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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



What am I to do, what can I do? My life is falling apart, I am sick and I don't know why. I am burden to those in my life. I am a failure no matter how hard I try.

What good have I done, what differences have I really made? Our world is spinning out of control and I'm the only one to blame. I'm becoming more useless as the days go by. It is becoming clear nothing will ever be the same.

The pain is far more than physical, the mental anguish is real. Not being able to preform the things you need and want to do. What good is a life if you can't contribute, but only receive? What am I to do, what can I do? Oh God I wish I knew!

How can you love me, now that I'm broken? You could throw me away, and be done with me. Where we are now, and all we been through the world would not blame you. It is hard to believe, when you look at me what you still see.

I can not comprehend or do I understand. Why you have hung on or why you are still here. You have done more, shown more love then anyone could ask for. For all of this you are the one I truly endear.

Even though I fall into depression asking what I should do. It is your love that gives me hope, and the will to care on. I can read back on poems before I met you, the prayers that I prayed. You are far beyond anything I dreamed of, for God was putting it all together before the first dawn.

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