Just getting started: Rick's POV

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So this is a piece I wrote for my boyfriend for his forensics act. It's an interior monologue (or an attempt at one) showing Rick's thought process as he lives through Just getting started.

This is my first time writing a monologue like this so any kind of feed back would be greatly appreciated! =D

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Someone's humming a tune. It's familiar but it's too faint yet for me to be sure. Wait, I think it's getting closer…no it's fading again. Am I even awake? Maybe if I can open my eyes…gah! They hurt to open but I'm awake, this is real. My slacks are so wrinkled; I must look like a mess. Looks like I'll have to take another trip to the dry cleaners, three times in one week, it's starting to get pricey.
What was that? It sounds like clinking gla- oh my God! Whose sick joke is this? No one should know about the dolls. I need to get out of here but these ropes are too tight. They're cutting into my skin; it hurts!
The humming stopped…who is that? Her voice… it's musical yet childish. She must be some kind of actress. She looks so done up, almost like she stepped out of another time period.
Clare... she must have brought me here, but how does she know my name? Maybe she was a client of mine. I guess it doesn't matter; I need to get out of here. I need to finish my inventory and file the last of the reports before the end of today.
Ugh, this gag is bitter, so much for pushing it out with my tongue. I need to get it out so I can talk to her. Huh, it's loosening? But she's sitting right in front of me. Then who's--holy mother of God I shouldn't have looked! Of all things it had to be a glass butler. God damn it that hurt! Why did I just hit him?
She's saying something again. Ha! I'm already regretting what I did, that really hurt, but I'm also regretting being here. Not that I have much of a choice. Maybe I shouldn't have yelled... what am I saying? She bloody well kidnapped me, she deserves it. Wow, that was fast, she's definitely an actress. That has to be it. Who is she, though? Clare isn't very descriptive 'spoiled brat' would work better. Why me, I ask.
Stupid tea, honey won't make it any better. Maybe if she thinks I drank it she'll give me some answers, not that I really care either way. Ow, the ropes are still too tight. Almost there, almost there! Got it! She didn't believe it, she really thinks I'm that stupid?
This woman is infuriating, I know she put something in the tea and she acts as if she didn't.
And why should I drink the bloody tea? It's nothing but liquefied horse crap anyway. Of course back to the tea. Fine!
It's sweet at least but it still tastes terrible. It makes my throat itch. Now for some answers. An open book huh? At least she's not reading my mind. Damn, why is my throat itching so badly? It's irritating. I don't even know why that crossed my mind in the first place.
This Clare woman sure does talk a lot. And what the hell would she know about my work? I do it all for my family! If I don't work then they won't be able to live as they do. I don't disregard them at all, if I cut work then I'll lose my edge and I'll get fired! I can't let Mr. Mors think that he can afford to dispose of me. I need to be invaluable to the company, I need to stay on top of everyone else, I need some aspirin. My body is aching. I've been sitting in this chair for too long.
My children...I do love them, but how can they grow up to be successful if I can't afford to send them to private school? It's not my fault they can't understand, they can't see how it pains me to have to spend so much time away from them! It's their own fault for being so stupid! This is all because of them; it's because of them that I'm here. My own in grateful family had me spirited away here so that they could rid themselves of me. They won't, as soon as... my throat hurts so much, it feels like parchment...she...she spiked my drink! Was that me? I-I-I it hurts! My body, it's on fire! I can hear someone screaming again, I think that's me, it must be...my vision is fading.
They're still there; those cursed dolls are still here. Why won't they leave me alone? I can't breathe! I'm going to suffocate...no! Stay away from me! I don't want to die! I can't die, not yet. Please no, I scream, this time I know I screamed but I don't think she understood me. How can she just sit there and smile at me? Doesn't she know what's happening to me? No! Don't come any closer! I can't get away, what...what is she doing? What is that? It's beautiful, I wish I could hold it. I bet you could see it glow even between my fingers, unless of course it seeped through my hands. It's suddenly so cold in here, the light is so warm... I want it back. Please, give it back to me.
No don't leave! Please, help me! Why? I don't understand why this is happening to me. I don't deserve this. I sacrificed everything for them. I sacrificed everything so that they could be happy. Why can't they understand that?
It's so hot in here. I wonder if my skin is starting to boil. I can't take this pain anymore...it's too much for me to bear.
What is in me? It feels like its moving around. Like a termite in my skin. I wonder if it's chewing holes in my bones. There's something behind me again...wha- lovely, it's him again. Why won't he just leave with her? Why won't they all just leave with her?
His voice hurts my ears. It's like someone is using a cheese grater to clean out my ears. Wait, his arm, it's hollow... oh dear God, this has to be a nightmare!
Someone please wake me up!

A/N- Sorry guys if you find this confusing, it makes more sense if you've read the first chapter of Nex. I'll go back through when I get the chance and try to redo it so it makes more sense on it's on.

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