For my friend Alex!

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im writing this for my friend Alex we had a fight and heres a sorry and confession letter.

Submitted: January 31, 2012

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



(this is a true story of my life and my friends Alex)I remember how i met Alex. I was the girl no one talked to Alex was the guy every girl wanted he was a teaser in a sort of way his big blue eyes shined over the sunlight.I was sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the bus to come,he walked past by me and glanced at me.No one ever talked to me because of my ginger hair and blue eyes they though i was mean i had a faded scar but everyone could see it i got it when my friends father stabbed me both my parents worked so i was alone most of the time.I ended up sitting next to him,he dropped by books and helped me pick it up i saw he wanted to sit next  too his friends i said 

" why not just go with them?' i asked getting up

" because your clearly lonely so why not have me sit here." he said with a smile

after that we started hanging out i noticed all his girlfriends hated me they were uptight spoiled brats but my boyfriends were worst they were cheaters i hated them.

So here it is after our argument you were really my only friends sad huh? i know Anyways i always really liked you every since we went to the fair together although you have a girlfriend but i know this is really mean but i know you know this Melissa is cheating on you,and i have the worst boy friends ever you even punched one for me remember? Anyways i remember how you convinced me that i was special and different that made me really happy at first i thought i was going crazy but no i like you! so here it is I'm sorry and i hope even if you do reject me we can be friends you have that something in you i love ,Alex (here i started blushing) thanks Alex for the rejection or acceptance you will give me tomorrow another thing you always do things on time love you!!!


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