keeping the ship docked

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Read between the lines I guess

Submitted: August 01, 2015

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Submitted: August 01, 2015



yo?ung and I can't wait to sail

?everyone else is taking the trip

?it is a very common trail

?just find yourself a ship

?and get on board, not every cruise is the same, it depends on the weather, not every boat will have a last name, that use can use together, in fact once out to sea you may find yourself adrift, holes in the boat let the water in, and suddenly the water makes your boat sink, no anchor to save you, in the middle of the ocean you start to drown, you have to hope you can swim, and make it to the shore, shipwrecked on a lonely island, no lifeboat to ore, just hope you'll be found, I decided that wasn't for me, I'd wait to find a captain to sail my own boat, the trip is one that is worth the wait, because in this life you make your own fate.

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