I Love...Ricky?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
In the 1950s, everyone loved Lucy and Ricky too I'm guessing, since their chemistry sizzled. In Hollywood up until Antonio Banderas, the Latin Lover seemed in full swing, but all of sudden now, Latinos have fallen out of favor. No race is perfect, not even Latinos, but I think we should still respect each other and not promote hate.

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



So did everyone love Lucy and not Ricky?

This topic can be tricky

but I have something to say

my dad worked in construction every day

migrated in the 70s illegally

yet hired on freely

part of an immigration wave

here in the land of the brave

the generation that got amnesty,

and worked with cattle triumphantly,

the kind of work that somebody has to do

he worked in the fields too,

never exactly had a cushy job

these are the kind they rob

and they have children like me

in the land of opportunity,

technically what he did was wrong

but he was attracted by liberty's song

the land of the free

and him being from a corrupt country

well that looked pretty good to him

becoming a citizen made him feel American

personally I feel like a citizen of the world

with me being a bilingual girl

writing in English comes natural

my Spanish can be passable

but hardly what it should be

but when hate signs I see

where all men are created equal came from

where compassion should come

and the pursuit of happiness

where God has blessed

don't blame us for the greed

blame those who created the need

and for a country with a dream

we should all be on the same team

let's find a solution that works,

instead of acting like big jerks.

everyone is from someplace else technically

so let's all stop acting so defensively

who knows who was here first,

Texas was Tejas at worst,

but should we really care?

that gets us nowhere

now jobs are scarce

its a total farce

technology is really to blame

also outsourcing quite a few claimed

so let's look at the laws

fix the flaws

don't need a sociology degree

to understand and see

that things went wrong long ago

new revenue needs to flow

natural resources are going too

many minds can think up something to do

a Manhanttan like project we should fund

a lot more can be done

when great minds come together

they can handle this endeavor

forget fake party lines

they are all that divides

the wrong from the right

as people we should unite,

the more the merrier I say

freedom for all in every way.

so let all this racism cease

and stand up for peace.

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