A leg for an arm with interest

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Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



They say he's a charmer, they say he's a beast but some say he's just a little boy...


She fell. The dark abyss cloning on itself swallowing her up. Then she realised she was in bed, there was a strange tingling in her stomach as if there was smoke curling out from inside her belly button. She got up and found herself face to face with the carpet the smoke in her stomach was getting worse it seemed to start unraveling itself into her right leg. Her arms pulled her limp body towards the bathroom and pulled her up to the sink, the mirror was cracked in the shape of a hand and there seemed to be blood outlining it, she looked down at her own hand - there was a scar left by a baby's hand on the palm of her hand. There was a thump. Her leg had fallen of. The was no blood but she felt a thin line of sticky pus sear flowing rivers into her thigh. There was a wailing in the distance, thin, frail. She hopped towards the sound her leg trailing behind her on a thin piece of sticky pink flesh it slowed her movements, dragging her down..down.......

I woke up gasping sucking in lungfuls of air, I have to get out of here. NOW. There was something glistening drippling down the walls and when I wiped my eyes to get a better view I could see now that it was pus. The baby, oh god the baby. I looked to the side of the bed pulling the blankets of myslef at the same time. My feet touched the ground, no correction my foot. My right leg was missing but there was a piece of flesh leading towards the bedsheets and there was a cocoon of more pus it unraveled itself to show the peachey flesh of her leg severed with holes that looked like they were swallowed up by acid, then i saw it the baby's cot was glistening like the walls rocking itself to sleep, dangling over the side was her arm. The baby was only born with one arm, hat one arm mocked me from it's bed amongside the pus. There was a sharp tinge in my lungs, the acid. I was going to die and I did this to myself.

The Next Morning

Neighbours of Evelyn Barron had reported that they had heard her baby crying at midnight. Police officers had investigated the site and found Evelyn and her baby both dead. The corpes were investigated and soon found that Evelyn had been the first to die, of lung failure. It was said that Evelyn was a heavy smoker and her nieghbours often asked her to stop smoking for her own good and the baby's but she had been hard to convince. The baby had apparantley gone for twelve hours without being breast fed and was known to have died due to hunger. Scientists have also found that the woman experienced nightmares before death, they believe it was side effects of the cannabis she had been smoking.

Quit smoking

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