One month's time

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Submitted: October 25, 2018

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Submitted: October 25, 2018



I had a good day, trusting in God that what I heard is not the final word. Tonight I find myself thinking about it again. Can you be scared and still trust God? All I know is this can't be the real end.

When you are faced that your life is about to change and change drastically. That your days ahead are few. You don't want to believe the news. For why you come this far after all you been through.

I have come to relize what is important. The minor irritations are nothing at all. Smile, breath, let it go! Life is so much more. Yes as you go you may stumble you may fall.

But the Lord my God, goes before me! He has commanded me to be strong and courageous, be not afraid be not dismayed. The thief has come to steal, kill and destroy. But you have come so that I may have life and have it more abundantly. You have never left me, but by myside you have stayed.

Looking at my life, have I made a difference in other people? I know my many mistakes, the lies told, and the people I hurt. Will the love I show be what is remembered or the failures I had? When I am returned to the dirt?

My emotions have never been this frayed. My hope, trust and faith is the Lord. Still have questions, still want to know why? Still feel there is so much to do, and things I ignored.

My family what are they do, how will they carry on? I want to see my grandchildren someday. I want to see Isabell graduate school. Dear Lord God there has to be some way.

Not knowing thinking the worse case possible. These test I pray tell a different story. I fear God, I know His promises I have seen Him heal before. emotions are running wild till the test come back from the laboratory.

Something is wrong, that we can't deny. Why can't it be something simple, or easy to fix. I know and speak the truth of your love, but I find myself questioning when I myself am in the flames. As I pray and hold my crucifix.

My life was shattered with the news. My worst fears had come to life! This unwanted journey before me. This path full of misery and strife.

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