I'm not Real

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Submitted: March 05, 2011

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Submitted: March 05, 2011



I'm the fakest mother fucker you could ever talk to.

The last human-being  you should be able to walk to.

Why am I even sayin this, I dont even exist.

Whirling around inside while I'm evolving like a cyst.

This aint Alice n Wonderland so stop being a little bitch..

You're dropping Acid in kiddie pools, Watch me fuck you up like mental  bliss.

An internal piercing blade, you shoulda made a switch.

Constructed a new way out , before everything became so flipped.

Now you're bleeding on the inside.

Because I dont exist.

And everytime I think of you, I stoop a little lower.

I'm far from real, and you might not ever know about how I feel, because I wont say it.

Coursing through the dirtiest blood,

I hope it squirts out of your fucking mouth.

Tried to tell you a couple of times,

I am a Serial Killer.

It's weird I know! But dont look too much into it.

There's more to the bigger picture.

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