From the King to the Queen

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Blowing another kiss

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



From the King to the Queen
Orion Michael Prince
In a field of dream where everything is real this goes out from the King to the Queen
A little frog down in a bog followed the Spirit and trusted his God
A pauper in paradise in a world of vice thought of the wicked they are not nice
He had faith from the very start, he always knew, he had to play his part
He had a vision to protect the people he didn’t trust the king or the steeple
He was a prodigal but a prodigy for inside he had wisdom and an apology
Then one day he called home Father Help I have tripped on a stone
He said its ok just follow the way and listen to what the angels have to say
Then one day his Father held him still he began to pray and be filled
He heard his voice and began to rejoice he knew he made the right choice
He said you are My Son today I have begotten thee
This is the gift I Am giving thee
The ends of the earth are your possession don’t be caught up with worldly obsession
At that time the angels began to lift him up he was the lion he was just a pup
In there hands they guided him home and lifted him up from the stone
He met a girl she rocked his world thought to himself I would like to give her a twirl
He blew her a kiss thought this can’t miss I Am a Prince she can’t resist
He had stubble he looked like trouble he thought hey bartender send me a double
Like an offering he poured it out said Father Help me out and put your Words in My mouth
She is a pearl cute like a squirrelcan Younot open the eyes of your Little Girl
Shiver shiver an arrow from the quiver piercing the heart but not the liver
Blow a kiss to the angel it’s a bank shot cover the angle
Sin Cos Tan take her by the hand from Out of Egypt to the Promised Land
She is a diamondbut notrough make her comfortable like the puppy called hush
She is a virgin two jet trails converging while the seas roar and the oceans are surging
The little Boy like the Trojan of Troy was lifted up and filled with joy
This is your fate pick up a plate smash it to pieces she can relate
Pull out the iron My Son Orion of the Tribe of Judah the Great Lion
The return of the King the angels will sing peace and good tidings they will bring
Visions and dreams hidden Jewels behind the themes nothing is ever what it seems
Kiss the frog and get a Prince does not the Spirit testify cannot the angels convince
In the twinkling of an eye say goodbye the angels are singing here comes the Bride
She is Holy and Clean she is pristine this goes out from the King to the queen

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