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8 years since I tickled any ears then a Micky no bears
6 months there or less a White Russian a Kitten on a cusion
12 weeks I can hardly speaks where is that little sneak
18 days n counting a Mellow Minx a Lion and hearts pounding

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



The Stare
Orion Michael Prince

I Remember that day as I looked back all along the track
The Rider on the White Horse was in battle I was in the saddle
War torn and confused once again My feet were bruised
I didn't feel like doing much of anything especially play or sing

My Father spoke up and said, My Trojan of Troy
Take it easy step it up go another mile go play coy
Have a good time maybe a brand new ryhme
So smoke a doobie go search for a dime

I walked in and you were standing there
With a beautiful smile and long brown hair
I sat down you thought who is that clown
With a burst of Joy the tears fell down

Your pretty smile drove Me wild
I became weak like a famished child
The Spirit gave Me strength to stay in My chair
Every time I looked I caught you in a stare

Truly you are mellow and to the boys its stinks
Pretty in pink you are the coolest minx
They say I don't have a real chance
But I Am the Lord of love the King of Romance

I must warn you Pretty Little Miss
If you get to close your getting Kissed
If I carress your pretty little neck
Your going to say Ah Fuck what the heck

I came each and every day in hopes you would play
I long to make you laugh and giggle hey what do ya say
I came and saw your stare but never saw your date in the chair
I was happy you said hi but saddened when you said goodbye

The days went on and the nights were long
Then that night you just came along
You stooped down to see the crazy clown
Your stare was suprise you nearly fell down

Who is that punk think he is
I Am drunk I hope he forgives
Don't worry I still think your sexy and cute
Pretty girl kiss Me and I'll fix My tooth

Two Pearly white kits one with hat and snare
Come on little drummer girl show Me that stare
I Am Mysterious and Delerious and never too serious
I dare you to Stare at Me I'll stare at you cause you'll kiss

© Copyright 2018 Orion Michael Prince. All rights reserved.

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