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My experience meeting with a literary agent.

Submitted: June 19, 2014

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Submitted: June 19, 2014



Agent seated at a table

Our ten minutes will end by a ring

The doors opened and I knew I was able

I walked in and did my thing

I walked out and now had to wait

send my manuscript by email

then accept my fate

the response was a fail

my work was just not good enough

it was all over for my dream

i took it very rough

doomed or so it seemed

i decided it was time to quit

delete my paragraphs

and just sit

Have the last of the laughs

But giving up just felt wrong

so what if my book was not in a store

a poem could become a song

the days of old are no more

most books in a library just collect dust

so what if it was a hobby not a career

isolated things turn to rust

I could go online my dear

that's where all the people are

its just a matter of time

to reach people near or far

it's not the best way to make a dime

but I write because its what I love

and I share it just because

I love writing whatever I think of

I don't need applause

the words will live on

i write today of my own mind

but one day I'll be gone

and the words will stay behind. 


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