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Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



My life has been a lie! I am not who I claim to be! This pain I now have realizeing my past This storm that dwells with in me!

Oh how I wish to end this pain No one caused it but me! I have hurt so many people! Now it's plan for me to see!

Forgiveness is not deserved Even though it is sought! This love I have is killing me! To think I have a life is a useless thought!

It would be so easy to end it now! I could end everyones suffering! They would breath a sigh of relief! For all things have lost their covering!

The questions I have I hear no reply I cry out in silence no one to hear! So it may be better just to die!

Why is no one listening? Why is no one coming to help? I can not keep living this way! As I sceam out in a Yelp!

If love is true, if life is worth living? I need Answers, I need to hear them now! I can not keep going with this mind set I have! Please please tell me somehow!

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