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We all have that one person in life that we will all miss alot well this is about that one person hope you like it :)

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



I miss you

I miss you after you leave me even though you're far away from me by maybe less than a mile

It feels like forever even though its only been a while

I miss you when your not here

I miss you because you're not near

I miss you because you're no longer in my sight

I miss you when things don't go right

I miss you during a day that's bright

But mostly I miss you at night

I miss you when Im all alone

I miss you when I seethat strawberrryice cream cone

I miss you when our favorite t.v show comes on

I miss you because you're all gone I miss you because I feel that you weren't here for long

I miss you during a sad song

I miss you plus those dinners at taco bell

I wish for you to come back everytime I throw pennies in the wishing well

I miss you and your very beautiful face

I don't know where you are I just hope it's in a better place

And if not always take care of your self better than a cd in a cd case

I miss youre smile and I also miss mine

I miss you because you're the only person that made me feel fine

I miss you because I feel that you weren't around for enough time If time wouldn't go so fast

I would make it all last

I miss you and all of our past

I miss you and all those good moments we created

I'll never forget them even though I may be faded

I miss you no matter the weather hot or cold

I miss you it still doesn't get old

I miss during each season

I miss you for every good reason

I miss you during the holidays

I miss you monday through Sunday

For newyears eve u have to come back

I want to start my year on good track

I just wanna let you know that I miss you

I really do

I hope you miss me as much to

Im miss your everyday view

Im miss you thats nothing new

I miss you everyday

Right now youre far away

But here I am In my bed I as I lay

closed eyes and ipray

That hopefully one day you can stay

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