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Murdering, such a great way to express your feelings especially when no one understands you. Every one has the the ability to kill but Uboa’s wasn’t just an ability. He kills to show his love, that’s his way to show it.

Submitted: June 06, 2014

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Submitted: June 06, 2014



In a small town called Goryneva, where people lives a very miserable life – exept for some of them – there is a young divorced woman named Jane living with her children Anny and Uboa. She leaves her house everyday to work for a rich family, she often bring her daughter with her just to give her a hand at work, meanwhile Uboa  joins his father to help him hunting some animals from the forest , the father was just a very evil man, he kills animals just for fun however he refuses to let Uboa get a serious job and gain money.  Bill – the father – is famous in the town not as a good guy, but as a vicious men who is careless about his family and even the others, he never shows respect to anyone. As everyday, Anny and her mother are heading to the house where they work, but Uboa changed this ordinary thing, now he won’t leave his bed to join Bill. The boy spent the whole day in house, bored, depressed trying to find an end to this messed-up life. Next day bill came home, he smashed the door, not saying any word he just jumped to Uboa’s bed punishing him roughly for no serious reason, just because he missed a day hunting animals with his father, “ this is how to be a man, next time don’t be late” says his father then he left letting the whole family crying wishing him death.  That night, the young boy didn’t felt aspleep he was just laying on his bed thinking and wishing for a miracle to get him out of this hell then he decided to never say “ father” or “ dad” to bill , morning comes, and here they are at the start of the circle again both womens to the rich family and the young guy to his father, Jane and Anny didn’t have any problems working for these people they just work, get money  then come back home, hopefully there is a bright side for their life, not considering Uboa  of course, the boy met his father at the forest  and now they’re hunting as always.

“- Do we just kill these creatures for nothing?”  Uboa asked

“-No, we kill them to express our love, that’s how we should show love.” Bill Answered

“-show love? How ?”  the boy wondered

“- you know, they are living a miserable life in this creepy forest so when we kill them we end up their life and we send them to heaven” Bill said.

 The young boy couldn’t get off these words out of his mind, he keeps telling himself “ we kill, we show love”. When Jane came back they found Uboa holding a scalpel, when he turned around his disfigured  face was all coverd by blood, Jane yelled then she ran to her son trying to know what happened the boy keeps saying  “ I show love mom, I want this miserable life to end” then suddenly he stabbed her, she couldn’t say any words, she just looked at him then she fell down, Anny showed up she saw her mother layed down and her brother coverd in blood.


“-Hello Anny..Do you love me” Uboa  questioned

“-Uboa! What happened to you and did mom passed out? Did you scared her?” Anny wondered

“-No Anny she didn’t pass out She’s gone forever”. Now answer me” says Uboa trying to give his sister a knife

“-I know you’re messing with me you know I love you now get this knife away” Anny replies

“-hold it and stab me Anny  “ says the boy

“- What! Uboa you’re creeping me out I will never do this stop this game now” Anny claimed

Suddenly Uboa took the knife from Anny then he stabbed her yelling:

“-then you don’t love me Anny, see how much I love you. Why you don’t!”

The young woman fell down on her mother, her white dress became red and beautiful eyes are closed forever. Uboa ‘s crying not because he killed his mother and sister but because he thinks that nobody loves him, he holds the knife hardly then he stick it to his heart saying:

“- idon’t need your love, I love my self” then he fell down on his sister and mother saying his last words before he dies “ that’s how i show love “.

As Uboa wished, his miserable life is over, he left with his sister and mother – the only two womens he loves- letting the real murder Bill enjoying his messed-up life alone.

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