633 Jefferson Ave.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Rooming House of Humanity

Table of Contents

633 Jefferson Ave.

A Rooming House of Humanity-Introduction Read Chapter

Apt. #1a Harold B. Stonebaker

Apt. 1a Harold B. Stonebaker He is a huge man. He has a high brow and likes to wear leather clothing, like a biker. He likes the Gret... Read Chapter

1B Nickerson

Apt. 1b Nickerson Nickerson floats around the commen kitchen like a "house-mother". He is about 5' 3" tall, has a pot belly, a ha... Read Chapter

The House

The House Itself The poor house groaned in th the early spring winds and leaked in some places, like a sieve. You enjoy th... Read Chapter

2a Jonas Tyler

Apt 2A Jonas Tyler Jonas Tyler has a thing for his "Bullworker". It is supposed to work out all your muscles and get you in shape. It... Read Chapter

Dysfunction comin at you...

The town The town you are in is no better. If you go for coffee or a slice of pizza everyone knows everyone... If you try to meet any... Read Chapter

Interlude by Wolfe

The Wolfe So...Ortley is asleep...and I have access to his laptop. You know, I have read what he has written about me and about t... Read Chapter