Orange Snow

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So this was one of my short stories from secondary school. They were supposed to be about portals for other worlds and this is my interpretation of that.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011




Orange Snow


For as long as I’d known I was unable to see. Not a thing. Considering I was only six, this wasn’t an extremely long time but sufficiently long enough. It had never bothered me before; I never knew any different. I had my own little world of magical colours and sounds and textures. Being blind was my way into it.



“The procedure is relatively simple and will take around 2-3 hours. In a couple of weeks sight should be fully restored.”

“Well it all seems straight forward. When can it be arranged?”

“We can book you in for next week Phoebe. How does that sound?”


My father’s sharp voice grabbed my attention and I nodded obediently, not really taking anything in. I was trapped in my imagination, which, at that point in time, was full of dinosaurs and dragons. I was on an expedition with my dinosaur snow and we were going to rescue a young dragon from the clutches of evil. We flew over sand dunes, wrestled against strong winds and to me it felt real; this was my reality. We fought through thick forests and jumped and bounced on purple clouds all the way to the top of the bright yellow skies and back again. Snow and I would say nothing; we both thought and did the exact same things. Nothing to complicate, apart from the clutches of evil of course. Cliché, I know but credit where it’s due. I was only six.

“Well that’s settled then. We’ll schedule for next Thursday. Phoebe will have her sight back soon enough.”



I hadn’t imagined my life with sight all that often. I never felt like I needed to. Everything I could ever ask for lived in my head, in my world. I couldn’t live without it, or my dinosaurs of course. It had never crossed my mind that it could be fixed and that I could be free to run around, read books, watch films and not have to learn to read Braille. I might even have real friends rather than imaginary.

Mum didn’t really explain the operation, just that in two weeks on Thursday I would be happy again. She didn’t believe that I was perfectly fine now even though I was. It had come around quickly and I was excited about missing two weeks of school and Mum said that I could eat ice-cream all day if I wanted. The doctor tried to explain something about cataracts and replacing opaque lenses with implants. I had always thought that only old people got cataracts. Like only old people would forget their house keys and sometime my name.

Snow and I were off on another adventure, off to the faraway lands for a tea party with a green octopus. Most of my ideas were based on my other senses like smell and touch, hearing and taste, but you can’t eat everything. This particular one was based on my Mum asking my Dad if he wanted tea or coffee. I didn’t like coffee and neither did Snow.

When she came back it was full speed ahead. I was whisked away and told to count to ten. I made it to four and was out like a light.


For the first time in ages I woke up and Snow wasn’t there. I only felt giant patches on my eyes and when I went to peel them off, my hands were swatted away. I looked for Snow everywhere, but he and all my other dragons and dinosaurs had disappeared.

I didn’t see him the next day or the next or the next. I didn’t eat ice-cream; I just wanted Snow, my fluffy, cuddly orange dinosaur. Mum said I would be able to see properly soon. Dad said they would start taking off the patches tomorrow. I said that they could keep the silly patches and my sight so I could see Snow again.


I went back to school, eyesight and all. Dad had bought me a white dinosaur as he said that real snow was white. He got mad when I yelled that Snow was orange and I threw the toy on the floor.

I wanted to cry my eyes out literally. I wanted to tell my Mum that I was lonelier now than I had been since I could remember. I wanted to scream that Snow was orange and clouds were purple and skies were yellow, bright yellow. My portal had gone, along with Snow and my magical land of dinosaurs and dragons and try as I might I couldn’t reach it ever again.

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