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Nothing I did seem to work to make me feel better, although there was nothing I could pinpoint that made me feel as disconcerted as I felt. To bide time and perhaps find a resolve for what ailed me without mental or physical pain I went to Facebook. Reading posts on FB only added to my depressive demeanor. However, as I was about to leave I read that a young lady was having lunch at the lake. That inspired me to go to "my rock" on Lake Michigan. The rest is my story.

Submitted: June 12, 2015

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Submitted: June 12, 2015





I was in the despondencies unable to pinpoint the reason I was there.  There was no explanation for it.  Therefore, I felt awful.I posted my feelings on Face book with thoughts that I would find some indication of what caused my despondency.  When I came to Facebook the purpose other than, simply abiding time until the sediments underlining my mind might divert my doldrums into something significant, I did not really expect a resolution to what bothered me.At first everything I read was more depressing than I had anticipated.  I was about to leave that form of social media when I saw the post from a FB friend sharing she was having lunch at the lake.  Well, the inspiration I felt from reading that prompted an Epiphany to embrace the idea and walk to a place on Lake Michigan where I have frequented for long years. It is dubbed “my sanctuary.” This is about what happened: I did the personal hygiene thing (showered) before I started my walk toward my special place of refuge on the lake close to Main Street in Evanston.  As I walked my thoughts rambled back and forth with attempts to recognize what and why I felt so much misery.  I could think of nothing.  Everything, I thought of was positive!  How can this be?  I asked myself as I continued my journey.  I had great expectations that the walk would be the answer for my deeply mystified feelings of sadness. It was not happening.  Near my destination which was nearly two miles I saw two young ladies sitting on a rock very close to my consecrated place.  By now I was near tears, because the uplifted feeling I wanted and was certain I would feel had not happened.I interrupted the Caucasian and Asian ladies to ask if they’d photograph my journey and email it to me. They were both delighted and accommodating, but they wanted to know why I was looking downhearted.  I explained that I could not explain, because I was clueless.  They sort of laughed at my non-explanation as did I.I thanked the ladies and climbed upon my rock.  With me were crossword (word) puzzles which I do to keep my memory and brain sharp. But, once I sat upon the rock the puzzles failed to penetrate my mind as my thoughts focused on other things.  I talked to the Universe and told it why I was there, but nothing was happening to make me feel better.  I decided to just sit there and do NOTHING.I basked in my surrounding and the tranquility of the lake, the sailboats way in the distance, the two Mergansers swimming to and fro diving for food, and directly below where I sat perched on two mid cliffs much closer to the lake than my seated position, was a big two armed, swivel well-worn oversized blue chair.  I had not noticed it when I first arrived, but there it was as though waiting invitingly for occupants to sit in it.  I really laughed out loud at seeing that and I thought of the physical effort it must have taken to situate it there.  Concluding that my rock was shared by somebody else perhaps also seeking serenity.  Then came the sweet aroma of Lilac’s.  Many years ago that rock became my place to go for solicitude and harmony, but never had I experienced the smell of lavender emitting from Lilacs.  I looked around for a sight of pale purple flowers with thoughts they had been recently planted by the lucky people residing by the lake. I saw nothing remotely that looked like Lilacs.  However, the sweetness was tremendously awesome, overwhelming and irresistible.  I relaxed and just enjoyed being in the path of their fragrance.

Up above me the clouds appeared to be menacingly forming.  I started my trek back home in another direction, toward a Jewel on Chicago Avenue near Dempster.  It is at least a half mile or more of a walk. I did not rush, somehow I knew I would not get caught in the rain.  Then I felt it!  The heaviness had GONE!I felt free and light as a feather.  By the time I walked into the store the downpour came with hail, thunder and lightning.  I bought my dinner of grapes, bananas, cherries, cold chicken, and watermelon.  The bus came just as the rain stopped.  I was happy I thought to bring my bus card along with me.  I shouted to the Universe my thanks.  Oh, My God, what an awesome day. The Holy Spirit works through me in ways I am unable to imagine, but I accept the good from which it comes.


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