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To the Men I Didn't Marry

Submitted: July 13, 2019

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Submitted: July 13, 2019



To the men I didn't marry

to the men I couldn't love,

I always had my eyes 

set on a bigger prize,

never thought it was 

a good investment of my time,

half of marriages end in divorce

the other half-who knows,

I was never lonely though alone

Friends and family fill my home

and we have a good time,

growing up in a loveless marriage

I've written before that it was Hell

when people should go their separate ways

but due to financial constraints must remain

when lovers become roommates

because there are bills to pay

is that why everyone gets married?

first for love

then stay for convenience 

the ones that do anyway,

Sorry but that sounds like jail,

stuck with someone for life

your house a cell,

the cheating the source of strife,

why would I sign up for all of that?

the odds are not in our favor

people change,

you want to listen to a new song,

yes two people should grow together,

but the mundane can drive them apart

I'm not saying don't try

but stop wondering why

I never want to get married

I once believed in the tooth fairy

but I grew up and now I know it isn't true

that when someone says "I do"

it isn't always for forever,

because once that person you really get to know,

it might be time to heave ho,

but it does make for great pictures,

to share all over the internet,

but what you see isn't what you get,

one can not always hold hands

and stare into each other's eyes all day

real life gets in the way

and everyday looks like the rest,

except for that yearly vacation,

will he really buy you flowers every single day?

will he always be in a good mood?

and tell you he loves you always

and never be rude?

I think not,

life is a lot,

it takes truly thick skin

to call it a win,

so to avoid the drama,

and the possible trauma,

I just never want to give it a go

and I know everyday won't be a rainbow,

but I'm doing what I want

and not hurting anyone

and at the end I can say

I was my own best friend

No one else will have

your best interests at heart,

but I will still give all my love,

and still be kind to all those around me,

I'm just not to be owned

this free-spirt wants to roam free. 





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