A Ray of Hope

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How hard it is to realize where we are and wonder how we got there!

Submitted: May 04, 2008

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Submitted: May 04, 2008



He did not know how he came into this weird place.  All he knew was that he woke up to find himself inside a dark and very narrow tunnel.  He curled up, shivering from fear and cold.  He started to touch the walls of the tunnel; they were made of iron.  His eyes were searching for a ray of light to bring some hope into his heart, like someone homeless and hungry searching for bread in a garbage container. 

"How did I get here?Who threw me into this cold iron coffin?  Where are my wife and children?"  The questions were like thunder and lightning inside him, bombarding him with poisonous nails.  He began to knock on the wall of the tunnel.  Maybe someone would realize he was in there and rescue him.  He knocked and knocked until he felt his knuckles going numb, then he started knocking with his other hand.  No one responded to him, only sullen silence.  He became vulnerable to all kinds of dark thoughts.  He curled himself up more than ever, shivering from fear, cold and his subjugation.  He did not know how long he spent in that miserable place: an hour...three days...a week...oh, it is so brutal not to know the age of our sadness!  This question made a loud noise in his mind: "How did I come here?"

Suddenly he imagined a glimmering light at the very end of the tunnel.  It was a kind of miracle.  And he could stand up!  He rubbed his eyes.  There was real light.  He had a desire to cry. He controlled himself and gathered his strength, then he noticed that the light was getting stronger and strongher.  An energy rushed into his body from nowhere.  He crawled energetically toward the dazzling light.  When he reached the end of the tunnel, he needed great courage to get his head and hands ourt of the opening.

He fell to the ground.  When he raised his head very slowly, the sun was in the center of the sky.  He looked again at the tunnel to know its nature.  It was the barrel of a cannon raised up, ready for firing. 

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