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Please understand this is a fan fiction, ALL CHARACTERS ARE MASASHI KISHIMOTOS, NARUTOtm, BELONGS TO MASASHI KISHIMOTO AND DATTEBAYO PRODUCTIONS. This story is based when the Akatsuki was merely created, and Orochimaru was in it. This is a romance and action story that involves me and my friend.

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008




Twas a dark and sad day for the people of Konoha. The Nine Tailed Fox had just invaded, lead out into the open of Konoha by Uchiha Madara, part of the Uchiha Clan, The master of the Sharigan, four Sharigans combined into two, it was the ultimate Sharigan weapon. “I’ll have to use it!” cried out Yondaime, the fourth Hokage. As he raised a baby boy into his hands, his own son, Uzumaki Naruto.  “THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!!!!” he cried out to himself as the Nine Tailed Fox snarled and yelled as it’s nine tails waved around destroying the whole village. But as a ray of light appeared the Fox was sealed within the new born infant as it yelped and cried. The giant Gumabunta then disappeared, as the infant was left inside a building by himself with a seal mark on his stomach.
“CURSE HIM!” cried Uchiha Madara from the forest, but no one could find him. “I’m going blind, even with this new eye sight, it’s like torture.” cried Madara as he rubbed his eyes. “My son, Uchiha Obito, he will die.” said Madara. “This poor future put upon my own son.” sighed Madara as he disappeared into the forest. And time had come, Uchiha Obito meet his death, being squished by a boulder, he gave his dearest comrade, Hatake Kakashi one of his Sharigans. Kakashi was six and Obito also, Rin was devastated by his death. “I could do nothing for him, Twas his destiny.” said Uchiha Madara to himself.

4 years later.

“It’s time for our annual meeting.” said a shadowy figure sitting in a dusty old chair next to other shadowy figures that sat on dusty chairs and sofas or the floor.  “It’s so pointless, having this meeting.” hissed a figure who was standing up. “Sigh, Pain this is pointless I tell you.” hissed the figure again. “Orochimaru!!” Pain yelled out. “Understood.” Orochimaru laughed thinking it was amusing to piss him off. “Please clam yourself, Orochimaru.” said a figure sitting down on the floor. “Anything for you, Uchiha Itachi.” Orochimaru joked as he decided this was going to be a long meeting, so he sat in a chair. “Finally.” laughed Deidara. “Now, enough, enough.” said Pain. “Now, I’ve come to discuss-” Pain stopped as the door banged open. “AH, Amber come, sit.” he spoke to me. “Sorry I was late, I was finishing eating my ramen.” I spoke as I sat down in a chair. Orochimaru hissed, he hated ramen. “You didn’t eat it.” I spoke as I looked at him hatefully. “Feh.” he spoke. “Now, I’ve come to tell you that we have a new member of the Akatsuki.”  he gratefully said as a figure appeared, she had brown hair, with lots of blonde high lights and it laid straight. “Here is your cloack.” said Pain handing you one of the Akatsuki’s cloack. “Thanks.” you spoke. “My name is Shabrae, blah, blah.” you said as I noticed you had a Anti-Konoha headband. “Now that is all.” Pain said as all of us stood up and headed into our rooms. “Pointless, just like I said.” he spoke to himself as I turned around. “Shut it.” I glared as he hissed at me. “That’s what I like about you, un.” Deidara said smiling and patting me on the shoulder like some insolent child. Orochimaru passed me up as he bumped his shoulder into mine. “Oops, sorry.” he said sarcastically. “Whatever!!!” I yelled as I punched him right in the face and he fell against the wall. “What a force.” he said as I looked at my arms, they were tied with snakes circling, going to my legs, and my body. Orochimaru grabbed my chin as he licked his lips. “You, child, you shall bow before me one day.” he laughed as the snakes untangled their selves free from me. You walked over as you greeted me, kindly. “You okay?” you asked. “Fine, fine!” I said shaking my head, getting his face out of my head. “Creepy, huh?” you asked. “You bet, there is something really strange about him.” I said as we started walking down the hall. We stopped and sat down, our backs against the walls. “So you like anyone?” I joked. “Yeah.” you said seriously. “Oh, well, okay.” “who is it?” I nudged your shoulder. “huh?” “Huh?” I asked repeatedly. “Kisame Hoshigaku.” you replied. “Huh?” I stopped and stared. “BIG OL’ BLUE FISH DUDE?!” I asked. “SHHH!” you replied. “sorry.” I apologized rubbing the back of my head. “Well, do you like anyone?” you asked me. “Not really, Sasori is okay, Deidara is cute, Itachi is cool.” I said. “Oh that’s the only people you like from here?” you asked. “Nah, their just my friends.” I shook my head. “What about- Oro-chi-maru?” you spoke his name out like chunks of letters combining a word. “You serious?” I laughed. “Yeah.” you spoke seriously. “Well, I.-” I didn’t get to finish as Orochimaru passed by not even paying attention to me. “YOU LIKE HIM!!” you blushed and twirled your head around. “NO I DON’T!” I yelled. “Course you don’t!” you said sarcastically nudging my shoulder this time. “L-let’s go see Kisame!” I yelled as you nodded.
We meet Kisame swimming in the pool. “Hay, join me?” he asked. “You have swim trunks on?” I asked. “YEAH!” he yelled. “FINE.” I said as we jumped in without our cloaks and shoes. “Asia likes you!” I yelled out as you screamed and went underwater only to met eyes with Kisame underneath there. “Are you two making out underneath there!” I yelled. “DISGUSTING!” you laughed as you kept holding you breath in and just looking into his eyes. Then he kissed you softly on the lips, and you had to get a breath of air, when you rose up I was gone.
I walked through the hall way, all wet carrying my cloak and shoes, I was very sleepy and I felt so cold. I bumped into something even colder than me and I dropped my cloak and shoes, and snuggled up to it, I wrapped my arms around it and buried my head deeper into the object. And then I realized, what am I doing? Who is this!? I quickly jerked back, only to see the smirking face of Orochimaru. He touched his cloak and felt the wet, cold water. “Swimming, or were you doing something else, sweating possibly.” he laughed. “YOU TOTAL PERVERT!!!” I punched him in the arm as I blushed, picked up my stuff and ran, until he grabbed me by the arm. “Love me?” he asked randomly. “What-?” we stood there for quite awhile, him still holding my arm. I dropped everything I had and went into his cold body. I buried my head into his chest, and wrapped my arms around his body once more. He picked my head up as he kissed my lips, letting his tongue slip through my mouth. “HAHAHA, I KNEW IT!!!” I heard a laugh as I jerked away from Orochimaru, only to find you laughing, “I knew you loved Orochimaru!!! You love orochi-the ugly ol’ roach!!!” you sung dancing around. “NO I DON’T” I yelled. “Well, tell me what making out means to one another!!” you laughed again. “well you like Kisame!” I yelled. “AND??-” you asked. “He’s a fish!” I yelled as Orochimaru took my cloak and shoes and threw them in his room. “HEY!” I yelled at him. He grabbed me by the wrist as he sung me in his room and locked the door. “I WANNA SEE!!!!!” You yelled laughing. “MAKING LOVE….I NEED TO GET KISAME!!!” you yelled as you hopped through the hallway. “Kisame.” you hugged him as you drag him into your room.


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