Break-Up Cliches

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A book about various situations of break-ups that many might call cliche.

Table of Contents

The Truth About Her

When it's over, the secrets you've been holding in are too. Read Chapter

I Need You (Reinforced)

This is a more updated version of my original 'I Need You'. I felt like the first one was too short and that it wasn't as powerful as I thought it was. I'm leaving the original on my account so anyone can compare the two. Read Chapter

She Doesn't Care

What happens when she's done with you and doesn't care anymore? Read Chapter

She's Gone

She can leave, it'll hurt but you'll get over her. Anger is the main way out in the end. Read Chapter


Everyone needs space, some people are more eager than others however. Read Chapter

Can't Get (Over You)

Love can die that quickly, you can go from love to hate very quickly. It's easy to love and easy to hate. It's just as easy to get over someone. Read Chapter

Same Lines

“It’s not you, it’s me.” That’s been so overused. I thought you were different but here I am bruised. “I think we shoul... Read Chapter

Burning Gifts

I gave you everything, I’ve never asked for anything in return. You left me, now all of our memories I want to burn. I’ll just ... Read Chapter

Tired of Dating

This goes out to all the guys who can't find the right girl and are just tired of it all. Sometimes we should just give up the search. (Don't kill yourself btw) Read Chapter

Piercing Words

They say words don't hurt, but why am I here crying? They say words don't hurt but why am I here dying? Words hurt me, they broke... Read Chapter