Poetic Endeavors: Young Girl Dreams 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Poems written when I saw young inspired from anything and everything!

Submitted: May 15, 2014

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Submitted: May 15, 2014



The Wake-Up Call

A stormy Tuesday


the worst storm in years


has put me this way


awakened my worst fears




I've been taking my time


treating my work like wine


thinkin it gets better with age


believin my words are safe on a page




but i got so mad at myself during the storm


how could i have been such a fool?


how could i have conformed?


when did i start to play by their rules?




Unlike Emily I have no one to carry on


My planning has been all wrong


I see the destruction and the damage on the news


its given me a strong case of the blues




Trying not to panic but I can't seem to forget


I can't help but feel regret


so much time that I've let pass


Time has gone by so fast




I don't want to hold back anymore


But I don't know how to soar


I know it all can't fall into my lap


or with a finger snap




The fire within me is ablaze


I can't have any more delays


I know I was made for this


But I can't keep it a wish




I'm a dreamer but I need to get real


i can't stand the way i feel


i know i still need to stay above it all


and embrace this wake-up call




Poor Pitiful Me

It's something I can't and will never be able to understand


I woke up yesterday feeling grand


Then somewhere a grave mistake was made


and my healthy self began to fade


my throat started feeling a little bad


my watery eyes made me look so sad


then my nose started to drip


and then everything took a dip


now today i have no voice


my mandatory class gave me no choice


there is a slight pain in my head


Swallowing spit fills me with dread


i nod as I pass people by


I can't even squeak out "hi"


oh why oh why did i have to get sick


sucky cold medicine doesn't do the trick


When or when will I be free?


And stop being poor pitiful me! :(


Don't Let Me Sabotage This


When we kiss


it's transforming bliss


but i can't put to rest


though I'm trying my best


things are going so well


but surely it will all go to Hell


I feel so whole


You're the mate for my soul


but on eggshells i'm walking


watching my words when we're talking


but i'm bound to slip


things are bound to flip


in my mind a vivid love montage


or will you be like a desert mirage?


i'm wearing boots and you a suit


How long will you be mine, Mr. Klute?


I get no answers from my shrink


I don't know what to think


I only know I love it when we kiss


Please don't let me sabotage this.


As Days and Years Go By...

I push you away when I want you


I win you back when there's too much space


Not sure why I do what I do


Maybe it's the thrill of the chase


the fear commitment brings


the dullness of routine


I like new things


it sounds mean


but i rather be real


not fake and polite


say what i feel


before i take flight


having a good time


light and free


not calling anyone mine


no need but that's me


i don't like regulations and rules


a piece of paper won't keep me at your side


the institution fools


my heart is my guide


loving me right


not just at the start


discussions but no fist fight


peace or we part


maybe there's a reason


for me not settling down


maybe its not yet our season


fate may get around


if its meant to be


only time will tell


for you and me


if not all is well


memories may fade but they last


you were a pain but fun


a headache and a blast


i'll play it like a rerun


my heart may move on


or my love may grow


right or wrong


i'll go with the flow


you can go or stay


have happiness or tears


come what may


in the next few days or years.


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