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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

17 year old Carmina's world came crashing down when the President was shot but at least she still had her family. Until now. She makes the decision to seek revenge on those who stole her parents from her, those who murdered them before her eyes while she watched helpless. And as she finds herself in a rebel organisation she finds herself drawn to a rebel who may not be what she thought he was.

Table of Contents


They came for us like bullets. Breaking down the sturdy oak door and aiming at the unarmed. It was only my parents and I. We were doing... Read Chapter

Chapter One

I woke up startled. My eyelashes felt glued together and my sore back seemed to complement it. It didn't seem to help me forget the dar... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

I fell into an unruly sleep but found myself woken by a sound outside. the shutters were closed but the curtains made way for the stars... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Myka leads me towards a black sedan thats parked on the street "Get inside" he says and I'm faced with having to sit by myself in the... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

I sit in the warm water soaking in the sweet aromas from the bath salts while Brian massages my hair with conditioner "You have such ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

It's at the exact moment that I lie on the bed that it comes crashing into me, here I am enjoying life while my parents are dead. I can't... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Training was held in what looked like stadiums but Brian took Myka, Pige, Grace and I to a different room leaving Gabby to play with... Read Chapter