An angel and a bum

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Submitted: February 05, 2011

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Submitted: February 05, 2011



An angel and a Bum
Orion Michael Prince
A child was born he was soft and warm but to Him the girls did not swarm
He was nice but that was not suffice was vanity not their vice
He had a golden heart right from the start found a girl but it fell apart
He tried and tried many nights He cried but
she would not stand by His side
He tried everything to win her back but against their love the cards were stacked
It didn’t work they were hurt He loved her much she was pretty and pert
She gave Him a son His number one when they were together they had so much fun
She wasn’t His angel no eternal flame but the boy got caught up in the game
He moved around from ground to ground His heart broken and His mind unsound
He called on the phone and she hung up but in His heart he couldn’t give up
He moved from city to city it was such a pity but He was destined to head the celestial committee
Then one day He beganto pray and along these lines He did say
God I don’t know if you are real or not I know the stories but I have forgot
I ask your Son into My heart My life is a mess it’s falling apart
Wash away all My sin and Guide My life may I please enter your light
He was letting go of the world but still desired to have that girl
He went home and tried His best she even wanted to put it to the test
But her family would never understand how she could ever love that man
To them He was a just bum not worthy of His son they took him away on the run
He took them to court the judge cut it short and said to Him to you I need not report
Destined to be a star He picked up a guitar His friends helped but didn’t take Him far
A chord or two is all we are showing you but if practice your dreams could come true
He said to himself if I could write a song maybe she would come along
So He strummed and picked to His favourite hits he was given an awesome gift
To His wonderwall he surrendered it all He didn’t know it but He was called
He played and played and hummed along but could not remember the words to the song
He headed west for another test He was slowly entering His rest
He got drunk drunkl like a skunk and started smashing the wicked’s junk
He headed to the Shwa to live with pa this is My son he was in awe
He met an adulteress it turned to rust but in His God He did trust
They went east no rest no peace He could not shake the unrulybeast
He found the steps He worked His best and finally entered His Fathers rest
He headed back to the city hey ditty ditty He was like a sharp sword and very witty
He got a Job ate like a slob thought and thought I trust My God
He met another girl and said her I like but I cant I win I don’t even have a bike
He was a shining star so he bought a car but in the end it didn’t get far
He met another an unfit mother but like the rest she put him to the test
He decided to let them all go and preach the gospel and steal the show
He preached and preached till He bruised His feet shouted and shouted till He could not speak
He walked and walked He couldn’t be stopped many were saved because of His talk
The Hells Angels called Him a rat He is a pig short and fat
Then one day His Father came to say continue to follow I will lead the way
He packed up His bag and wiped His feet thought to himself My dust they will eat
Don’t be scared it’s all prepared you will rest when you get there
A night of bliss with Pastor Chris this bus He could not miss
When He arrived thought how do I survive no worries God will provide
For three days he wandered around began to grumble what is this I have found
Thought to himself is he deceiving Me but His God saidwait and see
He had no place to lay his head but His Father had prepared a bedIt was a test He is truly blessed because His Father loved Him the best
Take the help the cards are dealt in His heart warmth He felt
There was a place it was prepared be not afraid just go lay there
When he arrived He began to teach the secrets in His heart He could not keep
He told many who He was they didn’t believe He was from above
He wanted to go home his Father said no My Son this is the show
He said ok have it your way but I have spent My strength I have to say
But He knew in His heart this could not be true said God My reward is with you
He wandered around and found a jewel thought to Himself she is pretty and cool Soft and sweet he could hardly speak she was beautiful from her head to her feet
He thought to Himself I would like a mate His Father said then ask her for a date
Living on a prayer don’t be scared just see if she will meet you there
She said no I can’t go He said to His Father I told you so
He was broken His Father replied don’t worry she just pricked your pride
So he started to clown around writing things down and thinking of the jewel that he had found
Father Father what do I do you know My affection is deep is true
Be patient is all he said she is an angel and needs to be fed
She is smart quick like a dart she knows your trying to capture her heart
Don’t give in just let it begin you never know you just may win
Ok Ok just light the way let your Spirit give me Words to say
Your love is thick like an oil slick to the plan you must stick
I’ve poured My Spirit out on Thee she will know the Words are from Me
Don’t be in a rush but let it gush the mouth of My Son will not be hushed
You’re a poet the world will know it the way you dress doesn’t show it
Your in disguise she is not surprised she sees the sparkle in your eyes
Is it possible for the world to see that an angel could fall for Me
Jehovah Jireh you are My provider let my work be tested by fire
Father Father it’s hard not to doubt angels don’t just stop and check me out
Don’t sell yourself short I Will give you a report I Will help you build the fort
Your just a bum My number one give it a shot she may be the one
Walk by faith and not by sight you know in your heart this is right
Nothing is impossible for those who believe when you doubt My Spirit is grieved
Abba Abba I Am so sorry I guess this is just part of My story
Shout shout let it all out let her know it’s her you’re thinking about
Yes My Son My Will Be Done it can be forever and ever an angel and a bum

© Copyright 2017 Orion Michael Prince. All rights reserved.

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