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Young Moslem convert remembers Christian upbringing.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



Alison tried really hard to be a good Moslem and a good Moslem wife. She had converted to Islam, believing strongly in her new faith; however, discarding Western ways was not an easy thing for a free spirit like herself to do. Promising to be utterly submissive to her husband was easier than doing it.

One day, after four months of marriage and staying home, mostly alone, she brought up the issue of her cabin fever.

"I need to have some time for myself away from the house," Alison told her husband, Jai Khan. "I'd like to spend time reading at the library once a week."

"My wife is not spending time away from my house," he yelled. "I forbid it." In his fury, he raised his right hand and slapped her left cheek.

Rubbing her stinging face, Alison looked up at Jai with eyes glazed with hurt. She had not expected violence from the man she loved with all her heart.

She responded in meek self-betrayal, "Go on. Slap the other cheek," and turned her right cheek toward him. Without hesitating, he slapped it too. For a moment, Alison even enjoyed her self-righteous martyrdom.

Of course, Jai had no idea why she responded in that way, that is, if he thought about it at all. But Alison knew why. She had remembered a saying of Jesus: "If a person strikes you upon the cheek, do not strike him back, but turn your other cheek to him." Twenty years of Christian living were difficult to forget.



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