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what is the truth why parents buy us new toys that the country makes every week maybe? well read and find out.

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



I'm sorry to tell you but your history books are incorrect..or perhaps the historians did not want to upset anyone.It is true.nonetheless,that the world was ruled with the iron fist of a three-and-a-half-year-old-girl.Let us go back if you have a moment.Back to the time when Genevieve ruled the world...

Genevieve Vagary had the sort of life that most children can only make beleve.She lived in a grand mansion with a ling white drive way in the front.She had her very own play room in addition to her own dressing room,drawing room and ballroom.. there was not a toy Genevieve wanted that she didn't have.Genevieve was not a spoiled was privilege with a title she thought for she never fussed nor fought and she didn't speak out of turn and always stayed out of the grown -ups way.Other children were not so well behaved like Genevieve and didn't they get motor cars for their birthdays too?

The trouble started on a Thursday Genevieves mother always went out to shop on Thursdays and always always brought home something new for Genevieve ,but not this Thursday 

" I'm sorry darling" said her mother at the sight of her " i looked everywhere but there was not a toy you did not have........maybe there will be new toys next year.."

Genevieve was stunned 

" next year next year why i would be four by then" she said " no no this will never do!" for their must be something i did not have she thought.

she went to her toy makers who looked at each other and frowned they were not supposed to say no to her but they did not have any ideas.

" a pony?" asked one Genevieve shook her head 

" a talking bear?' said another Genevieve shook her head again

" um blocks?' asked another Genevieve scold him

" no no no!!!" she yelled " what is there nothing to be done?"

The toy makers rung their hands

" please accept our apologies." one of them said

" perhaps you should find something you like and we could make it better" said another one with a hopeful smile. the others nodded.but Genevieve was not pleased without another word she stormed out!

" cheer up Gene" said her nanny Anne " there is more to life than toys when i was a child we had no presents only illnesses"

Genevieve pouted how could she say such a thing if nanny Anne had ever been a child she would surely that  a world without new toys was just thin. And then an idea began to form in Genevieves mind." a world without new toys?" she thought Hats it! and faster than you could say jack spread she was in her drawing room making up her plans she would need someone to carry them out of course Genevieve was bright for her age but not so very tall then there was also the matter of her mother and father.They were awfully slow about these things...No..she had to take matters in her own tiny hands.And mother and father would have to stay out of the way for once!Genevieve drew into the night when she escaped out of bed when she was certain nanny Anne thought she was asleep.

she drew into the night until her eyelids betrayed her still clenching the pencil.In the morning a tiered eye little girl went to see the toymakers.When they saw Genevieves drawing they gasped...but they did exactly as she asked for they could not say no.

two seasons passed before she saw her plans take place at last the time had come.To Geneieves delight the toy makers made thousands upon thousands of toys!Not that she didn't own any of them of course! however these were very much improved.Geneieve decided that if there was not any new toys in the world maybe she should have the world itself! and with the help of her very own army it could be done!Now you may laugh at her idea for she was a child but children  could be terrifying in their own small way.

To rule the world? the idea seemed laughable and that is why it worked so well.She took over Germany with teddy bears and concurred America with a collection of pop up books.

and the tin man took over Russia.One by one every state and country was hers.And in only four days the world belonged to her! and hers to do as she pleased.If she wanted every playground coated in candy it was done! How did she feel now that she owns the largest toy?a little tiered..As Genevieve sat upon her custom gingerbread throne her little head began to feel heavy and her eyes began to close.She suddenly missed nanny Anne and mother and father too.She thought to herself as she faded into her slumber maybe the tin man will find them for her.But when morning came Genevieve was gone! some suggested foul play but who could have done such a thing to a little girl? others thought she might have gotten bored with the world and went back to her parents.The truth was no one knew where the three and a half year old girl went...and no one wanted to find her.Dont believe me ask your parents why they shower you with toys that the toy makers make every week  maybe you are the next Genevieve of our time....




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