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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A crazy young wizard in search of his life, only to find one of the worlds most amazing treasures...

Submitted: February 07, 2007

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Submitted: February 07, 2007



Who could of thought

that only a girl

could ruin a boys world

in just a matter of seconds.

She looks right thought him

like he's not even there.

She hangs on his best friend.

She kisses his friend on the cheek

and doesn't even seem to care about

what he feels inside

She treats him like a window,

like she can see right through him.

He admires her beauty from afar

and only wishes

that one day she will be his.

He looks up to the sky and sees a shooting star

and makes a single wish.

All he wants in life is just a plain kiss.

Nothing to special.

Just for once to feel her love.

The star slow disappears

and fades in the distance.

His world starts to spin

and everything goes dark.

He awakens with her smile above him

and those dark brown eyes stareing back.

She leans in for a kiss

and he pulls away.

He realizes this must be a dream

and he trys to awake.

This dream world slowly fades back to reality and he rubs his head in pain.

The bump of his skull is just a stray rock from a passing truck.

He pulls his dignaty together and finally confronts the girl

to see how she really feels.

To see if she loves him or not

to makes his world heaven or hell.

The girl smiles with amazement

on how he really feels.

In this reality

she does lean in for a kiss

and he leans in too.

They both smile

and at once

they both say

I Love You

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