans have had propaganda circulating malevolent rumours. The African Americans & Jews are the ones who have endured laws of Segregation.
In the southern states of America Jim Crow laws were made. These were laws enacted between 1876 & 1965. Here are a few of the Jim Crow Laws:
The marriage of a person of Caucasian blood with a Negro, Mongolian, Malay, or Hindu shall be null and void.
Any Negro man and white woman, or any white man and Negro woman, who are not married to each other, who shall habitually live in and occupy in the nighttime the same room shall each be punished by imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars.
The schools for white children and the schools for Negro children shall be conducted separately.
All persons licensed to conduct a restaurant, shall serve either white people exclusively or colored people exclusively and shall not sell to the two races within the same room or serve the two races anywhere under the same license.
These laws were made to keep ‘Blacks’ & ‘Whites’ segregated & unequal. Extremities of Racist Propaganda was circulated also in the states, claiming that African American men were “Ravening Beasts that lusted after White women.” This served to rationalize the process of Lynching. Lynching is the illegal execution of an accused person by a mob. In 1867 the Klu Klux Klan was established, their main purpose was to maintain ‘White supremacy’. The Klu Klux Klan was one of the simplest, narrow & sadistic minded organizations in the history of our existence. Some of the racist names that people have come up with for people of colour are as follows: Niggers, Negroes, Blacks, Abbo, Curry muncher, Wogs, Lebs, & Kaffa. These names are generally used in a derogatory way, & are aimed at the people of those particular races. I’d like to tell you a little story.

One day a Black man walked into a bar with a sign outside that read ‘No coloured people allowed’ the man ignored the sign & walked in.
As soon as he had walked through the door a White man noticed him

& said “You’re a coloured man, you’re not allowed in here, get out!”
The Black man replied:
“I’m black.

When I was born I was black.
When I grew up I was black.
When I'm sick I'm black.
When I go in the sun I'm black.
When I'm cold I'm black.
When I die I'll still be black.

But you, when you were born you were pink.
When you grew up you were white.
When you’re sick you're green.
When you go in the sun you're red.
When you're cold you're blue.
When you die you'll be purple.
And you have the nerve to call me colored”

Funny isn’t how we can call someone who stays the same colour their whole life coloured when we are the ones who change colours constantly?
I don’t think so I thinks it’s the single most disgusting thing a person can do; to discriminate against someone just because their different, just because they don’t have the same skin colour or nationality as us. It’s morally wrong, arrogant, disdainful, non-sensical, egregious, obstinate & ardently loathsome.

It took one man to make a cataclysmic difference in the lives of thousands of men, women & children around the world. His name was Adolf Hitler, an egomaniac, schizophrenic, racist, sadistic pig; who consumed by his lust for power & his hatred of the Jews began World War 2, it was that man who showed the most repulsive & excessive strain of Racism the world has perhaps ever seen. If you want to see a change get up & make a difference. It takes only one person to make a difference Martin Luther King & Hitler are fine examples.

What you need to do is make an opportunity to make a difference.
You need to stand up for what is right, not sit back & do what your best friends are doing.
Dare to be different, sure easier said than done, it takes fortitude, moral fibre & backbone.
I wonder if you can find any of those qualities within yourself.

When you see someone discriminating against someone of a different race to you, don’t pretend you didn’t see what you did, walk up to them, give the unendurable, pig headed coward something to think about, put pressure on them draw attention to the dog, then perhaps you’ll see they aren’t so confident, that they only have the power to do such a thing when no one is watching.

Yes there are some who feel no shame in what they do, but I’m sure if they were in the position of the person they are harassing, they would not do what they did.
Do not sink to the level of Adolf Hitler.
Do not allow history to repeat itself.
Do not be afraid of what other people are going to think of you, because in the grand scheme of things their opinions are insignificant.

So tell me … what are you going to do to make a difference?

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