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I like many girls spent my time crushing over a famous guy, dreaming that one day I will end up with him. My main crush was a band called Rooney, and I actually got to meet them. It was nothing earth shattering at all. They were just normal, regular guys who played in a band that released music. I happened to like that music, but I would never be more than a fan to that band, and now I think they have broken up or are on hiatus.

Submitted: June 01, 2014

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Submitted: June 01, 2014



He is so cute

and makes music too!

I wanna marry that guy!

I wanna be his wife!

No one else will do,

not to be rude,

but you're just not that dude.

I mean he writes the songs he sings,

among other things...

maybe I'm wasting my time

I just don't know,

I plan to be at his show.

Now I met him yes indeed

Backstage VIP,

but he didn't really say anything to me,

Doesn't he care that I know all the words to his songs?

that I've been his fan for years?

by my side is where he belongs

now here come the tears,

guess it was never real,

he wanted my money not my heart

or as he calls it my support

will this wound ever heal?

i could stand in the front rows

at all of his shows

but I'll never really be part of his world,

No chance of me being his girl,

his life isn't being on a stage

he's not locked up in a cage

released until the start of his show

he's always on the go

from place to place

All I am is a blurry face,

then he goes home

or to his tour bus

he doesn't roam

no need to make a fuss

Only those in his inner circle will he call

I'll never be there at all

It's not like we'll ever meet

while walking down the street

I'll always be just a fan

nothing more to this man

is was a waste of time I think

even if he didn't lip sync

he writes music and gets fame

but he doesn't care about my name

I am a fan girl no more

I'm going to live in the real world

a fantasy is such a bore

that is the truth I have unfurled.

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