The Wolf Of Juventas

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The Wolf Of Juventas, is a very short story, about a boy that desperately wants to be recognized for his abilities. and what battles a boy must face when becoming a man.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



The Wolf Of Juventas
There was a meeting of the tribe, in a village, a long long time ago. In a time where men gathered to
test one another, in order to see their fullest of potentials. Deeply involved where the fathers of
these boys. And deeply did they, the fathers, desire to lead them to ultimate manhood. Likewise the
mothers hearts were turned to their daughters, and so did they love, and educate them into
womanhood. And the daughters of these people were beautiful, in so many more ways than the
physical. And the men, and women, of this village were desired by many nations to be taken in
In the meeting of the tribe, there was a boy, whose name was Juventas. Juventas was very young
and had been left, always at home with his mother, while the men of the tribe would hunt. On this
evening Juventas approached his father at the tribal meeting, and demanded the chance to hunt,
and prove himself old enough for the task.
So then the father spoke with his leader, the leader then called for Juventas to bind up his pet wolf,
and bring it to the meeting. Juventas had done as he was told. Once he had placed his wolf in front
of the leader, the leader called everyone to attention. “ Stoke the fire until the flames lick the tree
tops. I will throw this wolf into the fire, and I will only allow Juventas, and the mother to attempt a
rescue of it.”
At once the fire grew great and furious, and the leader stared intensely into the tearing eyes of
Juventas, as he threw his prized pet into the fire. At once Juventas ran to the fire, but could not find
the strength to fight the flames. Quickly behind him came the mother. She ran full into the flames...
But retreated before she could snatch up the wolf.
Then time stood still, and Juventas looked angrily into the burnt face of the mother. “You will
champion me no more” screamed Juventas. And ran he into the fire, gripping at the burning hair of
his beloved wolf, rolling and falling out the other side of the fire. And the wolf of Juventas lived...
And so it was, on that day, that juventas (Now also called “The Wolf”) was confirmed in the tribe.
and left he, the house of his mother. To glory in new adventure, hunting, living, and providing for his

Who is the Mother?
What is the Wolf?
Who is the leader?
What is the Fire?
By Opus Rizuto

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