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A little something i wrote back when i jumped back into writing. This was my "Come back" material from when i stopped writing in middle school. It is my take on the situation Alice falls into in the movie Alice in Wonderland. Using that as a base, i went on from there.

Submitted: November 01, 2010

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Submitted: November 01, 2010




As i walk in through the door to the entrance of no where

I glance in front of me, and my eyes scan the vitals of the environment I fell in upon.

The land i'm walking on, Doesn't feel like land at all

The ripples my feet create on the ground below me are Exquisite.

I'm in the disposition of my life.... And what I see is fairly scaring me.

It's so dark, and the moisture in the air brushes me with the chills,

And as if I don't feel frightened enough, sounds in the darkness seem to export to my ear drums in the rough.

My body is shivering, and my lip is close to quivering, but to be brave is part of my first mission, a goal for getting through the beginning of this blissful land,

How is it this place works? When everything is so dark, and practically anything lurks

Without warning.

I'm not supporting my temporary stay here,

But how can i escape?

I don't even know the way I came into this place.

My heart starts to race.

This place is taking me too far, what moves ,what smells , what things really are.

I Embrace myself, for what could happen next, ready for anything, I'm keeping my sanity at its best.

I'm sure my facial expression isn't the worst, but I agree with myself when i say I'm trying to be strong

Until i reach the light of day.

The light of day, Eh, wouldn't that be great?

But then again, even with light, this place might very well be the same

I have reached a resting point, the hours of walking, breathing hard,

And being without transportation has gotten to me, feet so sore, my clothes dirty,

I lay my head down,

My lungs slowly bringing in air for me to breathe, as I slowly slip into the wonderful time one calls sleep.

But the sounds so creepy and vile, jerking my mental state back and forth, with not one ounce of remorse

I cannot rest, I feel the essence of a creep, just waiting for me to close my eyes and murder me like a severe


I looked around, and i've seen nobody.

Seen nobody,

Where have I gone, and been for so long? The strong smell of poison reaches into my lungs

As if one was to be binded with the stench of ones wrong path and then stung.

The Oblivion of where my being holds itself, persuades.

The darkness destroys my soul, but brings me to understand the reason of the time and place.

Interesting visuals,

I'm being withheld, but by what, and who's going to release my body back into the ocean of what things are supposed to be, everything is fucked.

Someones voice is calling for me, at every point of where I end up, every stop , pause

The sound is grinding inside of my mind, I guess this is the cream of the crop, isn't it?

Drive me crazy, make me insane, as I'm walking on this almost beautiful plain,

Why am i adjusting to this world? And when will this all end?

I'm sure if i get out of this, I never want to experience it again.

Getting in was easy, but that's the best I had gotten it.

Lucky, aren't i?

Will i ever step off of this Continent?

Humidity stalks me, it's filling within the pores of my skin.

The feeling of being inside of a cloud, breathing begins to get thin.

Refreshing by the breath, I could feel the soul inside, while being hit by a brush of cold wind.

The way it stings the cuts in my skin,

I caught a glimpse of a shooting star, while I looked up and imagined what things could really look like from

So far...

Thoughts going through my mind, more than a million times, In which each star stands, till they jam Like


And then drop out of space into the atmosphere

What would it be like if...The stars were to fall through , and rip holes in the earth like bullets tearing through previously opened wounds.

There would be no more of our planet, no more water, no more oxygen ...No more of anything.

Where is my thinking headed? And have I lost my mind completely?

Should I fall to my knees, and grab into the dirt, asking whoever is listening,"Why?"

I stand up, recovering... Watching every square inch of the land I'm standing on simultaneously

I turn away, and lose my train of thought..

Fear hits me so fast I fall to the ground,

Someone with a dark and deep voice shouts at me, asking what i'm doing in this part of the plain

Cant see three inches in front of me, what is this dark film covering my eyes with a slight tint?

Grabbing the ground frantically, I lift myself up off of my knees to face the beastly monster before me..

The voice, it stopped .. and the man that stood before me in devilish form retreats before I am able to see how...

I'm feeling rather feverish, a glass of cold water would relinquish this.

But the bliss shadowing over my brain tissue has managed to succumb to it's weaknesses

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